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Amscot advertises free money orders everywhere but be careful... They make you fill out a customer Check Cashing agreement (with your right thumbprint) that authorizes them to obtain credit reports and other information about you if you get a money order for $1000.00 and above. When you question them about it, they claim, "It may say we will obtain a credit report, but we don't. We don't even pull credit reports for the payday advances." Well then, why have it on your forms???? So there is a catch to free money orders with Amscot.
Additionally, I didn't realize that I had a return check fee from two years ago. I gave the Branch Mgr $1000 for rent. It had to be paid today. He advised me that the company was keeping $25 dollars of my money and unless I gave him another $25 my money order would only be for $975! He refused to give me back the entire amount of my money claiming that he had a right to retain the $25 and passed through a piece of paper that I barely had a chance to read before he snatched it back. He and a FSA were snickering the whole time and he had me wait another 2-3 minutes before he would even give me the remainder of my money! Additionally, he refused to give me back the customer agreement form saying it was against their policy... He claimed that the document would be shredded.
I went across the street to Sweetbay Supermarket, paid .69 per money order ($500 each) with no questions asked! No form, thumbprint, authorization for credit reports, arbitration agreements, etc.


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A  17th of Mar, 2009 by 
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Yesterday my spouse went to get a money order for $800.00 to finish our bankruptcy with a law firm. In which case he had been paying slowly becuase we were without a home for 2 years and he was trying to pay them slowly. In which case every time he entered he would explain to someone that he was in bankruptcy process and that we had paid retainer fee with the law office. Well yesterday he went to get some money orders for me since I had to stay in the auto with my child and from the 800.00. The Amscot store collected the money without my spouses authorization which was for $147.00 myspouse owed and none ofthe person my spouse spoke at each Amscot ever put a notation on their computer system that we were in bankruptcy process. Also on the receipt the put payment for 100.00 in which they did not put cash amount and deduction. After this situation we went to another Amscot to to try to resolve the situation in which the lady was nice and tried in which she called corporate but they told her they could not return the money to us. This people should be shut down for illegal practices and ethical business practices. I used to like to Amscot but I know I have a very different opinion about them. Regular banks sometimes help more than these people. They did not even care that there is a recession and that everyone is going through financial hardships. Definitely there commercials should be taken off the air becuase it is false advertisement. In their commercial they claim to give money orders for free without questioning and it does not matter they amount. But this is a lie becuase every time you give a money order over 700.00 they do ask for an ID. This should be complained to the government and to BBB and they should close all of these businesses.
N  6th of Apr, 2009 by 
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i am very upset with the way my problem was handle and i would like for some one to handle this problem thank you ms croft u can email me at ritacroft@ ymail.com
N  1st of Jun, 2009 by 
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i work at amscot : Have you ever sold your soul to the devil?

