Apria Healthcare Groupapria arbitrarily changed its billing policy requiring a credit card on file before it will fill my cpap supplies order.

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On December 1 2016, I was woke up by an automated caller from Apria regarding CPAP supplies, I agreed to the order.
About a week later A person from their billing called saying they need a credit card to fill my order.
I don't have a credit card and went through this scenario with Apria several months earlier, They told me then they needed a credit card and could not send me an invoice to mail them a check! I ended up going to the nearest Apria office and paying for my supplies by personal check.
The next day I got an invoice in the mail!
for some time I have been getting my supplies and paying by personal check, no problems.
NOW they are starting this all over again.
I've tried to speak with supervisors and management but they won't return my calls.

Jan 22, 2017
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  • Ma
      May 24, 2017

    I have had the same experience. They will not send supplies without a credit card on file. I gave the information to them and more than once, they charged me for supplies that my insurance company paid 100% for. It took an Act of God to get a refund every time. The last order they owed me over $110.00. Now I am on medicare and they have denied that I am even a customer of theirs--that's funny--been getting supplies every 6 months for 9 years, although the process is grueling as they can never find my record by name, SS, account number, address, etc.--usual ordering time is over an hour. They claim they need information from my Dr., which he sent and they say they don't have, they denied me for oxygen--I've never been on oxygen--and said I did not qualify due to failure to meet some 3% requirement of desaturation in my sleep study, My Dr., who is a sleep specialist, has never heard of the 3% requirement. As of today, I am done with them. I am changing companies. Words cannot express the frustration I have endured with these incompetent people.

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