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Poor customer service

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We purchased one of their new 2010 models as we live in the country. The box came a week later and the power box was smashed on the end when we opened the package. I contacted them the same day we received the package and they issued an RMA that we had to pay to send back the broken part and we would have to wait another 2 weeks for. We decided to keep the antenna rather than send it all back as all that was wrong was the power box so we attempted to assemble the antenna and the screws to put the wings on the tail of the antenna were too small. It was also missing the end cap that finished the antenna on the tail once it was assembled. I emailed them again as when you call they do not answer the phone. I asked if they would supply the correct size screws so that we could assemble the antenna properly as we had already paid $99 for the antenna and $13 to ship back the broken part and felt that we should not have to put any more money into an antenna that cost us $112 already. The response that we got back was, "Oh, we are sorry you are having trouble." "We will contact our manufacturer in China and alert them of the problem." No offer to fix the problem with the antenna hardware. I did not read the return policy and if you return the product, you will be charged a 10% - 20% restocking fee. What a crock of crap for a piece of crap antenna that we did not even get to use because we couldn't put it together with the supplied hardware. In my opinion, I would not purchase anything from them as you will only have headaches and pay for their manufacturers mistakes too as they do not refund all of your money, nor do they offer to fix any problem you have.
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Antenna Hub - Terrible Customer Service


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D  27th of May, 2011 by    +1 Votes
I'm kind of having a hard time comprehending your review since it's like a giant paragraph. So did you send the power box back, or didn't you? Because you said you didn't.. but then you said you paid $13 to send some part back.

Anyway, I purchased an antenna from them recently (an outdoor one, 909 or something). I called in and the customer service rep was really friendly and helpful. I actually ended up placing my order over the phone. Of course, I did a lot of research before I called. I think a lot of the times people file complaints like these when they're angry because they didn't get their way, or just don't understand the product. It took me maybe like, 15 minutes to put the thing together and it came with all the right screws. I can see why some people would have trouble though, because some of the screws are similar to others and so it's easy to get them mixed up if you're not looking carefully. Maybe that's why you were having problems.

As a customer, especially when shopping online, I make sure to always check the Return Policy page. If, like you said, they had their policy listed this whole time it's not their fault you were charged a restocking fee. It's your fault for not making sure before ordering.

