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I order a body shaper in Aug. and did nit get it until mid Oct. When I finally received it I couldn't fit it. So I mailed it back and the operator keeps telling me that can't locate it but at the same time I have USPS tracking that proves they have received it but I order it from a distributor and I have no invoice number. I paid $100 I have no product or refund. Another thing is they have you on hold for 30 mins before you even talk to anyone and when you ask to get transfer to a supervisor they hang up. I know the head quarters is base in Mexico somewhere and they have been feature on ABC, CBS, etc as being a great product. Don't order because once they have your money you're ### out of luck...

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      Dec 15, 2009

    Although this may have happened to you, my experience with Ardyss has been totally the opposite. I ordered products on a Monday and received them on Wednesday of the same week. A family member ordered products on a Thursday evening and received them on the following Monday. So in our cases, Ardyss has provided excellent service. I do have one item to exchange, which was mailed today so I will provide an update on that experience. So far with the exchange, you have to call first to let them know you are requesting an exchange. They ask for the invoice # and the item and size you want to exchange. An exchange form and a copy of the invoice have to also be included with your returned item. So unless you've completed these steps, your item is probably just wondering around...

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  • Sn
      Feb 11, 2010

    I believe madashel. When you see a comment like the one made by Reliablesour is when you know it's somone who works at the company. There are so many of these places out there that run such scams. Especially money back guarentee with a 2.95 shipping and test for 30 days. The minute you call to get a return authorization number they say you now need to have the product returned within 7 days so if you cancel it early just to protect yourself in case you forget they don;'t give u your original 30 days. Also when you buy some kind of diet product, vitamin etc. Many times you will get an unknown charge with an unknown service on your credit card!! You call the number and the response is WE don't know what, when, where, or how you bought a product that you must have not unchecked a box and signed up for our service willingly because you did not UNCHECK the BOX. WHAT BOX?? There never was a box. . Such BS and not a whole lot one can do. If on your charge card to Masashel PLEASE call your comp. and explain the issue. generally they are very willing to help
    hope this helped someone

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  • Go
      Feb 12, 2010

    There are sooo many reps out there and listed on the internet, that you gotta make sure you know who you are dealing with before you plunk down your money for something sight-unseen. I've seen a number of the websites and discount sites; but I chose to deal with an individual rep. face-to-face, that way if there is a problem, I can go directly to her and let her fix it. Beware of the "cheaper" price sight-unseen. You know the old cliche', you get what you pay for! Well, in this case, I recommend know who you are dealing with and see what you are paying for!!! Best to you!

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  • Cr
      Mar 22, 2010

    True, while there are many companies out there that are scams you have to be careful with whom you are dealing with.
    I have ordered many trial packages online and whenever I am dissatisfied, I request a refund or exchange within the
    alloted time. I have never not gotten my money back. I have not tried an Ardyss product and one complaint will not sway me.
    (I assure you that I do not work for the company-I am unemployed). I personally would have to see numerous complaints -8 or more
    to convince me that they are unworthy of money. Usually, sites such as these are the gauge I use to decide whether to buy or not.
    Or, I will go to the BBB online and check out the company that way.
    No matter what, there will always be some people who are dissatisfied with a product and you cannot please all of the people all of the time.

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  • Ni
      Mar 23, 2010

    hello, im sure you had a negative experience with the company...I am now selling the items myself through ardyss if you would like to place an order u can place it through my site and I will be able to track it for you

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  • To
      Mar 29, 2010

    I have recently started distributing Ardyss products. I am sorry that you had that experience if possible please do business with a distributor that way you can be measured and sized correctly. If you are interested in having a better experience please visit my website I would be happy to assist in anyway.

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  • Ro
      Jul 26, 2010

    I see complaints as a means to improve service. Some complaints are legitimate, while others are not. A person simply have to use common sense, make further research before coming to conclusion.

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  • Ar
      Aug 30, 2010

    Ardyss doesn't steal your money, they are a reputable business. I been with Ardyss over 12 years and run a successful business with them, the problem lies not on the company but on some of the irresponsable sellers themselves. Greedy people who will sell you something door to door and hold on to your money thinking they can outsmart you. Here's a few pointers; Shop online through an web site. All of these pages belong to Ardyss International and belong to representatives that work with Ardyss to offer a better service. They cannot see your finantial information should you choose to pay by credit or debit card and they have no part in the shipping process of your items other than to check if you need an item tracked for its delivery. For instance my is an Ardyss International web site, all who buy on the site get their merchandise shipped within 24 hours and a confirmation sent to the email they added at the time of their "account set up" they also get a password that you yourself choose to manage your orders and an Invoice that explains all the fees associated with your order. If the person shops on this web site they can rest asure all their products come directly from Ardyss International in Neavada. Now there are some legitimate online shops who do business legally and who have authorised method of charging your credit card, like paypal and google checkout. Use a system that requires you to sign up as an user this means that you can claim any charge that has been processed but if a few days passed and you did not receive your merchandise you can do a chargeback or claim your money be reimbursed. If you have to purchase from a door to door distributor make sure you know the person, request they give you a receipt, and pay them with a check that you can track and use in court as evidence of payment to this person. Have them sign the receipt they give you and show you a valid Identification like a drivers license and if it makes you feel safer, write the numbers of the liscence in the letter they signed you. Is your money and you need to protect yourself against theft and fraud. If a distributor denies you any of these steps chances are your better off looking for an ardysslife web site online. Remember it must say in the URL. Ardyss products are great and their services excellent, take a chance and don't be fooled by bad reps. You CAN report to Ardyss any rep that has taken your money. Call us if you have any questions regarding how to place an order, For all claims please do not call us, we get dozens of calls from reps looking for the company phone number, if you are a repyou should have all that information in your back office or look in your invoices the number to the company is there. All other questions call 1866-260-1844 we will be glad to help.

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  • 2b
      Sep 29, 2010

    I know someone in Ardyss. I found Ardyss' body magic after having a baby. It was the only reshaper that slimmed me perfectly. The reps were lovely. Why say Ardyss is a scam from one incident? People are so quick to put down something when actually it was an inconvenience that could have happened at any retail store.

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  • Uk
      Dec 22, 2010

    try and be a in africa each time l order l get the goods in 4-5 days so Ardyss is can come in to so l can help you make your order fast.but sorry if any person in the company has done you bad.

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