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My house was built in 2004. I bought it in 2007, delighted that everything was brand new and had at least 10 years before anything would need replacing. Last autumn (October), I happened to look at my hot water tank, it is shut away in a cupboard and had given no cause for us to look at it. There were streaks of rust down the side and I could see a drop of water alongside one of the pipes. I called the local plumber immediately. The plumber said that a 'diode' needed replacing. That I should be sure to keep an eye on the tank in case of trouble. I watched carefully and eventually the plumber came, after Christmas, with a new part which had been hard to get, and they set about replacing it. The old diode was so badly corroded into the tank that it was impossible to get out, the plumber said it would have to be a new tank. One new tank and £1100 lighter in the bank, it was duly replaced. My replacement tank had to be another Ariston, because it would have been a major job moving pipes to fit another kind.

My complaint is that nowhere on the old hot water tank does it say that the tank needs servicing annually, and I had no instruction manual to say so. The hot water tank in my last house needed replacing after 30 years because of hard water, I have never heard of a hot water tank needing servicing. The tank has written over the box that corroded so badly 'Pro Tech anti-corrosion system' conveniently hiding the corrosion and my plumber said that the tank should have lasted at least 10 years. I wrote several times to Ariston, I said I had kept the tank for their engineers to inspect. They eventually sent a bog standard letter not addressing my grievance, I then sent photos and they replied by saying the tank should have been left in place for them to examine, ( that would have been a good winter with no hot water) they said there was nothing they could do and they enclosed an instruction print out for the hot water tank that had been replaced. I was astounded. I am a pensioner, I can ill afford the £1100 I have had to spend to replace the hot water tank that should have lasted at least 10 years, when in truth it barely lasted four and a half years. The least they could have done was to offer some sort of compensation. You do not expect to move into a brand new house with brand new equipment and to have to start replacing everything. Whatever you do don't buy Ariston!


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  • Cm
      Aug 10, 2011
    Ariston - Cooling not proper
    United Arab Emirates

    I have a ariston fridge with we the bootom portion except the freezing area the cooling is very less or we can say no cooling atall so if i want to repair it how is it possible in dubai who is the dealers who are attending the complaints

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  • Lo
      Apr 11, 2012

    I have the same problem, the tag has corroded off the electrode and you can't fix it, no leaks yet, where can you get the electrodes?

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