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APEC / Bad service

1 United States
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I read the previous review and was convinced it was written by their marketing department. However, I am very satisfied with my purchase. It was shipped promptly and received quickly. The instructions were clear and concise and appeared to have been written by someone who reads, writes and speaks english. Very shortly after installing I noticed a piece of black plastic at the end of the faucet where the water is dispensed was split and the plastic came off easily. I don't think it was a big deal because you still got the same water and the uncovered end of the faucet didn't bad at all. But since it was new I called them and they said they would send out a new one. A couple days later my wife mentioned that there was water around the base of the faucet and when I tested it I discovered that after dispensing water when I released the handle to turn it off several drops of water would leak out and collect around the base. I decided to wait until I got the black plastic piece before I called and complained about this problem, also somtimes very small water leaks fix themselves. When the package came it contained an entire new faucet and a prpaid UPS return label to send back the bad one. I installed the new faucet and everything has worked perfectly since. When I test my water coming out of the regular faucet (with the free tester they included) it contains about 230 to 250 ppm contaminates, the filtered water is about 24 ppm. I tested the bottled water we have been buying and it tests at about 32 to 37 ppm. So the water we get is cleaner than bottled water at the store. I would definately recommend both the company and the product at this stage.


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