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Apria Healthcare is by far the worst company I have dealt with and that expands from Missouri to Arizona. Customer satisfaction is not their #1 priority and they tell you what you want to hear, not what you need to hear. Returning phone calls? Extremely poor. If you don't have enough operators, hire some of these people that really needs jobs right now. From equipment pick up to turn in, it's unorganized. I waited for nearly an hour after my appt time in the lobby for my initial equipment pick up. I'm an ex-military man, so I'm all about being on time and being on time is 15 minutes early. I cancelled my appt and expressed my complaint. I got no call back to reschedule or talk to me about my concerns. I myself called back 2 weeks later finally and rescheduled. My billing was a catastrophe from the beginning. I finally was so frustrated, I turned my equipment in, which took 2 tries, because they were supposed to be at my home during a time between 1-5pm, but they came at 11:30am and left a note on my door. No prior phone call to see if I was there or to warn me they were coming, in addition I took off work for 1/2 day to get this done. Try #2, again a specific time was set this go around for 5pm, guess what?, they shows up at 2:30pm, again no phone or warning. I'm no overall dummy and I took the whole day off from work.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Phoenix, ALGood thing ay? Unbelieveable. I thought I was done with Apria, finally! Wrong answer, I was still in their clutches. To make a very long story short, I was told I had no more outstanding payments and almost 3 months later I get a call from a collections agency saying I owed Apria $75. I received no phone calls and I did not receive any mail informing me about this. I have a 750+ credit score and pay my bills; I am a get it done and complain about it later type of guy, so I paid the amount and called Apria. They gave me no reasonable explanation and I am fuming from the top of my skull with this company, plus they didn't give me an answer on if it would be on my credit report or not. The collection agency that contacted me was more sympathetic and helpful than Apria was for the year I was with them. I personally made two admin changes to there policies alone, because of the issues I had. Whoever these executives are at Apria making the big $$ to create policies and procedures, must be out golfing all day. Or, they just make up the policies and don't follow-up or insure they are being implemented. That's why you make 6 figures, earn what your being paid. I vowed to spread the word never recommending Apria Healthcare to anyone and warn them about their practices, or lack-there-of. WARNING! DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! PROCEED AT YOUR OWN RISK!

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  • Wm
      Apr 24, 2011

    Norm Payson(CEO Apria HealthCare) has previously been Chief Executive Officer of two publicly traded health plans, Oxford Health Plans as the "turnaround CEO" [protected]) and Healthsource, Inc. as co-founder and CEO [protected]). Prior to Healthsource, Dr. Payson was Chief Executive Officer and Medical Director of a 120-doctor physician group practice. He became the "darling of the HMO's" by dropping sick customers that that were using the insurance, raising premiums of the healthy customers, and denying coverage to new customers with preexisting conditions. With more profits and fewer customers, he was able to reduce administrative staff. Sure enough, the company became Profitable! These practices will soon be considered illegle in the new government Health Care Program. It takes a certain type of personality to do this kind of dirty work. Those people are called "Sociopaths", and are usually found as characteristic of criminals.
    Norman's annual income while at Oxford was $75M and $115, 375, 414 when he excersised stock options. Now he make far more than that. His total worth is estimated to be over $1B.
    Is this a Great Country or What?

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