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I replied to a job ad on craiglist and received the same exact e-mails everyone else here has received. Unfortunately i did not research it sooner, because it only took 5 minutes for me to realize it was a big scam. The next day i reveived 3 money orders for $1000 each. I contacted my local FBI and they told me how it works:<br />
<br />
Basically this person tells you they're going to send you $$ to donate toys to an orphanage or whatever. Once you receive the money, they then tell you there is a child in need of an operation in Malaysia. So you are asked to deposit THOUSANDS of dollars in money orders into your bank account, and with that money immediately buy a western union money transfer and send the remaining money (after taking your fee) to the requested person. <br />
<br />
The scam is that the money orders are BAD. So you deposit them in your account, make all the purchases they ask you to make, and then a few days later the money orders bounce because they were no good (counterfiet or fraudulent or whatever!) So now you owe the bank all that money.<br />
<br />
I was almost taken for $3000, thank GOD i started investigating... The FBI says its very common and they scam you so quickly and disappear its impossible to catch these people. I also firmly believe they are based outside of the US. <br />
<br />

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  • Bl
      Feb 13, 2010

    My mother use to always tell me, when something seems too good to be true, IT USUALLY IS!!! I was almost fell victim as well. I applied for a personal/administrative assistant on I should have known that the job was bogus because this Micheal Richardson fellow had never seem me, LET ALONE PAY A COMPLETE STRANGER $4000 A MONTH!!! Unfortunately, I played email tag with this loser a few times before my gut told me to research a little further. He supposedly is sending me some checks to buy gifts to donate to an orphanage! HOW LOW IS THAT PEOPLE! At any rate, thank my lucky stars that I did not fall victim. I know next time to listen to my gut, follow my heart and RUN! I hope this doesn't happen to anyone who reads this because it ALMOST happened to me!!!

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  • Ja
      Feb 24, 2010

    I am one of the Directors of AIN and wanted to
    explain that these job postings have nothing to do with our company.
    This individual is acting under several aliases and has never worked
    for nor had any involvement with our company.

    Some of the aliases include:
    • Frank Thomas
    • Michael Richardson
    • Brian Peterson
    • Mark Donald

    We would obviously advise you not to respond to these job listings and
    please feel free to contact us through our website if you have any
    questions about this.

    Best wishes,


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  • An
      Mar 04, 2010

    Another alias to look for is :
    Saddy Smith...they are away at a summit in the UK.

    Good luck to them, talk about getting blood from a turnip. I've been unemployed since August and I have absolutely no credit cards and only one savings account with a whopping $5.66 if it came down to me or the orphans, well not to sound brash but I guess my response would have been something along the lines of,
    "Are you frickin' kidding, they got their whole lives ahead of 'em-what about that teachin' 'em to fish thing, maybe you could incorporate sewing and growing a garden! How's that for a donation? for thought, huh? ForGET abot id!
    Thanks for the insight and community posted warnings...I googled Angels and they got a million of 'em (complaints that is)
    Hey, and James...sorry that your affiliation with organization is suffering from the sleezes doing this thing but if you are a true believer in good deeds and prayers-they'll get theirs-TEN FOLD- ya hear what I'm sayin'? You get what I mean? I myself have run into Karma back in my young foolish indispensible years and she left a mark-botta bing!
    There is a bit a satirical humor in all this-the combination of our bad economy and these scams...from Angels, no less. Like a Sopranos/goodfellas dibocal with their Catholic guilt and all-the dilema of tracking down a phone bank/telephone center and whackin' a Angel. could actually be like a back room at a mattress store called "heavenly beds" and the telemarketers have "floating" shifts from stock room phone bank to the front of the store working the floor AND they have to wear a uniform with wings somewhere on their bodies! Along the lines of the FTD hat/shoes or over the top Huge flaps on their backs.
    I could go on but I won't...I have a noodle to go boil for dinner! Ha!
    Good luck to everyone out their. Your sense of community is greatly appreciated-nice to know I'm not the only schmo.
    If anyone does have a job offer in Texas-close to Galveston Island-look me up,
    Peace, Andra M.

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  • An
      Mar 04, 2010

    That Surrogate Mother posting on Craig'sList ain't lookin' so bad now that I think about it!
    Job security? for 9 months, anyway!

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  • La
      Apr 12, 2010

    I got the same scam but I checked it out before I responded he seems to have moved onto careerbuilder. I repoted the listing and I filed a complaint with the internet crime complaint center you can fill out the online complaint at :

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  • N2
      Jun 26, 2010

    I just got the same scam. Thank God I investigated first!!

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  • Al
      Sep 09, 2010

    Thank god you all posted this information on this site. I googled Angel Investments after receiving the response from "Brian Peterson" (same letter as above) and came across this fraud complaint site. I would have been smart enough not to deposit any money into my account but I am glad I did not waste any more time on this. Thank you all for posting about SCAMS.

    Almost Nieve - Portland, OR

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  • Tl
      Jan 06, 2011

    The person that is sending out these e-mails is now posting them in Seattle WA help wanted on Craig's List. Similar story to previous posters. Get an e-mail response, he wants you to start work immediately, but he's out of the country. Send him yourbut I can add a new name to the list of alias's - "Adam Fords, Age 52 originally from Australia".

    Yea, I didn't go any further when he hadn't even met me in person, or done a phone interview or anything.

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  • Mi
      Jul 15, 2011

    I have recently been attracted to the same job post and sent the person all my personal information. Can you tell me if you did the same, and if so, did you have any trouble with anyone coming to your home address?

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