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I was pretty high up in Arbonne and got out after all the lies and scams! This is 100% a business you should stay away from. The goal is truly to get YOUR money. First of all, there are plenty of similar products that are available for a lot less money. Second, your "upline" will only help you until they get all your start money then your friends and family. After that you are not only on your own...they will continue to hound your friends and family to get as much "start up" money as they can. Third, you WILL lose family and friends from this type of business. It's a scam in so many ways not to mention it will destroy relationships. Lastly, many of the "higher" reps will tell you 100% that you can't sell products on eBay. This is a complete lie. Trust me, your "upline" gets a much greater discount than you will in the start and they can afford to sell on eBay at a huge discount. Why would they do this? To maintain there status. Not only does this give them higher percentages of your hard work (and all your friends and family who get suckered into this) but the will grasp onto you like a bloodsucker until there's nothing left, then they're on to the next victim. Don't be fooled! There are so many reasons why you should NOT do Arbonne. I am not a frustrated ex rep. I was actually making good money. I did however lose good relationships family and friends as I became one of the bloodsuckers. Trust me again, the ONLY way you can male money is to truly become one of the bloodsuckers. If you're comfortable screwing friends and family out of money, then maybe this is the business for you. If you think you will actually make a living with arbonne being honest and actually selling product...then watch out! You are about to lose a lot of money, family, and friends.

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  • Sk
      26th of Jul, 2009

    Thank you for your post. I see most of the problem lies within their compensation plan. When I first researched their opportunity, I knew their was no way I could make a good income from catalog sales. I found a new company called Votre VU that I am starting with due to they have an obtainable compensation plan. Their products are high end like Arbonne... a little on the pricy side, but they are good.


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  • Ho
      15th of Sep, 2009

    I am so sorry that you had such a bad experience with Arbonne. As with any business or hobby, a person has to be careful at how they handle their friends and family. I have owned several network marketing businesses and have had the greatest success with Arbonne. I have had to remind myself that I can't abuse my "warm" market and to make sure that I still talk to them about other things. I have been in the business over almost a year now and just now have made a believer out of my closest family. They were skeptical at first. As far as my upline becoming money hungry, I have to remember that this is their business, too. I have never been pressured in a negative way to produce and work my business. The price of the product is costly but because they are botanicals and safe, it is worth it. Yes, I can save tons of money with my skin care but I would rather use something that isn't harming myself or my family in the process. As with any investment, you have to put money into it in order to be successful. I prefer to invest into my family and Arbonne allows that. I am a stay at home mom and I am so thankful for an opportunity to bring in money and it not take away from my daughter.

    I wish you the best in your endeavors!


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  • Ph
      9th of Oct, 2009

    Hi there, I have to agree with Hope here, make no bones about this, this is not a business for everyone, no business is and to think otherwise is naive. It truly depends on the individual. The other problem I have with Lakeshores comments is that, like in so many aspects of life, people are unwilling to take responsibility for their own decisions. I have been doing Arbonne for 4 months now and am knocking down the door of NVP in the UK. I have done this through ethical approaches and showing people the door and allowing them to make the decision themselves. At no stage have I even got anywhere near becoming a "Bloodsucker". I operate a fully 100% door always open policy to my down line and encourage them all to behave in a tactful manner at all times.

    If you feel you were turning in to a "Bloodsucker" then that is down to you to take responsibility for your actions, you have the power over yourself, no-one else, it is your fault you became a "Bloodsucker", no one else. At no stage have I placed any pressure on friends and family to use these products and if that was your business plan then you were doomed to failure from the outset.

    There will always be so many reasons why people should not do something that is not right for them, Arbonne obviously was not right for you, leave it there. To assume that it is not right for everyone is so small minded and is one of the main general reasons there are so many issues in the world today, a lack of understanding that there are always two sides to every story. It is the same in business.

    I would be very keen to understand what level you got to as your information seems flawed to me and if you had such a probelm with your Upline, why did you not report them? Remember Arbonne is registered with the direct selling agency and as a result are bound by a code of ethics. I would be happy to help you hunt out anyone that was not adhering to this code.

    I am more than happy to field any questions on this subject at any stage and thank you for listening.

