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Apria Healthcare Group reviews & complaints

Apria Healthcare Group complaints 172

Apria Healthcare Group - Apria billing and payment posting ordering supplies.

I place an order on December 9, 2021. I called to check on my order. Apria Stated they cancelled the order due to a past due amount on my account. Funny thing Apria received Payment on my account and...

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Apria Healthcare Group - Sleeping device

- We got bill of $364.67 in Sept 2021 for service dates 07/24/2020 and 08/24/2020 (More than a year after the service) {Sept, Oct 2021 bill attached} - We discussed this with Apria and they said...

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Apria Healthcare Group - Customer service in trying to get oxygen refill after being sent home from hospital with their product.

This company is the worst I have ever dealt with (in any field) as far as customer service is concerned. I haven't dealt with the billing process yet but after reading other reviews, I am sure that...

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Apria Healthcare Group - All

My 88 year old mother used Apria equipment for years until her Insurance Company found amore RELIABLE and HONEST company and stopped using Apria. She at her advanced age is getting harassing phone...

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Apria Healthcare Group - Customer Service

I tried contacting Apria [protected] option 2 then 4 and was on hold for 19 minutes with no one ever answering. then called right back and tried option 2 then 2 and got answered right away. However "Joseph" was no help. He didn't understand anything about the insurance claims or billing. Was told to contact my insurance company. I did and they tried calling option 2 then 4 as well and after 23 minutes no one has answered! Did everyone decide to take the day off phones? Your company definitely needs BETTER customer service for these issues!


Apria Healthcare Group - Cpap

I was sent home from the hospital with a CPAP and Oxygen machines supplied by APRIA, no prescription. At first these were no charges, then they started charging me 38$/mo. then 280$/mo and lastly a bill for 1800$. No explanations, no recourse. During these 3 years my case billed over 68K to APRIA, paying for the equipment many times over.
So I sent the equipment back, I could no longer afford treatment. I bought 2 Oxygen generators but had to do a sleep study etc. to get a CPAP. I just want to buy my own CPAP. Now months later, nothing is happening and I suffer every night and day without sleep.
APRIA is an insidious profiteer and holds patient hostage for profit. It is harmful to its patients and should be driven from the healthcare business.

Desired outcome: Return my CPAP and cancel back payments

Apria Healthcare Group - Cpap

In october 2019 i received a call from an Apria representative to get my new Cpap machine, they said i needed to satisfy my deductable which was $253.00 once i did that i was informed by the rep. that Apria would be billing my insurance provider for the full payment of the machine. Apria failed to do that until after the beginning of the year 2020 knowing full well that insurance companies start off new with deductables. now i am being charged the full amount for the machine which i am disputing, now they have turned this over to a collection company which is affecting my credit. they are also adding to the amount which has escalated by almost $500.00 for what i don't know.
I DO NOT get supplies from Apria! i order my supplies from the internet which is much cheaper & i get the correct items. i hope this can be resolved soon as i am considering filing with the attorney generals office & the insurance fraud division.

Desired outcome: email: ptwj72 @verizon.net

Nov 10, 2021

Apria Healthcare Group - Refuses to refund overpaid amount

My father had COPD and had leased oxygen equipment and tanks from Apria Healthcare. He passed in April of this year at 79, and my mother paid two final bills. The last because they claimed they were...

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Nov 03, 2021

Apria Healthcare Group - billing services

To Whom It May Concern:
My name is Diane Ramirez and I been a client of Apria HealthCare. My problem with Apria, is that they never send you a bill for what you owe. I was with them for almost 10 months and never received a bill. Now the collectors are calling me that I owe them $138.?. I called last week thru the automation pay and paid $25.11. That's why it told me that I only owe that much. Now I received a call saying I owe $138.? This company has bad billing services, they wait till the bill piles up before letting you know how much you owe.
Anger client


Apria Healthcare Group - CPAP machine

I received a new CPAP machine from Apria Healthcare on or around August 2017. I was with Humana Insurance. I was told I would be renting the machine for 10 months and then I would own it. Humana wa...

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Apria Healthcare Group - Durable Medical Equipment questionable billing process

My husband and I have the SAME insurance (Blue Shield). We both have received the SAME CPAP machines, and both received masks/hoses/filters, etc. He was billed his co-insurance fees, plus the rental fees for a year. I keep getting billed different amounts, they keep calling and telling me I don't have a credit card on file, but charges keep hitting my card from them. They've threatened me with collections, and I just got off my NINTH CALL with them regarding random charges they say I keep owing but can't clarify what it's for other than "rental fees". My husband was told that it was a single-time charge that he was paying, but he was NOT told he's been quietly enrolled in auto-pay on his credit card. (basically totaled to the rental amount for a year). I have been billed partially for 55.00, then again for 36.00, today for 6.30, and now I'm told I'll have to pay 7.33/month for another seven months. I cannot get information regarding why we are being charged differently for the same equipment from the same provider! They REFUSE to let me speak to a supervisor! They're horrible! They won't let me pay in advance, they refuse to compare my account to my husband's account just to see if we're being charged the same. I've requested itemized invoices, but they denied that too. I told them I'm tired of the calls about the bill and want to just settle, and do NOT want them in my credit card account for auto-pay as I don't trust them...then they tell me they'll put me on the do not call list, so then I won't know if I'm being sent to collections for ANOTHER random charge until my credit score is impacted! I feel like I'm being charged inappropriately, I feel they're not managing my account, I don't believe they're even sure what they should be billing me at this point. I have concerns that my insurance company may even be getting inappropriate bills. I want to see a full account of the billing for my account. I understand that my husband would have to request his separately for HIPAA, but they SHOULD match.

