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Apria Healthcare / beware!

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My husband called me today and said that almost quit his job. I could hear it his voice that he was so unhappy. Everyday he tells me the problems with his job. I feel so bad that I want to tell him to just quit, but he can't. I have been out of a job for two months and we have two children. These people know this that is why they continue to treat the employee's like crap. There are four drivers, a manager and a area manager. My husband has been there 3 years and has never gotten even a cent raise. He's a good employee from what I hear. He can run circles around two of the guys that has been there for years. Two of the drivers are so buddy buddy with the manager that they can do anything they want. My hunsband said he did almost 20 stops to day and over 200 miles and when he got back to the office the other two guys are just sitting there doing nothing. One of the drivers only had 9 stops and it took him all day. So when he came into the office the manager stated he had another stop to do 30 mins away. He just came from that area and his buddies(the other drivers) have been at the office for some time already. See, my husband move fast and doesn't waste time so he gets punished for it. The slow driver that has been there forever even got a bonus for having a prefect driving recaord and he has been in an accident. Wonder what happened to that accident report. As the said in the last blog above they can't even stop to go to the bathroom if needed. My husband told me one day that he had to pee in a bottle. yuk. No raises for good in employee's either. There are so many other things that has happened that I can't even go into. But, most of all is the attitude of the manager and area manager. They have so many problem at home that I am always hearing about that they are always taking it out on my husband. I am praying that the Lord will in time provide my husband with a job that will appreiciate him and the work he does. I know it's a job but you spend most of your time there and no one wants to be unhappy!!!

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  • Cr
      22nd of Apr, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I agree with you, my husband has worked for Apria for about 6 years, he is a Respiratory Therapist not a driver, but now the RT's are on the GPS you mentioned and all the customer service in our division is outsourced. However, I don't blame Apria per say, I blame Blackstone the company that bought them about 3 years ago. They used to have a good CEO and COO, then Blackstone "cleaned house" and its all about the money!

    Yes before Blackstone employees were overworked but that varied from location to location, now its just ridiculous!! Today my husband is covering a branch 200 miles from home because the area manager said so, he has to go tehre 3 days over the next 5 work days, but in May he takes a week off because I have surgery, an they arent sending anyone to cover him. He'll just get behind and have to work weekends to catch up.

  • Re
      3rd of Aug, 2010
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    I worked for Apria for 1 year my branch manager was a [censor] who had no life so she worked all the time I know I was in trouble shortly after I started she would always piss the patients off tell them there was nothing she could do then send them to me. It was so bad there that I worked there a years and was on call 9 months in a row they treat there employees like total [censor] my manager had no idea what she was doing and was a lying [censor]. She told me repeatedly that she would lie cheat steal do whatever it takes to keep her job no matter who shes got to screw in the process this women would do things like put a list of 1100 patient follow ups on my desk and tell me I had 2 days to complete them or i was fired he way of managing was to threaten everyone with their jobs went I started it took me over 2 months to get my computer log ins so I could do my job she fired the person before me without notice and did the same thing to me she would always shift the blame to someone else and finally the [censor] got what she deserved and was fired since I have been gone they have been through 6 RT's 4 branch managers I really hope that they get investigated for all the Medicare fraud they commit they like to give Medicare patients used machines and charge them for new. They had so many processes in place that was supposed to make your job easier you had no time for patient care I have been unable to find new work because they just keep sabotaging me I hope none of you want to work for them because I will be the last job you ever have they don't play by the rules the suck big time