    Warm Regards

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  • Ar
      22nd of Oct, 2009
    Best Best Advice

    Well, it's about time the roof finally caved in at Arbonne. I knew this would happen with the way the company was run. They turned the other way when pyramids were built, people like me were taken advantage of and profits soared.

    But greed and deception caught up with Arbonne and its former owners, Harvest Partners. Despite countless people like me, now without a husband but with a garage full of RE9, the roof caved in. Management encouraged frontloading, and I wonder how many people it affected like me. Management didn't seem to mind when my upline told me I needed to buy in for $2, 500. I guess karma finally caught up with these guys, and that's why they're out.

    My NVP told me earlier this week that everything is great, that Arbonne is on its way to $2 billion. Really? I guess the reason the banks took over the company and Harvest is out is because the company is about to experience growth? I'm sure Harvest left it for dead for some reason other than what my NVP is telling me. Surely they had a reason to hang on to a company that's really on its way to $2 billion.

    On Wednesday, Arbonne posted this on their website, but then took it down the same day!

    Doesn't sound like a company headed for $2 billion. Sounds like a company salvaging the scraps, begging to keep people around while they pull cash out one last time.

    Well, sorry Arbonne. Your PIN number is no longer valid at my ATM. You fooled me once. Shame on you.

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  • La
      23rd of Oct, 2009

    Who is your NVP? Our team doesn't do the frontloading Results approach and I am sorry if you were swayed into purchasing a lot of product up front. That approach is not good for long term growth/customers. We do the party plan and the startup cost is minimal..the $109 consultant fee and usually the RSVP for $350..but many people start with just a few prodcust and borrow the rest of the products for the party until they earn enough product to buy their own set...

    As for the Arbonne financial news, it is a bit unsettling, but honestly most companies in this economy are restructuring and managing debt I am not surprised.

    Best of luck to you!

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  • Jj
      2nd of Nov, 2009

    All you Arbonne people are like Stepford people - and you ARE bloodsuckers, and brainwashed ones at that. You ALL say the same exact thing, like Moonies, like you memorize a script. Anyone else reading this, you'd be better off going to the Body Shop which also does not test on animals, or use Clinique which is also good. Or Avon, which has a botanical line of cosmetics that are a lot cheaper, and you can buy from a catalogue or go to an Avon Store alone and not have to bribe 50 of your friends & family to buy it with you. Arbonne is like a cult. Be afraid, be very afraid!

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  • Ss
      16th of Nov, 2009

    ok all, first of all I do like Arbonne and it is a shame you ran into some not so helpful upline. But this is a business and any business you go into, you need to constantly learn and be responsible for YOURSELF!! There are bloodsuckers/brainwashers etc in all businesses, but if you go into it thinking it is a get rich quick business, you are mistaken. NO business is like that. YOU have to work hard at it and take responsibility for your own actions and be willing to get out there and talk to people and know you will hear lots of no's. This is not a business for lazy people. The products are very good. There is a 45 day money back if not happy with it and yes I have sent a clients product back before without any hassle. You probably had a lazy upline and that would be frustrating, but just admit it isn't for you and you didn't have the drive for it and leave it at that. No one made you purchase items, bribe you 50 friends and family. It was your choice. I personally know a friend that started with Mary Kay and went deep in debt... Her upline told her she needed to buy all this product and she did it, but in reality, she could have said no...there has to be a better way of doing this business, which is what you might have done. So really my advice to you is stick with a 9-5 job with a marketing may not be the place for you. Good luck in your future.

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  • Jb
      18th of Nov, 2009

    It is YOUR business!!! The way you handled it was all up to YOU!!! Your upline did not turn you into a bloodsucker. Jeeze you didn't even HAVE to have your upline to build your business. There are training tools on the Arbonne website to help you build your biz along with your own creativity. I too am curious as to how far up you got in the business. If you were an RVP or NVP then I definitely think at this point it was your responsibility to run your business the way you wanted to and to be the example for your downline to build their businesses ethically and with integrity. You don't have to lose family and friends with this business...the only reason that would happen is if you drive them away. If you get a no from someone or someone flat out tells you they think it's dumb then just don't talk to them about it. You said you are not a frustrated ex rep but obviously you are otherwise you would not have posted what you did. But, like ssimpson said, network marketing may not be the place for you. It's not for everyone. Arbonne, just like other networking marketing businesses is a time and money investment and from what I know about people I personally know who have been successful with this business WITHOUT being a bloodsucker, it was worth it because now they don't worry about money at all and have time freedom. Sounds like you just had a bad upline which is unfortunate for you.