Desired outcome: COMPLETE account invoice with payments posted/balance due and what's billed to insurance.

Apria Healthcare Group - Order/supply

I ordered some sleep apnea supplies early in october this year, most the order came in but not all. I have made 2 phone calls to them and discussed by via chat room with them about my incomplete order and to rub salt in the wound I was invoiced for all. (which I paid) all 4 contacts said they were getting on it. I have had no call from them following up, nothing has happened yet and they wont give out a supervisor and managers phone number. Stuck


Apria Healthcare Group - Apria won't give me a proper itemized or flex statement

Apria is running me in circles. I have emailed and called multiple times trying to get an answer as to what I am getting billed for but every description of what I am being billed for says "CPAP...

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Aug 10, 2020

Apria Healthcare Group - Claims insurance is delayed on processing claims 2-3 years later

I have been assured each time I pay and close this account with apria that the account is paid in full and closed. Two years later they send us more bills and claim insurance just processed it and we...

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Apria Healthcare Group - Nebulizer

I received a nebulizer from Apria that medicare paid for. Never was told the amount paid and never had a contract. Then I started to get bills for supplies I never received. Now they call and hang up several times a day. Then one of their scammers called and said they were picking up the machine that was paid for. This company is a total rip off. I see thousands of complaints against this thieving company. Don't use these crooks for anything. They lie and steal. Then someone who can't speak hardly any English is who you are stuck trying to talk to. Total crooks. This rip off company should be put out of business.

Dec 27, 2019

Apria Healthcare Group - Billing

For my own sanity I'll keep this short and to the point. We entered into a 12 month agreement with Apria on 9/18. Gave a down payment of $100 and agreed to pay roughly $28 per month (insurance...

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Apria Healthcare Group - Billing department

I received a CPAP from Apriah in April of 2017. Over $900 was paid out of my FSA over the next few months. On September 1, 2017 my insurance provider changed and I notified Apriah customer service...

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Apria Healthcare Group - Delivery service

My wife is currently in a Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF). Via Kaiser, a home oxygen concentrator was ordered from APRIA. I was visiting my wife today [protected]) I received a call from ARIA that I need to go back home as the portable Oxygen concentrator was to be delivered by 3:45 PM. So I had to cut short the visit with the wife to get home to accept the oxygen concentrator. About 2:30 PM I checked on-line regarding the status of the delivery. On-line it said that it would be deliver now between 7:30 to 9:30 PM. I called Apria to find out what had happened and they verified that it was now after 7:30 PM before it is delivered. I had informed Apria when they initially called today that the wife was not getting out of the SNF unless at least Friday. They said it was crucial that the oxygen concentrator be delivered today. I asked why was I told that I had to come home to accept the concentrator by 3:5 PM and she said that she did not know ho told me that. When I explained, that is another lie as they document the calls and know who called me. She then said that was Dispatch and they are different from Customer Service. The bottom line is that I accommodated Apria to meet their needs at a select delivery time. NEVER AGAIN. Now they will have to meet my schedule and come when I am available. I will let Kaiser know also that APRIA is lying to patients regarding delivery of supplies and it is APRIA that is unable to meet there own scheduled delivery times.

Sep 25, 2019

Apria Healthcare Group - Terrible customer service and billing!

I have been with Apria for over 10 years and used to love dealing with them. Within the last year, the company outsourced their billing and customer service to the Philippines. Since that time, the robocalls have been nonstop. As soon as I blocked one number, they start calling with another number. I placed an order in February and then again in August. I have excellent insurance and I was told what my co-pay would be while on the phone ordering supplies. I gave them my FSA debit card to pay for those co-pays knowing exactly what amount was being charged. To my surprise, I was charged $130.00 more than I was told. When I called, I could barely understand the person on the phone. Finally, I understood that my insurance company denied my claim. So, I called my insurance company only to find out that Apria never even put the claim through to my insurance. My insurance company put me on hold and contacted Apria. They told Apria to submit the claim as it was never billed through my insurance. They too struggled to communicate with the person on the phone. Finally the Apria representative said they would submit it. Well, it has been three weeks since that call with no word on the claim. So, I again called my insurance company and they contacted Apria again and put me on hold. After holding for 35 minutes, my insurance company got back on the line with me and said that the Apria representative states they didn't charge my flex card. So, I called my FSA company to verify that the charge was from Apria and it was definitely charged by Apria. To say that I am livid is an understatement. I have had to spend my time and energy to rectify what some person in the Philippines messed up. After reading other reviews on Apria Heathcare, I'm not alone in my anger and frustration! I even wrote an email to the president of Apria with no response. I'm submitting this review so others can avoid the headaches that I and others are enduring.

Aug 12, 2019

Apria Healthcare Group - Will not issue refund

Apria Healthcare issued a refund check in my 2-year-old son's name, which my bank would not process. I was advised to contact the company and have the check reissued in my name. I started this process in 12/2018. Since then, I have made multiple attempts to get the check reissued. The first time, I was told the check would be reissued in 7-21 business days. That didn't happen. Subsequent phone calls to billing department are met with one excuse after another. The billing representatives promise to research the matter and call me back. I have yet to receive a return phone call. Today, I called and asked to speak to a supervisor and was completely stonewalled. All of the supervisors are busy, no one can take my call. CSR told me that there is a process to follow which takes time...? She finally promised me that a supervisor named Honoe would call me back within an hour. Yeah, right.

Just want my refund check reissued. How hard can that be? Most incompetent billing department I've ever dealt with. So frustrated.

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