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Apex International Marketing / Lying and ripoff

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I went on a trip to the Atlantis in the Bahamas and took the ferry boat from their to Nassau. A pleasant woman offered me a hundred dollars and a free lunch if I listened to a sales presentation for an hour. During that sales presentation we were told lies and promised deals that did not materialize. The contract I idiotically signed stipulated that I would lose $1650 in closing costs if I cancelled. The contract specified 7000 base price ($700 in annual costs) + $500 for a premium week if I went to the Ocean Reef resort but if I wanted to go elsewhere I had to pay at least $150.00 for RCI membership and $150 penalty for going elsewhere. One of their main selling points is that you can go to any resort anywhere. Lets say I wanted to go to a resort in the U.S.. That would cost me $1500 for 7 days. What kind of bargain is that? In addition every resort has different trading power. The saleswoman told me that the Bahamas had a lot of trading power but you can tell how much trading power by the price they are listed for and it is about $1100 a week off season. It makes no sense. I can go to a lot of hotels and even resorts in the U.S. for < $700 a week but that is the base price you pay before you pay the $500.00 and the additional $300.00. By signing up I pay more than double for vacation than if I hadn't signed up. They act like their your best friend and want you to have the best vacations and they create a sense of obligation and desire to please in their victims as well as a false sense in their victims that they are getting a good deal but they just want to make money off suckers like me.

May 6, 2013

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  • Ma
      4th of Aug, 2013
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    I too got burned in Nassau Bahamas in May 2011 for $4, 500. Have been complaining for months now and getting the runaround from the Grand Getaways/Coast to Coast rep claiming our issue should be with "Apex" the actual owner domiciled in the "untouchable" Bahamas. I'm still paying for this worthless mess of a "club" with absolutely no use or benefit. Please let me know if you have had any success with your claim.

  • Mi
      22nd of Jan, 2014
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  • Cp
      16th of Feb, 2014
    +2 Votes

    Hi, everyone we too got scam. I took my husband to the Bahamas for his Birthday and on our last day before we departed, it young lady came up to us and asked us if we wanted to watch a seminar for a hour no strings attached, free lunch and a $50.00 voucher for dinner at the fish fry restaurant. We were hesitate for a while, then being that it was our last day we decided to attend. After that they took us to the Ocean Reef Yacht Club, which wasn't finish. They painted this beautiful picture and took us from to sale person to another. Then we saw Ms. Ketera Rolle and Mr. Wilson of the apex marketing. Before we knew it we were signing this agreement with them and also from RCI card service. They informed us if we wanted to cancel, we had three days. This transaction happened on 10/3/2013. On 10/4/2013 when we arrived home, we decided to called Ms. Rolle & Mr. Wilson and informed them that we were cancelling our agreement. They told us to put it in writing and fax everything to them and everything will be taken care of and that we had cancel within the three days agreement. Well to our surprise in November we get a bank statement of $4800.00 that we owed to RCI . I called and informed we had cancelled this transaction. It seem that Ms. Rolle & Mr. Wilson did not waste anytime in submitting the transaction even though they told it was too late to submitted because it was 5 o'clock and the bank was closed. After several attempts in contacting Ms. Role, she still has not responded to any of our calls or faxes. As of today 2/16/2014 we are still being charge $1635.00 for their one hour seminar and no time share . Bahamas left a bad taste in our mouth. We have informed our family and friends, when visiting the Bahamas and a young lady
    comes up to you and offer anything that sounds too good, keep walking. The people who work for Apex marketing are all crooked. I'ill be taking this matter to legal council and the governor from the Bahamas. This injustice has to STOP otherwise the Island is going too lose a lot of tourist and money.

  • Ja
      18th of Mar, 2014
    +1 Votes

    I had very similar experience last week on 3/16/2014 when I took my wife to Bahamas. I experienced exact same sales pitch from three different sales people with high pressuring tactics giving me a little more discount and incentive each time making me feel that it is a very good deal and I can’t get it after today. Like a fool I ended up signing the contract with them for the time share also at Ocean Breeze Yacht Club as my home resort. They did not show any picture of the resort to us there and said it was a 4 star resort and time can be traded with resorts like Atlantis.
    However, I got a bit fishy about the whole thing and started to investigate them on the internet as soon as I got back and found a lot of complains about them on the internet and their deceitful practices. The home resort pics on the internet looks shabby and have many complains on trip advisor and other travel website. It is nowhere close in comarison with resort like Atlantis and have no affiliation with them what so ever. I realized that I had 3 days to cancel the agreement, but when I looked at the contract carefully they had back dated the contract so I missed out on the three days. Luckily for me the RCI/Barclays credit card that I signed up while I was in their office did not give them the credit card number right away and I had to tell them the credit card number after I got back. I canceled the credit card as soon as I got back and put freeze on my credit file with all three credit bureaus. I also sent fax to Ms. Rolls asking herto void the agreement and fortunately I got a reply from her with approval of cancelation letter.
    Please be careful and do not sign up with them. It is a big scam.