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  • Me
      23rd of Nov, 2009

    Look at this site below. Apparently Arbonne is owned by banks now and HP ran a huge debt. Shannon Johnson and Sibley Gammon left Arbonne and are with Trump Networking. That company is coming out with a Swiss line in the Spring. Why would someone like Shannon leave if she was making over 100, 000 a month. Even the Abonne site has a Q & A part of the internet consultant page. What is going on with Arbonne. Someone at Customer service admitted this is true and then another person denied it. Look at this site below. There are some messages from Shannon's cousin who is still with Arbonne. Is ARbonne going to be sold???????

    Arbonne Bankruptcy Rumors?
    Posted on 29. Oct, 2009 by Ty Tribble in Arbonne, Network Marketing News


    Yesterday, I made a post about rumors related to Arbonne's financial situation. I confirmed those rumors from a number of people who participated in a nation wide conference call with Rita Davenport. Allegedly what was said on the call was something along the lines of if we don't get additional funding of $400 million dollars, we may file bankruptcy.

    Then today, I woke up and found the following letter anonymously sent to me:

    If you have any information, please post it.

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  • En
      28th of Nov, 2009

    Arbonne is a 100% legitimate business. It is NOT going bankrupt. These negative internet posts are just lies by others to get you into their "new' business. Don't be fooled by serial MLM jumpers!

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  • Pr
      5th of Dec, 2009

    Bottom line of this MLM business or any other is, YOU don't earn your money, your DOWNLINE does. The money YOU earn, goes to your upline. Get it?
    Also called a Pyramid

    This site is a great wealth of info on MLM's and who really makes a living. Not money, but a living from these schemes:
    This info is provided from CPA's around the country who actually do their taxes

    I want to know, of all the Arbonne folks who post here, if you're doing well, how long have you been actually making a profit? A PROFIT

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  • Gi
      12th of Dec, 2009

    You are so wrong in your acquisations, your information is not accurate, I have been involved with Arbone for seven months now and have been doing great, my relationships with my friends and family are better than ever, and my uplines have been so supportive and helpful. We have formed not only a team together but great friend relationships. There is positive aspects to every situation. Arbonne creates attainable goals that can be achieved in a very short period of time. You can acheive financial freedom and have the lifestyle you deserve and have always dreamed of. I absolutely love what Arbonne has done for my family and my life. Its the best business decesion I have ever made, I am ever so grateful to ARBONNE!!!

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  • Ka
      28th of Aug, 2018

    @Gina Filippone I am also an arbonne consultant, I can't believe I let them scam me out of $79 to renew. Then I had to pay another $79 to open a new account because they could not put my new last name on it.

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  • Je
      19th of Dec, 2009

    Good for you Gina, just keep putting your head in the sand and you will be fine. I don't think you are an ENVP so you can't really be financially free.
    Fact is Arbonne is going under reconstructuring. Your NVP won't tell you since ARbonne corporate had a meeting with all the ENVPs and the focus was to
    keep these facts away. Their job is to keep you guys motivated. So go out there and preach the word. Also, if you can't read or research anything then you should not be
    on this board.

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  • Ri
      3rd of Feb, 2010

    It seems that this Arbonne scam has infested church congregations. A specific example is the West Hills Presbyterian Church in Knoxville Tennessee, where the pastor Scott Horne and his wife Marian Horne have promoted this scheme within the church community. I can personally cite instances of divorce, separation of family and friends, and financial ruin directly attributable to the Arbonne scheme promoted through the West Hills Presbyterian Church. The church is no way involved in this; rather, it is those who worship the idols of money and the white Mercedes. The irony is that those involved have promoted Arbonne as a Christian-based company. It is structured more like a cult, in which those who do not participate are ostracised and labled as nuts for not falling for this "business opportunity" lunacy. Whether it is Arbonne, Amway, or others, when the emphasis is on recruiting others to "frontload" rather than sell a marketable product, it's a pyramid scheme. I have seen this scam promoted withing several congreations within the Southeast. Has anyone else witnessed these MLM scams promoted from within the church by the church leadership.

