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Amscot / money removed from prepaid card, illegally

1 P.O.B 8656Tampa, FL, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 813-802-6831

I lost my first card, then called in for another they charged me $9.95 without telling me;I never recieved the card.Next, they sent me another card, charging me $9.95 without telling me, and now Im showing $0 balance.

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  • Sh
      3rd of Dec, 2008
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    Hello, My Name is Shaun Guge and I work at the Amscot Home Office. I would like to speak with you and resolve your concern with your Amscot Prepaid MasterCard. Please Call 813-637-6100 and ask for Shaun Guge at ext 6267.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Thank You

  • Ch
      5th of Nov, 2009
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    I am not happy with AMSCOT. My father just passed away 2 weeks ago, and my mother didn't get the death certificate until monday november 1st. she went to the local Apopka office and gave them the death certificate, and told them do not take anymore money out of her bank account. they then sent an email to the corporate office, and on november 3rd they took out the money. I called the corporate office, they told me basically too bad. now her bank account is overdrawn. they do not want to help!!!

  • Mi
      18th of Jan, 2010
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    Buyers beware If you go to Amscot to file your taxes. First I want to say I have had my taxes done two years in a row by Amscot and this year I will be my last and if you have had your taxes done my them I earge you to find someone else if you are expecting to get an RAL from them. My name is Katina F. I went to Amscot to file my taxes I applied for an RAL (rapid antisipation Loan). Same as I did last year. I was told I was denied when I called the Amscot customer service person told me to call the bank (Chase) when I called chase they told me that I was denied becouse my adjusted gross income and my EIC (earned income credit) was in high risk for being denied by the IRS due to fraud. This is bull it was not like I did the taxes myself and then asked Chase to give me a loan I was at Amscot and they did the taxes. So I wanted to know what was the problem with my EIC becouse my tax return was about the same as last year with the exception of the extra money for the increase this year that caused your taxes to be about $400 higher. This is misleading becouse the people that do the RAL are people that have high EIC. When I inquired more they (Chase) stated (Customer service rep Samuel and Nancy of chase )that they Chase do not want ALL TYPES of business ( I have to wonder what type of business are they talking about? BLACK people business, WOMEN business, PEOPLE with CHILDREN business what does this mean) and that since I was a new customer to Chase I was being denied. I explain that this was the not my first time with Amscot and it is not my fault that Amscot decided to use Chase this year and should not be a consideration for the RAL. I explained to them that most of Amscot clients are going to be new to Chase about at least 95% of Amscot customers becouse this year Amscot decided to switch they banks that process the RAL to Chase this year. Amscot never told me that I was going to be denied for this reason I feel that Amscot took my money and knew that I was not going to be eligible I had to pay them to do my taxes $309 and then now have to pay Chase $35 just to print a check for me once the IRS send my money to them. They even call this a bonus. Where is the bonus? How is it a bonus when I have to pay you when I asked for the RAL not a bonus program. Why should I pay Amscott or Chase when I could have done the my taxes on my own for FREE on the IRS website.

  • Sc
      31st of Jan, 2010
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    My wife and I echo MISLEADCLIENT 's sentiments .
    We have had AMSCOT do our taxes in the past also and never been denied either. We have court appointed custody of our neice and nephew and chase sighted questionable relationship as the reason they denied us . They were listed on previous returns through amscot the same way and it was NOT a problem! I am adding a email address to write to president obama PLEASE send an email regarding your situation if this is happening to you.

  • Fk
      25th of Oct, 2010
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    If anyone is thinking about doing theres taxes or has been doing there taxes stop, and go to some place else, I have been doing my taxes with Amscot for 4 years and none of my information had changed and they (amscot tax preparer made a mistake and now 2 years later i get a letter from the IRS saying I owe almost $4, ooo. I talked to amscot about it and they said they will not pay any of it. I'm Extremely pissed, and the company didnt say sorry, was very rude, and had no remorse what so ever. They are horrible people to work with and do not care what so ever about there customers. No Customer Service At all.

