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Apria healthcare, is the leading provider of sheer incompetence! They are not limited to mistreating employees, sweeping employee hotline complaints under the rug, poor customer service, medical billing nightmares and mediocrity all around. This is a company that basically treat employees like "it is what it is", "take it or leave it" and this treatment inevitably transcends to all interactions both internally in the company and externally with customers. They think they do such a great job in some rocket science, when dudes: you deliver crutches and wheel chairs! Most of them you end up delivering the wrong size. If a customer places an order and they are out of stock, they intentionally deliver the wrong product without consulting if the customer would want it. They key is to deliver and collect on something. Genius #s! Your day will come.

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  • Kb
      3rd of Sep, 2010

    if you think that all we do is deliver crutches and wheelchairs you seriously need some more education. usually in the cases where ex: a wheelchair needs to be delivered to a pt discharging from a hospital and the need a 16" wheelchair and we only have an 18" in stock --because the pt needs to go home from the hospital and they cant keep them there and cant get it somewhere else the chair is delivered till they can get the correct one and the patient are notified of everything that goes on from ins information to financial to approx delivery time. there is a great deal of information and phone calls and ppwk for any company that works in dme equip and you would know that if you spoke from a place of understanding. there may be a few bad apples in this company but there are alot of us that are good people trying to take care of our families and go home. you should always be considerate of the people on the other end - talk to them like you want to be talked to and you may get the help you need and deserve.

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  • Ja
      13th of Sep, 2010

    These people have been calling my home for over 2 years. They were looking for a person who has never lived here and who I don't know. They've also sent bills for him to my home.

    I told them no one by that name lived at my home and I knew no such person.

    I finally changed my number. The bills I get addressed to this person, I take to the post office and put on the envelope "no such person at this address" and "return to sender".

    Today, a large Apria Healthcare truck showed up at my home with an invoice that had that person's name on it.

    I threatened to call the police. I just got off the phone with my Ohio attorney general who informed me they had numerous complaints against this California company.

    If you get bills or calls or some truck with their name on it at your home (and you've never done business with them), call your state Attorney General.

    In fact, if you have any problems with this company that have not been resolved by this company, contact your State's Attorney General.

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  • Ca
      25th of Sep, 2010


    I was hired by this Company and have never been put through so much hell in my life.. I am trying for a class action law suit and will be talking to attorneys that have dealt with them before..

    Apria is not right in the way they conduct business with Patients nor their employees..

    Talk to me I have info. on the attorneys I will be using..


    928 234 2778

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