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  • Co
      4th of Feb, 2010

    I agree with this because when I started up as a consultant I paid the $109 fee and was told that with purchasing the full presentation line that I would prompt faster. I told my RVP that recruited me that I did not have the cash to do that so she said "Just put it on a credit card" I really don't like credit cards and my family has had some debt in the past so I prefer to buy things with cash vs credit. But against my best interest I put $1200.00 on a credit card and that was all I did. I am now in the process of liquidating all of the products that I bought because in my ares my friends don't want to do home parties they want to do catalog parties, so they don't have to have people in their homes. I agree, but when I have given them the catalog because the products are over priced they usually say no. In the end the products are good but I don't feel good selling it to my friends and family for such an outragous price.

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  • Em
      9th of Feb, 2010

    Hi!!! Um I'm not really sure if what you are saying is true but I was just wondering, you said that there are many other skin care lines for cheaper, I was just wondering what other lines are 100% vegan, and organic for cheaper??? If any one has an answer I would really appreciate it!!!

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  • Mi
      23rd of Feb, 2010

    Unfortunately I joined Arbonne in 2008 after a high pressure sales pitch from a lady I met, and thought I could build a business from it. Then I discovered I am not a good salesperson and not comfortable pressuring others into buying/signing up for things either. Now 2 years later, I am stuck with thousands of dollars worth of products after initally investing well over $5000 into my 'business' At least I got a tax write off. But be forwarned go into these types of companies with your eyes wide open, and only if sales is your thing and you LOVE doing parties parties parties until you drop dead from exhaustion in hopes that you can sucker others into doing the same thing so you can get your white Mercedes! It is not for the lazy or the faint of heart, and you could lose money, time, friends and family in the process, which you may or may not get back. Just my 2 cents and a warning to potential Arbonne recruits. Do much research on your own, not what your 'upline' presents to you as it is marketing. Now I found out Arbonne filed for Chapter 11. Do you think my upline told me that? Noooo I had to find out for myself through another source! How embarrassing for me and all my clients!

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  • Re
      17th of Mar, 2010

    Hmmm. You uneducated people just kill me with your "hindsight" remarks. "Do much research on your own"..."My upline "fooled me" into investing $5000"..."Arbonne is filing Chapter 11"...yada yada yada. And now you want the rest of us to think you know everything? Some of us already did our "due diligence", and lo and behold, we are not sitting here ### about being "scammed".

    My husband and I have owned a successful jewelry store, amongst several other businesses, for many years, and we didn't just "jump in there" because some "upline person snookered us...sniff sniff". Good grief, people. Where does your own personal responsibility come in? As successful business people, yes, my husband and I have been approached by MANY "opportunities". However, we are smart enough to not get caught up in the "excitement of the initial meeting", and we go home with new ideas in our heads and discuss it and sleep on it. And no, not everything we have done has been a success, but there has been no one else to blame for it but us if it does not work out, as a rule.

    I joined Arbonne many many years ago, at the behest of my best friend (who, by the way, is still my best friend), and I have never regretted it. I was a very happy customer of Mary Kay at the time until my friend rightly reminded me that I should at least give Arbonne a try because it was her that was asking. She was right. However, she was not asking for a monetary input, only that I should try a 3-day skincare sample. Which I did. And my jewelry customers were remarking on the second day about how my skin looked. So I joined, as a wholesale customer, not as a working consultant. Woo, it cost me twenty dollars at the time.

    As time passed, and more jewelry customers commented on the difference in my looks, yes, I started to "sell Arbonne" a bit more. I spent MAYBE two days a month on it and was making about $600 a month, which was a nice little addition to our other businesses, with not much effort. Of course, that small effort has not afforded me the huge income that others who put their whole-hearted time into this business has, but I sure don't understand why all you people want to blame others because YOU were the ones who didn't do your due diligence, as I did. I don't really work my Arbonne business at this point, but that is due to circumstances in my life, not necessary for my point here. But I am still a consultant, I still "sell" to "friends and family", and yes, they all still speak to me.

    That is the nice thing about Arbonne...for that small renewal fee each month, you may remain in the business, still look great, get your discounts, and pick the business back up when life goes back that way for you. I just don't get all of this negativity from people who obviously don't have a clue as to how a business works, whether it's a "regular" business or an MLM. The "forward thinkers" and the rich in this world surely did not/do not, have that outlook.