With this company you will feel as if you did. You will have all the wealth you need, and then some, however you will turn into a self-loathing, customer-service-hating hypocrite. You will not see your customers as people any more, you will see them as dollar signs and suckers. As you climb the ladder of promotions you will begin to see the backbone of the company. Shame. You have to encourage your associates to be motivated with 16 hour shifts and no breaks in-between. For security purposes, you can not leave the branch during your shift, therefore you do not clock out for lunch, and furthermore, you take your lunch between customers. When have you ever seen an Amscot branch empty? Do you know how many times I cried wishing I could lock the doors for just 5 minutes so me and my crew could get a bite to eat after standing on our feet for hours of non-stop assisting people. Your superiors will show you empathy but deep down can not do anything about it because their superiors are worried about goals. Finally, when you burn out and become no longer useful, you are fired or told you are not good enough. That leads me also to the annual raise incentive. It is based on performance. I wrote a fairly good review for one of my associates (a well deserved one) that would give her a nice raise. My district leader told me to change my review to a lower score so there would be more money left in the budget. If I give her a raise then I would have to cut her hours down to make up for it. So the employee only gets a "satisfactory". What morale!
they are the worst company for employees and also customers stay away
N  10th of Feb, 2010 by 
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AMSCOT SUCKS!!! When I went to get a few money orders the other day that totaled over $1, ooo.oo, at amscot, they made me feel like a criminal in an interrogation room with all the questions they asked.
They offer free money orders, but it's just so they can get all your personal information for free. This is real invasion of privacy. WHY DO THEY NEED TO KNOW WHAT MY MONEY ORDERS ARE FOR?
When I asked this question, the clerk handed me a panflet about fighting terrorism and money laundering, ha! Under the guise of helping Homeland Security protect the American public what they do is try to control us each day more by profiling us. Since I refused to answer what my money orders were for (not that I have anything to hide, I just believe it's none of their business) she called over her supervisor who questioned me again to which I refused again, then she started typing a bunch of stuff in the computer, I guess marking me as an unwilling and suspicious customer in their efforts to invade my privacy. THEY SUCK!!
N  10th of Mar, 2010 by 
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I call ### on all of these complaints, I use Amscot all the time and never had a problem.
N  1st of May, 2010 by 
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i never had a problem either...and besides... they are just trying to stop ppl from supporting terriosm when it comes to proving identiy when i t comes to getting LARGE money orders...Often times ppl are getting thousnads of dollars in money supporting terroist acts... I happy tht this company cares enough to deter 911 from happeing again...
A  24th of May, 2010 by 
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my girl friend whent to amscot to pay a bill of electric not any payment to amscot the 100.00 dollars was taken by amscot { under the grounds of outstanding balance in my girlfriend account and not my own } so amscot is confiscating money for afiliatiations to account deb holders which pratice is iligal in all states ! hummmmmmmmmmm ANY LAWYERS WHANT TO STAR A ACTION LAW SUIT COUNT ME IN !
A  24th of May, 2010 by 
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niki your dumm 911 realy terroist dont need amscot to laudry their money they just simply used our corrup goverment like they always have you ing fool
N  4th of Aug, 2010 by 
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I went to get a money order today. they took my money and then asked for my photo ID and then said I had to fill out an application and then after I did all that they said I had to give them a thumb print. I gave them cash not and effin check. screw amscot! Next time I'll pay the damn 69 cents for a no hassle money order...
A  1st of Sep, 2010 by 
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Yesterday went in to get a money order...I asked what the monetary amount of a money order could go up -to and was told 1000.00 so I said that's what i want.
Of course they did the copy of the drivers lisence, then they wanted me to fill out an agreement, I did, but then since it was a binding agreement with my signature on it I asked to have a copy of both the front and the back, , , I was then insulted by the employee by her asking me if I read it..I stated I DID read it and that is why it is my right to ask and receive a copy of the contract with them...Of course she refused, threw a pamphlet she claimed to say BASICALLY the same thing...IT DID NIOT...NOW I, M HOT...then she had the nerve to ask me where I got the money from...ARE YOU KIDDING ME ? to make a long story short I refused to leave the window until she took anything and every thing she had on me, , , shred it, and shred it again and again ...IN FRONT OF ME...after I said my bussiness with you is over...I am contacting corp. offices and then going to local news to see if they are treated any better..I, AFTER talking to my bank, truly feel that perhaps amscot should be investigated by the feds...something just isn, t right and my gut instinct has never led me in the wrong direction.
A  5th of Sep, 2010 by 
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Amscot is the KING of rip offs. All they want is MONEY and don't care who they have to screw, lie too, and decieve to get there. WHAT [censor]S!
N  17th of Sep, 2010 by 
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Amscot is a financial institution that is govern like a bank. When you go to your bank to get money orders they already have your information including your finger print when you first open your account. They also know were the funds come from since you deposit checks, payroll or other type. That is the reason Amscot collects this information, they are required by law to do so. Especially large money order, otherwise the goverment will fine them. This is all do to 911 and other criminal activity. They are also force by law not to tell you, because if you are a suspected criminal they are not supposed to tell u, but report. It is illegal to tell you, u are under
suspicion. Most customers are getting money orders or other things legally, but if you get all defensive it makes you look suspicious. That is how people performing illegal activities behave, using the constitutions and the rights to hide behind. If we all became educated consumers we would understand and all this criminal acitivity would be easier to detect. As for keeping your money, more than likely you probably owe them money you should of paid and if your dumb enough to go to a place you owe money you deserve what you get. Also why do you not read what you are filling out and sign forms without reading them. How can they snatch the form from you when they are behind glass on the other side. You probably put it within their reach and like a fool did not read it. Again do your research before you do business with any company ask questions. If you don't like their answer do not do business there. It is the same reason many people are dumb enough to fall for all the internet scams. People grow a brain
A  5th of Feb, 2011 by 
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Dear Rosava (previous post)... I am amazed that all you have to do in your world is defend AMSCOT. You clearly work for them - little miss propaganda... I lost everything this last year, including my ability to get a regular checking account and I thought AMSCOT was a Godsend. Wrong... Even though my unemployment check is direct deposited there for the last 3 months, and I have been putting any money I had there, I went to get a money order yesterday for 1, 000.00 and even though they have all my vital info and drivers license and thumbprints, and everything, they REFUSED to give me a money order unless I PROVED with documentation where my money came from... WHAT THE F...!?!?! She handed me a nice document about homeland security, and terrorism and fighting money crimes... She then said, so everyone can hear, that because I was UNEMPLOYED, my account was locked out and I would not be able to make cash deposits until I could produce a receipt from the source... Um, why not give me the money order and see who cashes it... It was for back child support. I drove a block up, and got one at the post office for 1.50. I have 442.00 in my amscot account currently and will be closing my account today. If anyone is considering AMSCOT in the future, stay away!!!
D  31st of Jul, 2011 by 
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Ok, all you people complaining that Amscot ask too many questions when you get a money order at a certain amount, get over it! If you have nothing to hide, asnwer the questions. If you people weren't such idiots, you would know that they HAVE to ask those questions by state and federal law! They don't want to be in your business just as much as you don't want them there, but they HAVE to ask those questions! Yes, it is to fight terrorisim, but it is also to fight low level drug dealers. If you people were maybe a little more educated you would know that the people that struck the Twin Towers used businesses like Amscot to fund their activities and that is why Amscot is required by LAW to ask those questions. And to the people that had their money taken by Amscot because you "forgot" that you owed them, you deserve it. When you take out that cash advance or you cash a check with Amscot...you give them permission to do it! Try reading before you sign, better yet...pay your bills on time and you wouldnt have to worry about Amscot setting off on you.
N  19th of Sep, 2011 by 
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Amcsot - Confiscated money order
United States

