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Anyoption Payment Services Ltd. / Misleading information on protection scheme

1 United Kingdom
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Complained against Luke Black of
Luke Black
Lead Account Manager

Tel: +44-[protected]
Fax: +44-[protected]
E-Mail: luke.[protected]

I was almost bullied by a trader to hand it £10000. He said that my money will be protected if I trade on the 4th of November for the N.F.P
Non Farm Payroll The biggest monthly fundamental event in the market
4/11/16 . Below is how the event unfolded

When Luke contacted me I told him lot of people complained that they were not able to have they money back. Luke dismissed the allegation saying that they failed to produce Identifications requested by anyoption. When they did, they were getting their money back.I was confident that it will be okay as I was prepared to produce my ID's. I also admitted that I invested in the past £300 in anyoption and lost £30. But I was able to redraw the £270 back. We talk for a few moment and Luke convinced me and I agreed to invest £5000. I already had £400 and there was £360 left on the balance. I tried to get the money from my bank but my bank wont authorized it, so Luke took my card details and completed the transaction.
He told me that he was my account manager and that he will teach me the trade so that I understand how to predict and return a good profit. He told me that we will have lesson each day an then when I am ready I will tried to trade without money, meaning that I will tried to see if I can successful predict a trade.
I asked where is a good place to start learning after office hours and he told me to go to the anyoption academy, there are lot of video. At each study section he spent only 20 min max.
On the 4th the second day of training he told me there was an opportunity for me to get more money and that It will happen on the 4th of November. He said that every trader will make money. But because it is one off opportunity it is a good idea to enter it.
He said but to do it I need to invest £10000. I was worried I said but if I loose the trade I will loose £10000. That is when he said that my money will be protected no matter what happened I will not loose my money. I asked him, if I could redraw my money and he said yes not problem. I will be able to re-draw my money any time because my money will be protected. It is an opportunity for people like me you can put up £10000.
I was still hesitant so he told me they are regulated and recognized by the FCA. which I now know that anyoption is not because I called and inquired
he convinced me to put more money. the bank wont allow that again he uses my card details to do so promising that i will be able to get my money back anytime.
I went to my account and there was a message to confirm. I ask him to call me and I ask what I should do with the message. He said I have to confirm it if not I will loose the money. He said that it was the protection he was talking about. He said I have to do it now before if I forget I will lose my money. He even told me that he had clients who lost their money like that because they forgot to confirm the protection
He called me on the 4th at about 14.25 because we were waiting for the overbought situation where the green candle stick will eventually go down he said. at 14.30 he told me that the chart will go down i went on the anyoption platform and he said down, and again down. He said he could not click it for me I have to do it myself. I said yes he does not have access to my account platform so I have to physically go by his instruction. He said it is done now, when I completed the trade. He said to wait for the end of the day. at 21.00, and I will know if i have £17000 or will stay with my £10000. He said in any case I wont lose my money because it was protected before the trading, and we said goodbye.
the next day I could see that I still had the £10000 in my account. I was relieve because he said that I wont lose my money. From that day Luke was less communicative and a bit more annoyed when I was calling or asking questions. He became less available and the lessons stopped.
Alone I was trying to understand what I could learn to avoid the fiasco that we had. but it was difficult without Luke support.
I was determine to get my money and stop trading. I realized that this type of trading was not for me.
when I decided to redraw my money, that is when I had the message advising me that I have a bonus and so on, and that I will lose my money.
when I tried to call customer service and talk to Luke, I was told to wait until the morning to talk to Luke. I could not understand I said I want my money why can't I get it? but no one wanted to deal with me.
the next day I ask Luke why I could not get back my money? and he said your money his there you can see it can you? and I said yes but there is a message which said that I will lose my bonus. And I ask when my money became a bonus and what is a bonus?
That is when he said to me that although the money shows, it is not actually there? and that I should trade to the sum of £10000 to get my money. I said to him that i do not understand. I said to him that he told me that my money was protected and i could get it back.
His reply was you understood the risk and it is your responsibility to trade, You trade you lost your money, now you have to replace it. I told him that is not true and i wanted my money back.
I was never told about bonuses before committing to the onyoption trading platform

Luke never disclosed that the protection commitment that he told me to take was a bonus scheme and failed to explained what it was
He repeatedly reassure me that my money was protected at all time an bullied me to invest £10000 making me believed that I will recover all the cost no matter the result.
He failed to continue the lesson he promised we will have after 2 days and slowed down communication with myself, he became busy suddenly
He mislead me and pushed me to invest £10000 on false pretenses and misrepresented the real motive behind the protection of my money
He played on my vulnerability and exploited me.


I am no longer interested in investing or trading with anyoption because valuable information was withheld and I was lied to to obtain money. I was mislead and misinformed to collect money from my bank account.
Luke misrepresented his company trading practice

I will only settle if i have the total refund of my money.
I was legally advise to write to anyotion first. I will need the recording of my conversation with Luke to exposed what had happened .

I won't be another victim and will do anything to recover my money


S F Magennis

Anyoption Payment Services Ltd.

Nov 13, 2016

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