    I still have jewelry customers who just "don't understand" why we had to raise prices when the price of gold jumped from $400/oz. to over $1000/oz. Do I really need to expound on that??? Our overhead still jumps, and so does the price of the gold we use to repair their jewelry. My seven-year-old niece understands that concept. You get what you pay for, yep, in jewelry and in Arbonne. And I don't think my niece would be stupid enough to believe someone who said you had to invest in $5000 worth of Arbonne when your Welcome Package that cost you $29 said NO, that is not necessary, nor advised.

    OH, and did anyone ever hear of many many famous businesses restructuring themselves through different Chapters of "bankruptcy"?? How many of you have stayed in a Holiday Inn in the last 30 years? That's about how long it's been since they filed...doesn't mean they were going means they needed to "restructure", although that is probably a foreign concept to those of you who believe that working behind a cosmetic counter is the smart way to go.

    I suppose I sound a bit grouchy (lol), but I just get so sick of listening to people who have NO CLUE how a business is actually run, and even sicker of people who blame others for their stupidity, when they have the same access to information that the rest of us do. I can't help it if you fell for some kind of Pep Rally BS, I just can't.

    I get ALL the updates, training material, emails, etc., from Arbonne "corporate", same as anyone else who signs up for it, and I have NEVER felt obligated, berated, brainwashed, or the like, and if I did, I can certainly say it would be Bye Bye Arbonne, because I know better than to fall for that kind of stuff.

    So until I see all of you naysayers doing the above-mentioned due diligence in life, whether it be Arbonne-related or not, I really don't have the patience for any of you, and yes, that is not very Arbonne-like...guess I never attended that "brainwashing class", huh?

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  • Di
      28th of Mar, 2010

    My comment is are there any minorities in Arbonne, or at the top levels? I mean African Americans, Asian and Hispanic and other minorities do not seem to be featured in their magazines or articles or conventions. Anyone out there?

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  • Go
      1st of Apr, 2010

    Oh, please!! I'm a beauty product junkie. I have tried them all. I read beauty magazines that reference dermatologists, make up experts (who don't represent a specific company) looking for their unbiased advise. Not ONCE have i ever read a thing about Arbonne. I have tried it. I have several neighbors, or should I say vultures, who deal in it. It is totally overpriced for an average to below-average product. Believe me, if it did everything they say it does, I'd be using it. I pay good money for products that work, but also pay very little for others that also are great. The bottom line, from my experience with my neighbors, is that the Arbot is always looking for the new sale or salesperson. If you are not interested, they have very little time for you. I know hundreds of folks who are so turned off by the constant sales tactics of these folks that, although they were once friends, they avoid them. It is really sad. They only hang with other Arbots. I mean, other sales folks in other products have normal lives. It truley is a cult-like organization, and a not very honest one at that.

    My two cents.

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  • Da
      9th of Apr, 2010

    Wow! This has not been my experience at all :/

    I chose to do this business myself, no one pursued me- I'm the one who went after them because I truly love the product!!! The business is what i made of it~ and so far so good! I didn't have to hassle my family at all... I simply kept information with me and it sold itself ;)

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  • Ja
      7th of May, 2010

    I personally have been selling Arbonne for a while now. I really don't see why people keep complaining about it. I joined not trying to make the big bucks, but just to make a little extra money to help pay off the bills. I did not invest thousands of dollars like all these people talk about and guess what...I make an extra 600 or so a month by just spending a few days on it a month. I feel like most people just assume they will make thousands of dollars and are mad because they arent. To make the big bucks it takes time, lots of time!

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  • Ja
      7th of May, 2010

    Oh and I forgot to say, my upline has been extremely helpful...more helpful than I could ever imagine! I joined arbonne on my own, no one pressured me into it.ll.and It has been a wonderful experience so far.

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  • Ti
      23rd of Jun, 2010

    This all seems very Monavie type 4 sided Pyramid scam (leach family and friends) operation to me, my sister in law has just been approached and sadly is very hyped up and dizzy with this sadly unlucrative oppertunity.