  • De
      10th of Nov, 2010
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    my name is D, i have a amscot card every thing was cool in till i put money on the card, i guess you have too be poor to use amscot, they don't want your business, if you are doing ok, if you put too much money on the card they will refuse to take your money, so if you have bills that equal too more then three thousand dollars month don't use this card too pay them,

  • St
      7th of Feb, 2011
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    My car was broken into and my purse wa stolen with all my important info document credit card and everything else that you think someone would keep in their purse. I even have the amscot rep that made the money order for me vouch taht i purchsed the money order and when i cam in the next morning him and his supervisor seen where my whole back window was knocked out and they were like wow! thats crazy. Now amscot is saying they probably wont reimburcse me for the 624 dollar money order taht was for my rent. i made out the money order to my apartment complex and signed it. Amscot say the money order more tahtn likely cant be cashed but if tahts the case why wont they reimburse me? This is [censor] from now on im getting money orders from my bank!!!i advise anyone dont use amscot for money orders becasue if this happens to you they abviously ont care! not to mention Seleia from the home office was so rude and talked to me like a child! telling me to hush and listen becuase she's talking. so i got aggressive back with her. I AM A FULL TIME STUDENT AS SSC IN LAKE MARY FLORIDA AND I WILL POST A COMMENT TO ALLL MY FRIENDS LETTING THEM KNOW ABOUT THIS SITUATION BECAUSE THIS IS RIDICULOUS!

  • St
      7th of Feb, 2011
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  • Cl
      23rd of Feb, 2011
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    Amscot can be good for free money orders, but the amscot pre-paid card is really a rip-off, it's explained nicely but they don't tell you that you have to pay $3.95 a month, plus every time you use your amscot card, you get charged .95 cents for certain transactions, .75 cents for use as a debit card, .50 cents to talk to support, WTF??? In 3 days Amscot made over $7.00 of my money. I have 3.00 left but I have to keep in mind if I want to buy something it has to be for $2.25 because Amscot eats .75 cents when you use it. This is a really big concern, I wish 20/20 was on it. I won't use it anymore, I spend more on Amscot bullcrap charges.

  • Da
      17th of Aug, 2011
    -1 Votes

    Amscot is Horrible and I will call to put a complaint in >well weeks ago i needed to take a loan out which was 50.oo and i couldnt pay it due to a family emergency so i was @ MY JOB when they called for me and asked where are their money? im like ill pay it on friday and they asked what time in a demanding way ! I WAS GOING TO TELL THEM TO NEVER AGAIN CALL MY JOB HARRASING ME ! NEVER AGAIN

  • Ar
      6th of Aug, 2013
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    I feel that amscot is worse than the banks in many ways, the thing i have also noticed is
    Trying to use the amscot web site to check yohr transactiin history is virtually impossible, it never lets me log in all the way stating the web site may be down. To.make matters worse, you can call and listen to your transactions but cant look for a spacific trans. Or even skip through the history quickly you have to listen to them in order newest to oldest. And if you happen to be a second late in hitting the one button t o proceed to transactions it stops and brings you out of the menu causing you to have to restart from the newest... So i feel it is done on purpose to make it harder for yyou to know where your
    Money is going, not to mention it a.50 cent charge to do it by phone. Theives if you asked me. Just like the bank and the government. Greedy power hungry people.

  • An
      16th of Jun, 2014
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    Well I have great news!!. I have had an Amscot card for over 5 years. They make you aware of the fees involved. I have never had any difficulties getting in touch with any of the representatives and they are always helpful. You just need to listen closely. I use it for direct deposit and they reimbursed the 3.95 fee every month as long as I have direct deposit.

    Regarding the money orders, they have a process to follow but they will take care of you and return your money. You just need to be patient and explain to the Landlord about your situation because it is not Amscot fault. My experience with Amcot have been great!!

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