I took a money order into Amscot to be cashed. I was in a bit of a rush because I am a personal assistant and, once the check was cashed I needed to return ASAP. The woman at Amscot first did not believe that "Personal Assistant" was a legitimate job title. After questioning me for about 5 minutes about what I do for my boss and who they are and not seeming to believe me, she demanded to see the USPS envelope the money order came in. I gave her the envelope, and after filling out a form and watching her make copies of everything, 10 frustrating minutes later she gets off of the phone with someone and tells me that Amscot is confiscating the check because they believe I have been the victim of fraud and to "be more careful next time." My boss was absolutely furious when I told her this. The check was completely legitimate, and the only reason I went to Amscot was because it was a Sunday. Now, not only was I unable to get the cash, but we were both angry and my boss had to go through the hassle of voiding the check Amscot is holding, and writing a completely new check to be cashed at the bank. I am never going back to Amscot and telling friends and family to avoid it. I was treated with disrespect, and even after filling out the proper paperwork, ended up with nothing.
D  26th of Sep, 2011 by 
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Okay, Amscot isn't just randomly stealing all your money. We actually have a very specific procedure known as a "setoff" - when you take out a cash advance, or cash a check, if you don't pay back and/or your check isn't good at the bank, you legally give Amscot the right to collect that money from you at ANY TIME and with NO NOTICE. Remember that little card you signed when you cashed your check or took out your cash advance? Unfortunately, it does pay to read what you sign sometimes! There is a detailed and specific statement on every single card, and if we really wanted to, we could dig up your SIGNED AGREEMENT that "should my check be returned from the bank, I hereby give Amscot the right to setoff and satisfy ANY DEBTS out of any of my funds in Amscot's possession at ANY TIME and WITHOUT NOTICE". And Amscot makes EVERY effort to contact you before collecting; however, if you don't give working phone numbers, and never show up in the store again, then we're forced to assume that you ran away. Just because YOU forgot you owed Amscot money doesn't mean Amscot forgot; and to be honest, if you were setoff on, it means that you got free money at some point, so I REALLY don't see where you get off saying Amscot robbed you. If you get setoff on, and you actually have a legitimate explanation, collections MIGHT ACTUALLY WORK WITH YOU. But F*** AMSCOT I'M NOT GIVING YOU ANY MONEY, YOU DON'T HAVE THE RIGHT TO TAKE MY MONEY when we aaaaabsolutely do isn't gonna get you anywhere.

And as far as collecting information, like other people said, Amscot is LEGALLY REQUIRED by the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT to ask you these questions; it's great that you're not using money orders for anything wrong, but lots of people do. People come through all the time getting money orders because it's a quick and easy way to move cash around without actually moving cash, and it's difficult to trace. We ask these questions because we have to. If you don't answer, we're NOT ALLOWED BY THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT to give you a money order. If you go to the grocery store or post office, they don't have to ask; they're also not allowed to cash checks larger than a certain amount, or sell more than a certain amount of money orders per day. Amscot is able to cash a check of ANY SIZE - I've cashed checks for over $15, 000 from a lump sum settlement before, and sold money orders to purchase a house for thousands of dollars; in exchange for having this ability, the federal government places certain regulations on us to ask questions and get answers. Amscot doesn't CARE what you do with your money orders, it's certainly not anybody's business but your own; unfortunately, the federal government feels differently.
N  3rd of Apr, 2012 by 
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Amscot - Will not switch over to new card because we do not have $10
2235 canfield dr.
Spring Hill
United States
Phone: (352)610-9280

We had to cancel our prepaid card because money was missing and to get a new card they are saying we need to have $10 to activate the card when we do not have $10, so they said they cannot do nothing about it and we are going to lose our money that was on there. This is wrong and I will never use them again.
D  3rd of Apr, 2012 by 
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They are currently addressing the issue, and thank you a lot for the help.
D  11th of Jan, 2013 by 
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Amscot taking your funds to pay back the cash advance you never paid back is not illegal. It is unsettling but if you take a moment to read the LEGAL document you sign EVERYTIME you take out a cash advance it very clearly states that they have a right to withhold funds to settle the debt you have with them.

Its under SET OFF
The bank does it and any other financial institution who LENDS money does it too. Keyword is "LEND". If you want to avoid all their collection phonecalls, any payment plan they offer than that's up to you However don't sit there and ### that they took the money from you that you were suppose to pay back months or even years ago.
N  29th of Jan, 2013 by 
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AMSCOT has the most ridiculous fees. EVERYONE should switch to BLUEBIRD by American Express.. NO FEES EVER as long as you have direct deposit NO FEES NO FEES NO FEES NO FEES NO FEES NO FEES NO FEES NO FEES

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