  • Uk
      13th of Apr, 2014
    0 Votes

    I have also fallen a victim and duped $10k by Ms. Ketera Rolle & Mr. Wilson. They had lied about Ocean Reef resort being a 4* resort, that it had a beach, during their oral presentation and continuously lied that the product was not a timeshare when I explicit ed stated that I was not interested in timeshares. That was a narrow escape for you Jaguar5746. I wish I had agreed to pay by instalments instead of the full $10k. Ms Ketera definitely knew how to seduce an unassuming tourist. They failed to respond to credit card company when I complained and demanded for a full refund for misrepresentation of facts hence a charge back was required/liability under section 75. I am now taking my credit card company to court as it requires me to supply evidence of oral misrepresentation of facts, despite supplying it with link to the shabby Ocean Reef website. This experience has left a really bitter taste for me and will never visit that country again. The Government of The Bahamas need to address this issue where tourists are being approached with such hard selling approach otherwise the country as a whole may bear the brunt of it when passionate holiday makers like myself will divert our spend to other countries where tourists are treated nicer.

  • Su
      1st of May, 2014
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    I too have become a victim of Apex International Marketing and was duped of $ 12K approx by Katera Rolle and Norris Rolle. I went to Bahamas on a holiday trip last year ( August 2013 ) . While returning from another trip we were approached by a lady near the Atlantis resort and were told that we would be paid 50$ for listening to their presentation about vacation timeshare. We were approached by Katera Rolle and was told that for 499$ we could vacation anywhere in the world for a week, even on a cruise. This year when I went to book my cruise trip, I found out that it was complete lie . I have been calling them for more than a month now without any reply from them. Sometimes I am told that Katera is on vacation, sometimes when I am able to talk to Katera, she tells me that she will talk to her manager and get back to me, however she has not called me back yet . They are just cheaters and liars. I am planning to take up the matter with Ministry of Tourism, Govt of Bahamas so that they get punished and further travellers don't get cheated like us.

  • Ra
      21st of Aug, 2014
    +1 Votes

    We just paid 9K to APEX, wondering if any one had good experience with them at all. We have seen several others who have opened new accounts with them, hard to believe all of them are scam.

  • Ca
      18th of Jan, 2019
    0 Votes

    @raabij We just signed up with Apex in Nassau, Bahamas
    . Have you been happy with the company and what they offered? January 18, 2019

  • Us
      27th of Aug, 2014
    -1 Votes

    Ok, here's the general view of all of these complaints.
    Firstly, I find it hard to believe that sane, intelligent, freedom of choice
    making grown adults, would ever buy something that they did not want to buy of
    their own free desire, will and choice. Secondly, I find it hard to
    believe, that people, especially North Americans, would agree to and sing in
    agreement to anything involving large sums of money, credit, and a big
    purchase, WITHOUT reading every detail (if not at the point of sale, but within
    the days left to cancel such agreements. If you have buyer's remorse the
    next day, which is perfectly normal and acceptable, that's fine.. But if the proceeding process is not to your
    liking, or not being done in a timely manner, how can you blame the company for
    this. When you guys sign your contract, it clearly states, that
    EVERYTHING that was told to you by anyone of the sales persons, that would have
    persuade or influenced your decision to purchase the membership, MUST appear in
    WRITING in the contract Addendum. It clearly states that NO verbal
    agreement will be honored, unless expressed in writing. What
    most people do, is write down important promises or claims promised them
    during the sales process... then they verify that
    those things are printed on the contract Addendum, which the company HAS TO
    HONOR. If they are unwilling to put something in writing, THEN DO NOT
    SIGN ANY CONTRACT. If you are feeling uneasy or having second thoughts,
    THEN DO NOT SIGN ANY CONTRACT. If you want to know how to cancel, and
    want to know which day and date is your deadline, and how long after it will
    take to get your refund, then make them put it in writing. If you want to
    know the penalties for cancelling (in terms of losing any part of your monies
    should you cancel), ask them to show you this in writing. If you are
    uncomfortable with it, then for heaven sake, WHY would you sign the
    contract? STOP blaming the company because of your
    oversights and lack of thorough reading and understanding during the
    process. The company is doing its job in generating
    business. No one is forcing any one to do what they don't want to do.
    It's your money, and allot of money. You
    need to exercise better control and judgment, IF the purchase was such a
    bad idea. Unfortunately, you may be lied to by unscrupulous persons in
    any sales organization, but again, please, MAKE THEM PUT THEIR WORDS IN

