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Amigo Energy / Amigo is Ripoff

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I just received my bill from Amigo Energy after being involuntarily switched from NPC. The first bill never came and when I inquired (after numerous attempts) they said it would come with the second bill. I finally received it and my rate went from 0.125kWh to 0.2439kWh. This is unethical for a company to do this. I have tried several times to talk to someone but can not get through. Amigo is a Ripoff and should be severly penalized by our state and federal government.

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  • Ja
      7th of Aug, 2008
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    I am a former National Power Customer and was transfered to Amigo. I got a letter in the mail for the change over both by NPC and Amigo. Amigo said that my rate would stay the same at 16.5 cents per KWH. My last bill from NPC was till May 30th and was from May 6th - May 30th and was 113.00 for 713 KWH. The month of June went by and still no bill from Amigo. So I was like well maybe the billing cycle is from June 1 -July 1 or maybe a little later. I gave them about a week or two for the bill to get there. No bill still till this date. I contacted them by the number, which in the middle of July was not working, so used their website contact. I got an email comfirmation that it was sent in. I was asking where is the bill and what is going on. I did not want a $900 bill and wanted some resolution. I even gave them the benefit of the doubt that it was taking more time than usual because of the 8500 customers coming over. Still no bill. I called no success. Finally last night on 8-5 I called customer service and the number worked but was on hold and eventually hung up on. Tried four times last night between 5:00pm and 7:00pm. No success. So this morning I called at 8:00am and finally after one hang up and the second call got a live person. They said they sent me a bill and my total bill is now almost $800. Hmmm go figure my bills before this were never higher than $150. Well they guy on the phone was like we mailed them. We contacted you. We did this and that and they did none of the above ( I have proof). I have records of the calls to me and they called once for a sales pitch. Looked at my email and there were two sales pitches there and the two emails were not on the day they said they sent them.

    Here is the fun part and where things do not add up. As mentioned for 24 days in May my usage was 713KWH. Amigo is trying to say that from June 1-June 8th I used over 1100 KWH and from June 8th to July 8th I used little over 2500 KWH. First off I have never used over 2000 KWH in my two bedroom apartment. Even last summer it never got that high. Second how is it in may, 24 days, I used 713 KWH and in 8 days in June I used well over that. Also if you did the math with that logic June to July which has been much hotter here in Dallas the KWH should be well over 4000KWH but was only 2500 KWH. This did not sound right. Well they gave me the 16.5 cent rate for the first bill of 8 days in June and then charged 24.19 cents for the June to July. Well after some research and some reading I noticed I was not the only one in this boat. So I called them back and asked for a manager. His basic thing was we notified you and you did not respond. I went through same song and dance with him. His final offer to me was if I signed up with a 3 year plan they would knock $75 off my last bill. I laughed and said no thanks and have now changed my service.

    All this prompted me to call PUC. I enquired about how to file a complaint. They gave me Amigos executive line. I called that line and well lets say there are two options. Press 1 for customer service (which I will not go back through) and # to get to a directory. Well directory does no good. They do give you the option of pressing 0 for an operator in the directory but guess what it takes you back to the same two menus. I gave up and called PUC back. Explained this and PUC said that Amigo was required by law to give me the 16.5 cent rate for the first month (30days), which they did not. They also agree the numbers just do not add up on my usage and agree that things seemed very fishy. They took my complaint right over the phone and it is now in their hands.

    My advice to anyone with Amigo change your electric carrier. They do shady things and they do things that are not ethical. They try and bully people into contracts and if you do not they screw you royally. I am just glad mine is in the hands of PUC and my lawyer now. I really do see Amigo going under just like NPC did if they do not straighten up. What they are doing is against the law and do not let them fool you. Just my 2 cents.

  • No
      12th of Aug, 2008
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    I second the comment about change your electric carrier... ASAP. I am having the same problems as those listed above - except I did an emergency switch as soon as I found out that National Power went under. Still, I am being billed for over 1400 KWH for the 2 weeks I was on Amigo... and my house has used less than that in the 6 weeks since switching. They are trying to tell me that my meter is probably defective, and it's a valid bill, and they have every right to assume that the beginning meter read was 0 and they charge me for the entire amount of electricity read by the meter; I am supposed to pay the full amount and they'll "handle it as a refund if it is later found to be inaccurate" (It took several contacts just to get a bill... I wonder how many years they will delay paying out a refund). They also delayed billing until after their rates went to .2469, which I have no doubt was deliberate. The rate was .199 when the electricity was provided to me.

    My advice, put through an emergency switch. Waive your right to ERCOT notification of the change of provider and request an out of cycle meter read. And go with a company with good customer service. My change was accomplished in 8 days instead of the regular 30-45 days and it only cost me a fee of $6 for the meter read.

