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Unknown but posted in norfolkVA craigslist, United States Review updated:

I gave my resume for this position...But after I got "hired" for the position...I read the email and was like IT'S A SCAM...This is what I received...Re: Administrative Assistance

Dear Applicant,

Thanks for your response toward the Personal assistance position that I posted. I'm looking for someone that can be trusted and reliable, someone with good understanding and working skills. I am Mr. Carlos Williamson, 53 yrs of age, I'm a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) and a Trust and Estate Practitioner (TEP), Also served as a facilitator for Angel Investment Network in Canada and United State to various welfare and community service programs. I most very often get my hands occupied, So it is imperative for me to have a worthy assistant who can monitor and keep me up to date with my activities. This is flexible position, working with me is basically about instructions and following them. My only fear is that I may come at you impromptu sometimes, So I need someone who can be able to meet up with my irregular timings.

I'm sure you'll understand I tend to have a very busy schedule at this point as I am presently in Canada for a summit. I will be back in 3 Weeks time. I think you're the right person for this post, Please note that this position is not office based for now because of my frequent travels and tight schedules. It's a part-time, and the flexibility means that there will be busier weeks than others. So it's a little difficult judging the exact number of hours you'll be doing per week. If you can manage your time properly, this job may even give you some extra while you do something else on the side. As I have said, I'd want us to get a head start with things as soon as possible. I do have a pile up of work and a number of unattended chores which you can immediately assist me with. I hope we can meet up with the workload eventually. Permit me to use the coming week to test your efficiency and diligence towards all this, also to work out your time schedule and fit it to mine. I really need to find the perfect person for this job and I am confident you can take up the challenges. On the long run we should have a relatively sound working relationship between us.


Name to be on the check :
Your Address : ( Including your apt # if your address have one )
Zip Code:
Cell Phone Number:
Sex :
Home Phone Number:

Once I have received your application form, I will get back to you with the task for the week ahead. Please understand that you will be paid ($500 weekly) as well as its important for me to make the necessary steps before I get back from my business trip.

Best Regards,

Carlos Williamson.

I unfortunately responded since I am out of work looking for a job right now...

But I received a reply back...
These is to acknowledged you that your information has been received, You have been accepted and employed as my Special Personal Assistance.As you know this is a part-time job for now, If you have any other job at the moment, you can still keep to your job.You will start work asap, I will keep you informed as soon as I make the list of what you have to do for me and email them to you, but the first on the list is the charity home funding that I usually do every month, I do this every month to 3 charity home, You will be helping me out in purchasing some items which will be donated to them, The funds to do the assignment will be in form of Certified US Payment in the amount of $2, 359.42, It will be sent over to you from one of my clients and I have some list to email you once you received the funds.You will make some arrangements in buying some stuff for the kids in the nearest store around you so you can mail them out. I will get you more information on that..

Ensure you check your emails daily so you can keep in contact with me because I will be communicating with you mostly through email & Phone Text Messaging, It's nice having you on board as my PA while am away. I hope to meet you very soon. Reply to this message as soon as you receive it in order to confirm you receive my update.


Carlos Williamson.

Apr 13, 2016
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  • Ma
      Apr 17, 2016

    You forgot to mention that they actually sent you a check...

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  •   Jul 13, 2016

    He posted a link on that's how I found out about him. It's he a scammer for sure?

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  •   Jul 13, 2016

    This scammer is very clever. He users the alias Carlos Williamson to seem like he is that person. I pulled up the real Carlos Williamson profile and he had little financial background.I noticed 2 or 3 different names one on the check, one on the mailed envelope, and Williamson. The check came certified from CA, this was odd because the fake Carlos is supposedlyfrom the DMV area, so why is a check coming from California under different name.


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  • St
      Oct 28, 2016

    Guessing I shouldn't get my hopes up then

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