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747 Fairway Court, Kitchener, ON, Canada

I was super excited to meet new people as I was new to the neighborhood and wanted to make friends. The first new friend in town I met pitched me a sales pitch... surprisingly not to buy products but to quit my regular job and become a consultant. Although I despise my work I despise selling stuff even more. I declined but said I may be interested in purchasing some overpriced products just to leave and avoid the hugely uncomfortable and awkward situation. Seemed to smooth things over although a few more attempts were made to pressure me into becoming a consultant again. She continued to list me as a client and things went on for a bit with no more pressure. Then another friend hooked up with her and became a consultant. Now I had two friends pressuring me to become a consultant. I totally totally suck at sales. They assured me that the products sell themselves and that I didn't need to anything. If products sell themselves why do they need consultants?? Smelling BS from a mile away and not wanting to lose two new "friends" I made in town I reluctantly agreed to throw a party...I though great opportunity to make friends. I threw a party and it went well although was more of a sales pitch to become a consultant (following a script) then selling products. The party was a success and I received a bunch of stuff for cheap which was awesome. I realized though that my family and friends must have spent a fortune for me to get such a discount so I call and message them the next day apologizing for pressuring them to come and buy stuff. Let's face it you go to these parties and buy stuff so you don't hurt friends feelings. After my successful party I made it clear it was fun and glad I could help the two consultants get some clients but never in this lifetime would I become a consultant. That subject has never been brought up again.

Now on to the actual product. Thank goodness I got most of the stuff for very cheap as I am not happy with much of it. The lip balm at $24.00 a stick is the worst chap stick I have ever owned. I like the energy fizz sticks but I am reluctant to actually use them as it's like using and wasting gold it was so expensive. Dont get me started on shipping costs $13.00 for shipping a small tube of chapstick??? You got to be f'ing kidding me???? I ordered a bottle of shampoo back in November and still have not received it in January. I call the company and they say they have no order on file. There is nothing they can do. I remind them that I can go to a salon buy a cheaper bottle of shampoo and walk out with it that day. They tell me I am Purchasing chemicals and it's not natural etc. I say "you missed the point...I can get it the same day". I had put it on my credit card so after 4 months of no product decided to call credit card compy to reimburse me for. Product I did not receive then they can fight with Arbonne.

Lastly aside from this being an obvious pyramid scheme (don't say otherwise my work does not ask me to find more employees so I can make more money). The return policy is 45 days but return products have to go through your consultant and no one wants to upset their friends. So I am sure friendships have been lost over this etc...infact I could very well be losing friends just for posting this. Be aware of this company...say no to purchasing (honestly I have tried a ton of their products and they really aren't that great). Say no to parties. ...who needs that guilty feeling amongst friends and family and most of all say no becoming a consultant. The top execs clearly make their money by consultants buying samples. Hence why neither consultant cared too much if I bought product or not they were more pressuring for me to become a consultant.

Jan 11, 2019

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