  • Sh
      15th of Aug, 2008
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    We had NPC also and just received our first Amigo bill of $944 dollars, supposedly we used 3300 kWh at .246 cents kWh. So we jumped from using 1350 kWh I'm May to 3300 kWh in June! Ridiculous I totally agree Amigo is a big scam! We have made a complaint with PUC also, hopefully this won't happen to anyone else. Needless to say we swithed providers in June but it wasn't fast enough.

  • Ch
      17th of Aug, 2008
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    Same here, former NPC customer. They ripped me off. No bills for 2 months then gouged us at .2419 per KWh. Class action suit needs to be had.

    Under NPC contract, which they sold us variable rate people to Amigo, Amigo had to honor that contract. NPC said no more than 10% increase per month on variable. Lawyers need to get involved.

    Contact the public utility commission (they have online complaints as well as telephone) and explain that many customers were SOLD to Amigo from NPC, and that Amigo was not just a provider of last resort. They should honor the no more than 10% rule established by our last energy facts we received from NPC.

  • Je
      19th of Aug, 2008
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    I am in the same boat as everyone else here, getting screwed by Amigo Energy. I just got off the phone with an Amigo customer service representative, after being on hold for over 30 minutes. He said my bill needed to be "adjusted" to a rate of $0.188/kWh. (from the original appalling $0.2419) After I complained that this is still 50% higher than my previous rate of $0.125 (from NPC), and that it was a breach of contract to charge over 10% higher than the previous rate, he said that is the best he could do.

    So at least they are getting some pressure to back off from the $0.2419 rate, but it is still not good enough. It is amazing to me that they will risk not getting paid at all over being fair and honoring the terms of the NPC contract (at least for a month or two.) The right thing to do would be to charge 10% higher than the $0.125 rate, which comes to $0.1375, which is in the range of what they are charging their contract customers.

    They are still trying to stick it to NPC customers, as most of them are upset enough that they are leaving Amigo anyway.

  • Lo
      19th of Aug, 2008
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    I too have just gotten ripped off. They have said like alot of you know, that they sent out my bill, which I have never recieved which is weird because they were able to send the notice and the change in cents/kwh just fine. Also get this, I check my mail every week, and today not too long ago I recieved a statement dating from July 16, 2008 and the new one August 14, 2008 at the SAME TIME! IF this doesn't raise any red flags then I don't know what will.

  • St
      20th of Aug, 2008
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    Hey guys I am in the same boat...I just got my bill last Friday(August 15th) for $363.00 at .25/kw or whatever and the bill is already due at the end of this week.

    So what are you guys doing? Are you paying the bill at 10% plus your rate at NPC? Not paying it all? Should I file a complaint with PUC?

    I think these guys need to be sued and out of business. I also think NPC and Amigo could be guitly of colusion but thats just mu opinion.

    Any advice on the next step guys?

  • Gr
      3rd of Sep, 2008
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    Unable to reach them on numerous calls and emails for over a month. Delayed billing at 24+ cents per kWh - same scam as described above. I sent them a certified letter and paid them less than half the balance (just paid 12 cents a kWh). I wrote if they don't contact me, they don't get any more money. I switched quickly before they could shut me off - so they can't turn off my power now. Might go after my credit. I'd be willing to join a group to go after them in class action. I also filed a complaint with the Texas Attorney General's office.

  • Ma
      9th of Sep, 2008
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    WOW! Guess what? I am in the same boat. Numerous calls, takes forever to get someone to answer, and when someone finally answers it seems like we as the customer is at fault. I finally got through today and was informed my service was going to be turned of tomorrow for non-payment. How could I pay when the list of stored that accepts payment close to home is outdated, when I can not reach customer service because they are too busy to answer my NUMEROUS PHONE CALLS, and the internet service won't allow me to log in? Heck, I was not going to give them my social when they knocked on my door. I would of known of this or given them the info over the phone if they HAD EVER ANSWERED. I am so frustrated. It took over 2hrs of my day today trying to reach an agreement. They would not take payment over the phone since it was due to disconnect. They sent me to money gram to make a payment, when it was obviously their fault for not answering. Also I mistrust them I only gave them my DL number not social, but who knows what the people they hire can do with any type of personal information. They sound very unprofessional. I got to speak to a manager when I asked the customer service rep several times, and she lied to me and told me no manager was on site and then suddenly he magically appears. He was very cocky. I stated that I was given them a chance since they just started a couple of years ago and instead of saying he appreciated my choice to have them as my provider, he was like "Ms. Garza, we have been in business for 5 years since Texas deregulated power, just last couple of months ago we got 17, 000 new customers." Yeah, but how many left their crappy service? I also asked to have my late fees off and I would give them another chance, and he was very defensive. He basically evaded my question on regards to that and I also continously asked them for the total amount of the bill and they did not respond and was placed on hold every time I asked that question. Yes sue them. They deserve it. I switched back to TXU. The price might seem higher, but when you save time, you save money. Do not go with these small new companies. They do not have the regulations and ethics like bigger companies do. I also told the manager that I felt I had been lied to, and he stated that Amigo energy never lies to customers. I was deceived by the people who knocked on my door, deceived by the customer service rep that said that no manager was at the location, and deceived when they have a list of places that do not receive payments for over a year, and deceived by them not providing how much is due. They need to either change their whole system or go out of business.

