A.R.A. Asset Recovery Associatestelephone call - credit card debt - scam

August 1, 2017 A.R.A. called me about a credit card debt from 1998.
They said if I paid part today and paid the balance by August 14, 2017, they could cut the total owed in half. I was confused as 1998 was a long time ago! But my Ex Husband had financial issues, so it could have been his debt. I gave them my credit card number for the amount they wanted that day. (That charge is now being disputed.) When I received the Fed Ex packet the debt was not to MBNA = Bank of American, but Mbna America America Bank.
When I googled A.R.A. I found letter after letter saying A.R.A. is a scam!
I had already figured that out because I did not work in 1998, I did not have a credit card in my name in 1998.
Desired resolution? Put these people out of business!!!

Aug 15, 2017

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