    Timmy TURBO

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  • Na
      7th of Jul, 2010

    I have to say that if anyone feels as though they are "sucking blood" from family and friends as an Arbonne sales rep, then that is a completely self fulfilling attitude. After all, it's not like you are asking people to buy poison. My family and friends love the way my skin looks and the way I look so they WANT to use the same things that I do. To them, not only were they helping me get my business started, but they began to use products that were enovironmentally friendly, safe for the user and were never tested on poor innocent animals. As far as becoming a "blood sucker" you really HAVE to know your audience and learn how to back off when necessary. In order to locate other clients and prospects you must be creative. Go to the meetings when you can and really listen to the people at the top. I knew some of these ladies when they first started their businesses and now some of them are quite successful. They did not scam people out of their $, all they did was help people make better and healthier choices. You HAVE to truly be a NICE person in order to make it in this business. This business requires a lot of selflessness and the willingness to reach out and help others, (both client AND downline). If you feel your up-line is not helping you. Reach up, over and/or across. There is always someone who can and will help you. You just have to make sure you have signed on to the right team. You can't blame others for your failure to succeed. You must be willing to educate yourself. Ask questions and keep asking them until you get the correct answers. You also have to be willing to be coached by those that have made a successful business out of this network marketing sensation.
    Thank you for letting me speak.

    Nancy-Ciorciari-Washington, MS.
    Independent Consultant, Arbonne International
    District Manager
    Professor of Behavioral Psychology, LIIPS

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  • Sh
      21st of Jul, 2010

    this month Arbonne took away the extra $100 for $20 party plan hostess gift; I finally got the point where hosting was worth it because when you sign up people or sell to consultants who buy $250 and get the $100 for $20 you are normally left with making VERY LITTLE MONEY so the $100 for $20 was a great incentive but NOT ANYMORE.

    Arbonne has to get a clue!!! I was almost RVP level with 8 DM's but realized it was not worth it to spend that much time AWAY from my family; you have to keep on SELLING and RECRUITING and when you stop you lose your levels. IT'S NOT WORTH IT TO INVEST YOUR TIME OR TALENT with a company that keeps taking away more than it is giving. The company is where it is because of greed from the people running Arbonne making all the money.

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  • To
      29th of Aug, 2010

    I believe all the negativity has come from people not taking responsibility for thier own actions and failing to make a sucess of themselves and thier business. It sounds to me that you took the wrong approach and pestered your family and friends to buy the product without even trying to educate yourself and those around you to the benefits of a good skincare range, that is considerably cheaper than the animal fat products on the market! Arbonne is good range and a good opportunity for people wanting to create a career and opportunity for themselves along side a regular job or homelife. People have choices- you decided to turn into a bloodsucker, and perhaps from the incorrect guidance of your mentors, however, it was still your choice and you are blaming others for your fail. With any business there is a risk, with any job there is a risk... you took a risk, you didn't help yourselves or those around you and you lost money because of it. Arbonne has been around for 35 years, they have never said they are exclusive to the ingrediants in there products and they have helped people help themselves. Your experience is a bad one due toyour own inabilities and negativity.

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  • Pl
      11th of Sep, 2010

    I have no idea why anyone would ever sign up for Arbonne. My best friend invited me to an Arbonne party and I have never been angrier with her! How can anyone be so stupid to be conned into this scheme? First, she's talking about being broke, then I go to this party and the Arbonne rep said it costs around $100 to host your own Arbonne party. HELLO, RED FLAG ANYONE? Why would anyone have to pay to host their own party? I understand its for the Rep and products, but it's kind of a steep fee to have some chick sit you down and explain to you how safe and effective their products are (yeah, the cleanser is so great, did anyone tell you it smells Coolwater Cologne for men?) And it made me even more mad when the Rep explained that if the partygoers spend a total of $600 on products, my friend would receive a free product? WTF? What kind of lame incentive is that? Is this an incentive program? Or a JOB? There's a difference between the two. I don't know that much about this company, but they all seem like pyramid schemes. Avon, Mary Kay, blah blah blah. There's something shady Arbonne. It's not really about the products, everyone had their own needs for skincare, I honestly don't think it's the best deal in town, but it's about suckering in people (most notably, people who don't know better) into spending what little money they have into getting nothing but a free product? Again, WTF? WAHM have other options than being sucked into a scam. Be careful with who you work for! Research your company and products! And Tootsie 44, WTF are you talking about? Inabilities and negativity? SCAMS are about misleading their customers and employees. That's dishonesty and taking advantage of people's time and money!!!

