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+1 888 492 7742(Customer Service) 10 9

Apria Healthcare Group Complaints & Reviews

Apria Healthcare Group / cpap

thiswayfl on Jan 4, 2018
The very worst company to deal with. No followup or conversation of any kind. I've been waiting for an apnea machine for 6 weeks and counting. I verified 4 weeks ago that all paperwork was received. Today I spoke with Carla who informed me that the order is "still" processing?? When I...

Apria Healthcare Group / cpap order

RobMitch on Jan 2, 2018
I have had a CPAP machine for Sleep Apnea for over 8 yrs now. Originally bought thru APRIA. I now need a new machine. I sent in the prescription from the doctor twice. The doctor sent it in once, to their dedicated prescription fax #. I called one week later, than again 2 weeks later and...

Apria Healthcare Group / cpap

bxb21 on Dec 29, 2017
I have been a customer of APRIAHEALTHCARE for 3 years through Medicaid and I have had no problems to speak of. However since changing over from Medicaid to Medicare a simple enough procedure I would think, but Nooo I have been put on hold 4 different times disconnected 3 times and spoken to...

[Resolved] Apria Healthcare Group / cpap supplies

Kevinapriahensive on Nov 28, 2017
Overcharges, awful service, couldn't care less. Apria's CPAP supplies are often vastly overpriced compared to other suppliers. I have been over-billed or double-charged four times. The initial submissions to my insurer were often seven to ten times the market price. Fortunately, I caught...

Apria Healthcare Group / tens supplies

Michele McManus on Nov 21, 2017
Two months and still have not received the order. Not even paperwork. For days after faxing all the paperwork they were unable to find the paperwork. Last time I called was three weeks ago, I was promised a call within 24-48 hours. I have yet to find anyone who actually provides customer...

Apria Healthcare Group / philips respironics bipap asv

Gratefully thankful on Nov 13, 2017
Medicare pays for a new BiPAP ASV (similar to CPAP) machine every 5 years. My sleep study was done in June 2012. I was diagnosed with severe complex sleep apnea. Treatment was started right away. Thus, I've been on nightly oxygen and BiPAP ASV since July 1, 2012. Apria has been the...

Apria Healthcare Group / cpap order fulfillment

ApriaSucks on Nov 13, 2017
The so called customer service reps are generally horrible. They completely pass the buck by claiming that they cannot refer you to a supervisor or elevate a request except by typing notes into your account and emailing the "escalation team." Garbage. It should not take 3 weeks to proce...

Apria Healthcare Group / customer service(s) and patient safety concerns

jeromestone on Nov 9, 2017
My name is Jerome Stone and I am an RN working with home care patients in the Denver, CO area. Many of my patients use the products and services of Apria Healthcare and the company is consistently negligent in delivering VITAL oxygen as ordered, losing information, mis-scheduling deliverie...

Apria Healthcare Group / billing

Anne McLaughlin Zimet on Oct 9, 2017
My name is Anne Zimet. I am Thomas Everett Allen's health care advocate. In essence, the short version is as follows: He is getting billed by Apria for a CPAP machine. They have not submitted the claim to Medicare although he has been eligible since November 8, 2016. Starting in April...

Apria Healthcare Group / billing department

rowena45 on Sep 19, 2017
On the 8th September 2017 I called Apria to pay my bill for $87.18 and instead of my bank account been debited once it was debited twice. I called Apria and the person said one debit would "drop" off. However this did not happen resulting in my bank account overdrawing causing overdraft...

Apria Healthcare Group / customer service

Chris Jacksic on Sep 16, 2017
A month ago my CPAP stopped working so I called my insurance company for a reference on where to order a replacement. Unfortunately i was given Apria Healthcare as a choice. I contacted them and with a week had all the required paperwork sent to them, a new prescription, the sleep study...

[Resolved] Apria Healthcare Group / customer service

Kel Sue on Sep 14, 2017
2nd call to them that same day to get status of their service tech who was supposed to co e out. After getting know where with the agent, I asked for a Supervisor and explained I would wait. I waited, and waited, and waited. The agent informed me she would have them call me. I explained...

[Resolved] Apria Healthcare Group / resp therapist

B.Che on Sep 13, 2017
took my cpap machine in to the Gaylord Michigan office spoke with scott there and he said he would let the therapist know about, that I need my machine reset, my granddaughter played with the controls and it is not on the right settings, scott said a therapist would be coming out to my...

[Resolved] Apria Healthcare Group / Incompetent service and follow-through on promises.

Bill Bawden on Sep 7, 2017
9/7/17 For over two months I have been trying to get an updated CPAP machine prescribed by my doctor. I received a call from Apria on August 20, 2017 on my voice mail. When I tried to review it, I inadvertently deleted it. I have made several calls to Apria customer service trying to talk...

[Resolved] Apria Healthcare Group / o2 tank rental

kdavbro on Sep 1, 2017
Apria is dishonest and unethical.Like so many other customers, we were over-billed. We were told the equipment would be $34/month, and we have been charged several hundred dollars the past few months, with the 9/1/17 bill being $399! We signed up for auto debit with the understanding that they...

Apria Healthcare Group / unethical behavior, still calling me after bankruptcy

Andy McDougal on Aug 9, 2017
Very unprofessional. They lied to me, double billed and billed for things I didn't get. Worst customer service ever. Tried for months to get billing corrected. I finally went bankrupt. And they are STILL calling me and sending bills. I've notified them many times. Still no help. Their...

Apria Healthcare Group / cpap, supplies, & customer service

Sheri Quigley-Johnson on Aug 7, 2017
My husband was ordered CPAP machine with all the supplies. It was sent to Apria 3 times and they kept saying they didn't have the order. They finally "got" the order and took 2 weeks to get delivered. He started using it the first night. After 1 week, we received a call that Apria wasn't...

Apria Healthcare Group / unnecessary time frame

Beth Shepard on Jul 20, 2017
I called my insurance before submitting my prescription for a walker to make sure I had coverage. My insurance stated I would be covered and there would be no issue. I had a friend drive me to my closest Apria so I could submit the prescription and get a walker. When I gave the rude person...

[Resolved] Apria / oxygen

StaceyB68 on Jul 12, 2017
Paperwork was submitted to Apria from Doctors office two weeks ago. After several phone calls to the doctor office from myself and the hospital, never received any return calls back. So, I then took my mother back to the doctors yesterday 7/12/17. Informed the doctor of the whole...

Apria Healthcare Group / lack of info when purchasing apria equipment, money taken with no supplies

Ladymorningstar1948 on Jul 11, 2017
1. When I purchased a c-pap machine, I was told money would be taken from my bank account for one year for my share of the cost. (I'm on medicare/blue cross advantage plan.) I was also told my supplies would ship every 3 months. Since there was no mention of an additional cost for those...

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