AOL Canada IncorporatedUnauthorized charges, bogus customer service

Keitha Brathwaite
8-6730 Boulevard Des Laurentides
Laval, Quebec Canada H7H 1N6
Tel: [protected]
Date: February 19th 2015.

Dear Sir/Madam, this is one of many attempts to resolve the issue of fraudulent charges to my Scotia bank Power chequing account Transit number 34272 Branch number 002 Account number 0322822. Since October 2014 when I signed up for online banking and was made aware of the unauthorized charges to my, account by AOL Canada Services or AOL Services Incorporated. Before this discovery I was totally clueless.

Below I have attached the letter I wrote and sent to their head offices.
More than once I have attempted to resolve this matter on my own with the company without a lawyer. I am “mad as hell”, that a large corporation like this will steal money from innocent, hard-working people.
Imagine I had to pay my bank to get the proof of unauthorized charges they denied existed. Since then they have been playing a game with a form or Affidavit of some sort. They promised to send it to me to reimburse my money. I haven’t received the form; they confirmed my mailing address numerous times and supposedly mailed it more than once.

I was only able to get proof of unauthorized charges from 2008 to 2014. But AOL Services Inc. has been stealing from me and my children way before 2007. I never signed any contracts with them and I don’t know how they got my account information.

Lucky for them my bank only keeps records up to 2008 to reduced system backup. From March 26th 2008 to June 24th 2010 the sum of $26.20 x 26 = $681.20, From July26th 2010 to July 24th 2012 the sum of $26.95 x 15 = $404.25, From September 26th 2011 the sum of $53.90 x 1 = $53.90, From August 24th 2012 to October 24th 2013 the sum of $30.19 x 15 = $452.85, November 25th 2013 to May 23rd 2014 the sum of $31.58 x 7 = $221.06, June 24th 2014 the sum of $63.16 x 1 = $63.16, on July 24th 2014 the sum of $94.74 was taken, on August 25th 2014 the sum of $126.32 was taken and September 24th 2014 the sum of $157.90 was taken. I put a stop payment in on October 8th 2014 and I called AOL Customer Service line that very day. Since that time I have spoken to their fraud department and faxed and mailed info they requested from me to Billing, Services and Operations department. Anyways they still owe me 8 years of funds, totaling $2, 255.41.

Now I know I am not the only victim of this scheme. Millions of people in different countries all over the world including US and Canada have been defrauded for years like me. Without using AOL services and without setting up preauthorized charges to their bank account.

This confusion had me questioning if I dealing with; a real company or a bunch of call centres set up in different countries to steal money from people’s credit cards and chequing account on-behalf of large corporations. Seeing that every department I contacted at AOL requested info from me, which I was more than willing to provide to get my money back. They keep telling me that they will send me an Affidavit form and they need me to fill out and return to them with my bank statements. Months have passed and I haven’t seen this form. Matter of fact is; I don’t even know if the form exists so I called them many times and they reassured me that it was sent. I don’t even know if the person I spoke to Rick is actually from AOL’s head office.

Everyone I talk to is more interested in collecting my personal or financial information. I already provided some bank statements, but not all, because they show reluctance to address the real issue, since 2003 they have been taking money from my account, but I only have proof from 2008 to 2014. I refuse to deal with this matter on my own anymore. Please help me in whatever way you can.

Thanking you in Advance,

Keitha Brathwaite

Feb 25, 2015

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