I'm happy with the antenna I got from them, because it brought in super clear pictures and so I wanted to see what other people were saying about their antennas from Antenna Hub. That sucks that your's was damaged in shipping before you even got to try it out.
N  28th of Aug, 2011 by    -1 Votes
I also ordered from them they had 6 complaints that i found out about in Mo with the bbb they are not a reputable co. They are now in calif they are on RIP OFF REPORTs as well. They are rude, don't answer the phone and sell a horrible plastic cheap antenna. You will waste more time with their products we had our Model Ax-906G2 my husband had to solder a wire on that fell off we were sent a broken control replacment box. Also wire mesh on antenna rusting after 6 months. Dave the owner rude charges to ship new parts that don't work we have been without tv now for over a month. He will not work with you and has other complaints as well. Run
A  19th of Sep, 2012 by    +1 Votes
Sounds like the same kind of experience I had with these people. They do not return emails at all!!! They promise a return call within the hour, and you never hear a word from them. Thank God my merchandise was never shipped, and the threat of contact with PayPal got me a credit. I'm sure I would never allow such unprofessional behavior as was exhibited by their customer rep, Lexi, in my own small business. I could only wish that these people would have shipped me a product, any product, instead of holding on to my money and never contacting in the face of emails sent and calls to their business number.
A  1st of Oct, 2012 by    0 Votes
I bought my Ax-906G2. It was shipped with all the parts to assemble. Yes, I did receive 10 channels and the signals came in crystal clear. 1 year later I only receive 6 channels and all 6 channels are pixelizing. Nothing has changed since I installed it. I believe the control box is not converting the signals properly. After reading the above comments, I am reluctant to order anything else from them. There was no info on how to fix a problem should one arise. Basically, once you purchase any one of their units at their nominal cost, what you see is what you get! I think if you weigh the cost of any one of their units and the aggravation versus a cable company, I believe the cable company would win out. It's a shame there isn't a decent digital company out there to make a conversion unit manufactured to last more than 1 year. Looks like back to cable for me.
N  27th of Feb, 2013 by    0 Votes
I also had trouble with this company. I ordered the first antenna in December, It would not pick up any signals. I contacted the salesperson and they said that in a rural area we needed a stronger antenna. I sent that one back and paid the shipping cost and got the spectrum 6 antenna. This antenna was better than the first one. I could get a picture but it would pixelizing and then loose signal. I contacted the salesperson again and they said we needed the spectrum 8 . They said it would be the right antenna for our area. I sent the spectrum 6 back (another 14.00) in shipping fees, and received the spectrum 8. The spectrum 8 would not pick up anything. So we sent it back the very next day. (34.00 shipping fee). When I contacted the salesperson to tell them we just wanted a refund. They said it had been over the 30 day policy. Each time we would order a different antenna they would give us the same order number which looked like we had purchased the antenna in December which is a crock. Now they don't want to refund my money. I have been out all the shipping fees plus the cost of the antennas and still have nothing.I am a very dissatisfied customer and I hope this review will same some other person some grief.
A  10th of Jul, 2013 by    +1 Votes
This company is a ABSOLUTE JOKE! do not buy from them!!! I purchased HUNDREDS of dollars of merchandise from WHOLESALE LED which is the same company and they sent me an empty box. After calling them to resolve the issue they said that it was impossible that they could send an empty box out because they have never made a mistake. Horrible customer service, I spoke to the manager who said she is the one who packs the mail orders and she laughed about it and said its not there problem. I asked to speak with the supervisor and she replied "he's out of town and I can't give you his name." WTH is that. this company is a rip off DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR BUSINESS YOU WILL NOT BE HAPPY!!! I have since reported them to the BBB and rip off reports, filed a dispute with my bank and filed an investigation for mail fraud with the USPS. STAY AWAY FROM ANTENNA PROS ANTENNA HUB WHOLESALE LED!
N  7th of Dec, 2014 by    +1 Votes
Okay...i feel like a just stepped into the DMV to get my license renewed! Its crowded, the people are angry, and the clerks helping you are treating everybody rude. Well, Here is my story: I like in Southern Illinois, and suddenly Directv began playing big companies vs them game. First they removed channels telling us they are fighting with the big companies to keep our rates down. We got our channels back (i have the grand fathered pack), then suddenly they slowly raised rates $2, $3, a year then announced there will be a sports fee of nearly $2. When i started, my bill was just around $45 month. Now it went up to $81 month. I cut the cord by suspending for 6 months. I am now using rabbit ears and gov converter and still watching shows but sports is horrible coming through my non HD digital timelapse dvd unit i already had. Sometimes i lose signals in antennas but sometimes really clear, especially on my larger HDTV with direct connection and using its antenna.
Then i went net browsing and found out about outdoor antennas. I looked up best long range antennas for Southern Illinois...up came 2 one being spectrum antenna. So i was excited. So i ordered one on Cyber monday!!! I got a blowout deal in 2014! Which is a bit later than all the above complaints. Anyway, i at gotten an awesome deal on my smartphone last year totally free on Cyber monday which was what made me try with the antenna. Well, i went to Antenna Hub searched it and found 2 models. The old 2014 model which has a youtube video, and a new model for 2015...actually the 2014 looks better, but i like newer technology. So, i found live chat on the site asked the clerk questions, and they were patient and helped me along with the discount. I first went to ebay to double check for cheaper sales but there were none like this one and they all were different there and cheaper making me believe that this site had the higher end ones that noone else had...so, i shopped hub and not only was $100 already taken off making it $99 but i spotted a coupon which the chat clerk helped me with of 30% additional off!!! Bringing the total down to $59.97 plus ship $10 making it $69.97 total. This is the newest model 2015! And i recieved an email fast stating my antenna has been shipped. It even had a link directly to usps to track it's journey to me. I been tracking it and it has been moving considering it is coming way from Cali during the hollidays. It is on it's way. I am so far going a different direction so far than the others making complaints on this site by saying "so far so good"
Now, once it arrives the second half of the test will be performed. I already have a plan. You have to work to save money! First, i have not heard anything about an instruction book, so i will look at the youtube how to vid to see how they installed and if needed to right back to the hub to chat live to get assist just in case anything is not looking right. But 1st and far most, i will make sure there is something in the box (i can tell an empty box) if that is the case, i have done it and won in the past. Take cam pics write down addresses and clerks spoke to names..go directly to The Attorney General to file a complaint. If that does not work, then go to the BBB. But first, i like to give anyone a fair chance. I am hoping that i can give this small business hope if they do me right. Hope you got another view from me on this and i hope to be back after i recieve this antenna. Also, i never heard anything about where people installed their Long Range antennas because that is important too. I read that one lady only got 10 channels...well, i get over 12 channels with my cheap walmart $9.99 rabbit ears...only problem is some channels hide out and others have their goof days and their bad days. But i am hoping to get good results, and i am will to post a non complaint on here if the results in fact tirn out good...
N  2nd of Jan, 2015 by    -1 Votes
I am too having trouble with this company. I bought an antenna and a control box in October. The control box never worked. I called them, sent it back and to this date 01/02/2015 I have to received a replacement box. I have called and they have said everything to "it's already been sent" which was a lie to, 'I will overnight it so you can get it in time for Christmas!" Never happened. I wish I had seen this site before I ordered from them. Can I get a new control box somewhere else and just make them give me my money back?? Like Radio Shack or something?
N  19th of Feb, 2015 by    0 Votes
Uh oh I'm nervous. I pre-ordered the SP-615 and it arrived this week but was damaged upon arrival. I submitted an RMA request for an exchange today. Awaiting their reply. I wish I had searched for this site BEFORE I pre-ordered. I'll keep you all posted on my progress...
A  4th of Jun, 2015 by    0 Votes
Bought the antenna in March, didn't work and sent it back. Still have not received refund. Has anybody gotten a refund and if so, how?

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