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  • Na
      21st of Sep, 2010

    $100 to host a party?! That's crazy. $600 to earn one free products?! That's not what you'll find if you talk to another consultnat. This consultant is doing some shady business, but please remember she is an independent consultant. The rest of us do not work like this (at least the hundreds of people I know).

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  • Be
      19th of Nov, 2010

    If you are in Arbonne ...GET OUT as fast as you can!!! I spent 10 yrs of my life and wasted my kids young childhood working towards reaching for my goals and "dreams" only to have it dissolve within the past 2 years. I went from ENVP with 21 VPs under me to become a DM again. No I never did the REsult approach and I worked it old school (parties, 1 0n 1's). I had a faith driven purpose and genuinely spent every ounce of energy to get to where I could enjoy "more time more money" HA~~ You will work your butt off from day 1 till ETERNITY in Arbonne. Don't fool yourself that there is an end goal. You might meet your financial goal in a check form but you have to keep up the same building pace to maintain it. If you coast you will lose it faster than you earned it. Believe me... it is not worth the sacrifices of your family. Brainwashing you that you are 'negative' or 'don't believe in yourself' are tactics from uplines that can't give you answers to the usual bumps in your business. Do yourself a favor..get off the attention to your kids...stop listening to BS calls till 10 PM and tuck your babies in bed at night and kiss your husband. Put away your credit card that you r using to hit your volume goals. Conference is another "sale" for Arbonne... Forget the is an OMEN that will cost you a ton to upkeep. IF you don' day you will wake up and see things for what they really are and you might end up damaged goods...depressed and full of self doubt that it is all your fault your business failed. RIta is a paid actress who is all business and could give a crap about you or "love you" It is all a performance to hit your emotional buttons... several VPs have divorced, are on anti-depressants..have eating disorders.. and are very dishonest with their teams because their paychecks are on the line if the truth be known. To any of you brainwashed consultants...don't reply unless you have been in Arbonne for more than 10 yrs and you can honestly say that nothing I said was true...

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  • Ba
      29th of Nov, 2010

    Arbonne is just like any other kind of make up line like mary kay, avon, etc (the lines only sold through reps in the past). However I think Arbonne products are great! My mother has been in the business for about 5 months and made district manager in just 2 months! It's clearly not THAT hard to move up in the company, you just need to put your mind to it. I also have an aunt that sells Mary Kay, and after receiving tons of her products as presents, I still prefer Arbonne. I personally know 3 women who have their white Mercedes that Arbonne paid for and got them only after 1 year or starting up their business, and another girl my age (who is 24) who is receiving her Mercedes next month (after being in the business for 2 years)! Yes, the products are on the more expensive side, but you get what you pay for. These products last around 6 months-1 year (depending on what product you get) while typical drug store products only last 1-3 months. They're pure, organic, and not tested on animals which also factors into the price. You want good make up and skin care? Go with Arbonne. It's worth the investment for reps AND their customers. I've noticed a complete difference since being turned onto skin is soft and smooth, my makeup lasts longer, and I'm just reordering products now that I ordered in June! I also had 3 parties so far and have gotten $400 worth of products for $80 (4 "$100 for $20 deals). Parties are the way to get a bunch of great products for nothing.

    Yes, the business has an expensive start up investment, yes it may take a while to move up in the company, but it all depends on YOU. These goals ARE attainable! Do you know anyone that has a pink Mary Kay car? I don't. If you don't put in the time or effort, you won't see results. But this is with any sales business! Don't blame your failure in the business on Arbonne. Not everyone is a salesperson so don't diss the business for that reason. I love the products myself but am not a good salesperson at all, which is why I don't sell it. However I invite my friends to parties and give the products as gifts because I do believe in them. Thanks for taking the time to read.

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  • Ka
      12th of Jan, 2011

    Every business, every product out there, has a plus and negative side. All of our skin is different so we use different products. Prices vary low and high, name brand or not. Arbonne is natural and great. I like only some of their products and use other items from other sellers. My friends at work sell it and have never hounded me and didn't shell out lots of cash. Yes, you have to buy your samples to give out. Besides web junk and bad complaints via web, I've never heard or seen anything bad come out of this company and its product.