  • Dr
      17th of Aug, 2010
    +2 Votes

    My doctor prescribed a blood pressure machine for me June 2010. I called Apria Healthcare to have them fill the prescription. When I finally got a Rep on the phone (after 5 calls back and forth from different departments) I ordered the machine that she told me was $98 dollars. I received the machine a few days later and was surprised that it was an Omron HEM-712C. I love Omron brands and actually the one being replaced by y this one is an Omron. However you don't need a prescription for them. It worked fine and since my co-pay is 20% I was fine with paying around $20 for it. However after I got the bill in July for $57. I thought it was a mistake so I called Apria and they told me it was not. I told them that you can get this anywhere for less than $100 and that they had severely overcharged for the unit. They said this is what we bill. I asked what was the $98 dollars that I was told that it would cost and they said the price for the unit was $287. I laughed at this and said that they MUST be joking and refused to pay this amount for the item. I called my insurance company to find out that they had billed $444 but that Medicare only approved $286. I'm sorry but this is just fraud and I for one will not just be letting it go. We are in a recession and don't need to have company's like this one taking advantage of the fact that they can send cheap supplies to patients, bill the insurance companies and Medicare 4 times what it is worth and be OVERPAID like this and nothing be said or done about it. Sorry but if I'm going to get screwed I want to enjoy it.

  • Ca
      25th of Sep, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Hi my name is Carl and I am trying to start a class action law suit against Apria Healthcare . Anyone interested please get in contact with me ... I have already searched the internet and have come up with a firm called Kerr & Wagstaffe. I am very serious about stopping the misuse of patients and employees.
    Attorneys are located in San Francisco. ###415 371 8500.
    My ### is 928 234 2778 . I would like to hear from everyone who has been negatively affected by Apria.

    PS let us do something about this instead of just [censor]ing about IT!!

  • Fr
      19th of Aug, 2014
    0 Votes

    I have had terrible service from Apria for 7 months. Unfortunately it seems the employee's hands are tied when attempting to correct another employee Error. My insurance company can not even get a supervisor to correct a billing error. The bill has been sent to a collections agency even though I owe them nothing per Medicaid and Aetna. Needless to say I will be going elsewhere for medical supplies. I have been their customer for over 10 years.

  • Pi
      5th of Jul, 2017
    0 Votes

    My husband has experienced the same as a driver. He's even changed branches and continues to receive the same treatment. The unfairness is not only to the employees but patients as well. I wonder what JCAHO knows... the company is in total shambles and the employees are treated like their lives depend upon their job (in most cases this is true). I wouldn't recommend them as an employer or provider.

  • To
      25th of Jul, 2017
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    apria had my credit card in case the equipment was stolen. i was covered 100% by insurance, now about 98% for some equipment..
    in less than three, (3), months they ran the charges over $5000.00, then called me and began to yell at me that i had to provide another credit card as the one i gave them was over extended. i had the card in case of emergencies and it was not used. i called up the card online and found many charges were duplicates, triplicates, and many were for unknown things. i tried to get documentation from apria, they do not have documentation, and even if they were wrong it is their policy to never reimburse. they kept demanding that i pay them or they will take away "my life support equipment". my insurance company was of no help and told me apria wouldn't do that. i paid them and they had no record, imagine that. i paid them again with a cashiers check. after a few months they quit hounding me.
    January 2017 i paid my portion of a bill for a piece of equipment by cashiers check. a couple weeks later i began to receive threatening phone calls from apria. in February they cashed the check as my financial institution notified me. i spoke to four different people in their collections department. i showed the woman in the Rancho Cucamonga office the notification. it is now in July and they are still harassing me to pay the bill again.
    if i thought i would live long enough i would hire an attorney to go after apria. i believe that apria's policy is that they can do as they wish due to the fact that they supply equipment to those who do not have long to live. they can postpone the court dates until the aggrieved dies, and then there is no case.
    do not ever give apria an account number, debit card, credit card or any access to your monies.
    record every conversation with them. put a time date stamp on your answering machine. record and save every dealing with them.

  • Bc
      27th of Mar, 2018
    0 Votes

    @Tony Williams I have a similar complaint against Apria, and am trying to get a class action lawsuit against them. Please contact me if you are interested in being a part of taking down this corrupt company. Leonard 928-474-4300 And if Apria is monitoring this website, you are NOT to contact me, or I will pursue harassment charges as well as fraud.

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