  • Oc
      30th of Apr, 2015
    0 Votes

    Do not allow yourself to be talked into attending any such seminars in exchange for free lunch, money or whatsoever when you visit the Bahamas and stayed at the Atlantis resort.Same ferry boat spot the lady approached me, my wife disagreed with us attending and only if I had listened.I was a victim and still fighting this issue but I know God will see me Victorious.Do not sign anything that you have second thoughts about.If it sounds too good to be true then it obvuoisuly is a SCAM.Ocean reef and all these sales personell have no right to take your money for no job done or just because your naively signed a document you have not even benefited from.They know most people will write to cancel this contract and so never mention it to you until you have signed and only give you three 3 days to cancel.I was made to sign that i agree to a refund less the closing cost and contract beneefits which sound very insane.These are all ploys to get your money no matter what.DO NOT ATTEND ANY SEMINAR AND DO NOT EVER ENTERTAIN ANY OUTSIDE SALES PERSON WHEN YOU VISIT THE BAHAMAS.KEEP WALKING.Always read the REVIEWS about such companies and persons when ever in doubt, this would have saved me if I had done that before i signed any paper work.These people will for sure pay for all these ongiing scam and duping they are upto very soon.You can never steal and dupe people out of their hard earned money and expect to succeed in life.Their sins will catch up with them VERY SOON.

  • Ch
      6th of Jun, 2015
    0 Votes

    We are also paying for our ignorance of this company. What we would like to warn other travelers is not to attend any promotional events by Apex International following our bad experience. Before you waste your many, beware of the following:
    1) Ask to tour the property they are marketing
    2) You cannot cancel the vacation package you buy after 3 days only. This is the period you may still be travelling, therefore no chance to do so.
    3) The Cancellation has to be via fax. The number they have on the contract did not work for us. Had to search for another fax number. By that time, it was late and was past three days. Our cancellation has since been refused.
    4) You should be able to read the fine prints of the contract
    5) The Annuity company( Lloydshare) has no relationship with Lloyds Bank of UK as one of the sales people made us to believe.
    6) Apex staff were not willing to refund us the excess payment even after the annuity we finally settled for was for less.
    7) When we disputed part of the charge as a way of getting a refund for the excess payment, there was no honest response to my credit card company by saying that they were not aware of any issues. They promised to follow up with us but never did so .
    8) We made several email follow ups to resolve our issue and they have now stopped responding to them.
    9) The vacation exchange they may enroll you with RCI is not what is marketed. We have tried to book a vacation with them and all have turned out to be more expensive than using other free websites

    I am counting on the help of my credit card company to get back some of my money.

  • Ba
      23rd of Aug, 2015
    0 Votes

    A similar situation happen to me and my mother. We were at the Riu Palace in the Bahamas relaxing on the beach. A lady approach us and said she is marketing for the ocean reef yacht club. She offered a free lunch and gifts if we attend the presentation. It was our last day and wasted 3 hours of our time. The sales person (Marjorie) want to see my driver license and a credit card. She said you just have to flash the cc. Then she wanted to see my mothers too. During the presentation, we asked multi questions about the down payments and monthly payments. She neglected my questions. Eventually, the manager (David) spoke with us. He presented to us a 30 year plan costing 15, 000 with a down payment of 3, 000. The plan included any resort in the world with 1 complimentary airline ticket and airlines tickets at a discounted for each additional family member. He said he would give us a free trip if we sign up. The plan sound suspicion; there were to many loop holes. We told them no thank you. They did serve us lunch and our free gifts were given to us.
    My advice is to keep walking if someone approaches with traveling club info. (ocean reef resort and yacht club)

  • Tr
      21st of Nov, 2015
    0 Votes

    I was scammed to. Write the BBB. The more complaints the better.

  • Ja
      26th of Aug, 2016
    0 Votes

    My partner and I were scammed by Apex International in Dec 2015. Our story is very much like the others. This company and its employees have this down to a fine art of theft. We were approached by a lady overing us a night at fish fry if we attended a seminar. By the end of the afternoon we had signed a contract. We were kept busy for the 3 days, plied with alcohol and given a few gifts and a tour of Nassau.

    While on this tour off hours by our sales rep Bruno, we were in his vehicle while he drank and drive and took us on a crazy drive through Nassau including a dark alley that scared the life out of us.

    We were scammed out of $10, 000 and have had no resolution from Ocean Reef. Once we tried to cancel, Katera direct line was suddenly out of service and all the friendly staff became uneducated about their own promises made days before .

    We are now also contacting ministry of tourism of the Bahamas and may I also suggest your embassy so that a travel advisory can be put out to protect travellers

  • Ch
      26th of Mar, 2017
    0 Votes

    They are under a new name now Splendid Marketing, They tried to scam me and my boyfriend 3/24/2017, after the presentation, we told them that we will go online and check out the company, .They become really pushy and intimidating. They wanted us to give them our social security number and sign an agreement. Finally we were able to escape and run out of there. How can we get together and stop these thieves from doing it to other people?? Let's do the right thing.

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