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  • 12
      19th of Jan, 2011

    Wow. I recently joined Arbonne and wanted to see what others had to say. I found mostly inspiration and positive messages. Honestly since I have joined I have never met more positive, wonderful people. (Which is great not being that myself, but really wanting to be.) Everyone is so passionate. (plus my face has NEVER looked better) It is unfortunate people have had such poor experiences. Maybe you were just not meant to be. You don't have to be a 'bloodsucker' and if your friends and family truly love you, they should be happy for you and support you. I can't believe how this could happen. I know real people in this business, with real great success. Not just 'someone' became successful and you will too...these are real people who put their heart and soul into it and come out with greatness. It is all up to you and your personality and effort, not anyone elses fault for the loss of friends and family.

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  • Fr
      21st of Jan, 2011

    I was a successful Area Manager with AB and also experienced what beentheredonethattoolong is talking about. She is telling the truth. Since I left the cult almost a year ago, my marriage is so much better, my life is finally balanced, and my family is happy again. I have nothing to gain by writing this. If you are a Christian, then you know who to consult before you join Arbonne. Ask Him. God will never tell you to sacrifice yourhusband/family for the sake of "financial freedom."

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  • 19
      22nd of Jan, 2011


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  • We
      23rd of Jan, 2011

    Wow. To the author of the original post (and the commentators) I am sorry for your experiences. Global Wealth Trade, Inc. has a much better compensation plan--actually six forms of compensation. You don't have to buy any of their products. You get your site to retail and a ton of marketing materials. You're also not in charge of returns or warranty issues. You can be a retailer or a distributor. It takes work, just like anything else, but I made my initial investment back in three weeks. There's constant training available and a member of your upline is always there to help you close--no matter what time. They have three patented materials and manufacturing processes and hence products that don't exist anywhere on the jewelry/accessories market. Talk to me: [protected]

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  • Ea
      5th of Mar, 2011

    Would any of you lovely folks want to make truly, honest earnings from a business almost similar as Arbonne, but carries more products that's conducive to everyday needs? It does require an investment, but so very minimal, I mean very minimal. The products practically sells itself, and the compensation plan is off the hook. I will not go on further in details, but if you're interested - email me today at,[protected] (there's a period between the names k).

    If I may suggest, don't rush to judgement, but instead email me & we'll go from there. As the saying goes, "There's nothing to lose, but A LOT to gain". Hope to hear from many of you. Enjoy!

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  • Ea
      5th of Mar, 2011

    And if I may add - there's no BLOOD SUCKERS here - Our company has integrity and values. So email me now!


    Thank you all for your time. And again enjoy!

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  • Ar
      5th of Mar, 2011

    My mom has been a part of the Arbonne pyramid for about five years. She acts like she's in a cult. I believe Arbonne preys on women who don't have a lot of other career choices, such as stay-at-home moms, by selling them the belief that they can be "successful independent business women." The constant influx of positive messages for the purpose of causing you to doubt yourself if you fail at your "business" sickens me. My mom listens to these creepy tapes constantly. Arbonne's dubious business practices cause me to have serious doubt about the quality of their products. My mom gives me Arbonne products as gifts constantly (I don't trust them or believe they are worth the price to purchase) and I generally don't like them at all. Plus the containers always seem to break in some way or come apart at the seams, especially when I travel with them. I usually end up throwing them away. My mom seems to be waking up from the Arbonne dream slowly, after wasting thousands of dollars and immeasureable time. If Arbonne products were so great, they would be sold through a non-pyramid approach. "Network marketing" is always dirty and crooked. It is always a bad idea. Always.

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  • Mi
      10th of May, 2011

    My closest friend just began her new venture with Arbonne. She asked me to have a "meeting" with her and another lady within the week to go over her sales pitch. After reading so much controversy about this company, I am afraid to go to this meeting. This is a very dear friend so I will of couse buy something, but I fear that I will be pressued to buy this stuff. Forever. She also told me that another one of her gym friend's will be joining her team. Ughhhh..She has already said "Oh YOU should sell it! You are so good at sales!" I have been approached by mannnnny MLM gals in the past. I want to run for the hills! I hate when any salesperson is On me to try and buy. I can read product reviews, blogs, and I can order online or go to the store to sample a product without having 5-10 women in my living room...If this product really does "sell itself" then why do the reps have to recruit their friends and family? Why is this product not sold at Nordstrom's or Bergdorfs?

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