  • Ti
      18th of Sep, 2008
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    I also had my rate jacked up by Amigo Energy without prior notification to $0.2439/kwhr, which is higher than their published rate of $0.14 on the PowerToChoose web site. I called Amigo to find out if they made a mistake and they said my fixed rate contract had expired two months ago and they could raise my rates without notifying me. But they raised it from $0.14 to $0.24 over a two-month period, which is an increase of 69% or 30% per month. Apparently they can raise rates up to 30% per month without notifying customers. Amigo said there was nothing they could do about the past, but they offered to lower my future rate back to the PowerToChoose rate if I signed up for another fixed rate contract.

    This is a scam. Low teaser rates sign up unsuspecting customers. Expiration of fixed contracts lead to nosebleed rates. After customers realize they have been scammed, the only options are to sign up for more of this or find another electric provider. By my calculations, I have been overcharged more than $600 over two months. I am quitting Amigo Energy. They are a nefarious company with a diabolical business model.

  • Ju
      26th of Sep, 2008
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    I have gotten maybe half my monthly bills since I switched to Amigo. They don't send the bill, I don't pay, they give me a late fee, which I pay along with the next bill (IF I even get one). I am getting all my other mail, there is no problem on my end, but "customer service" says they don't know what the problem is.

    I have not gotten April or May 2008, and now August and September bills have not arrived. When I call Amigo, they can tell me the amount I owe, but will not provide the statement except through email.

    I filed a complaint with the P.U.C. but I think I can smell a class action lawsuit from this. I just want out of the 3-year-contract I signed. I will go back to Reliant before I switch to a company that is out to screw its customers like this.

  • Jo
      2nd of Oct, 2008
    0 Votes

    I was also with NPC and then with Amigo Energy. I have since changed to Green Mountain. I agree with all the complaints. AMIGO IS NO AMIGO to me. I received no notice from NPC but read it in the paper. At that time I transfered to Green Mountain. However, Amigo got hold of me without sending me any notice or a call. First thing I received was a bill of $781.23 for June (6/3-7/2) that was mailed onAugust 11 per the postmark on their envelope. This bill included a past due balance of $144.44. This was the first bill I had received. This past due bill was for five days (May 30 - June3) for 840 kw. I think they pushed up the number of kilowatts. I called Amigo numerous times and asked to speak to a supervisor but got nowhere. I filed a complaint with the Publice Utility Commission on August 16, and received a rely on Augut 21 stating that the company had 21 days to call me. Guess what!!! They never called.
    Finally, today, Oct. 2, I finally got thru to a supervisor. She said they were looking into the complaints, (they must have a lot because she said she had a stack on her desk) and could not locate my complaint even though I gave her the complaint number.
    She reduced my kw per hour rate to $.165 from $.2419. Now I only owe $585.13 instead of $781.23. I asked to pay the amount in three payments which they refused and told me it had to be paid by October 16, 90 days from the final bill (July 16 which they did not mail until August 11).
    I am a senior citizen (69) and do not readily have $585.13 available by then. She then said that I could pay 1/2 now and the rest by October 16. Whoopee!! that helps a lot. I will pay half when my social security check arrives on the 8th. I don't know when I can pay the rest.
    If anyone is suing this company please let me know. I will join the lawsuit with my testimony!! I cannot afford to pay a lawyer to sue so I guess I will have to find a way to pay. HELP !!!

  • Sa
      22nd of Jun, 2009
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    I saw this article talking about another provider in Texas called Ignite Energy. A friend of mine asked me to be a customer and I am not sure what to do. I guess I will stay put. I don't feel like taking a chance on this.

  • Am
      11th of Oct, 2009
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    If you are in Texas, New York or Illinois, you might look into Ambit Energy services.

    As a consultant, I can tell you that Ambit offers both variable and fixed rate (3, 6 or 12 month) plans, some great incentives and an online account access portal second to none. All this in addition to very competetive rates in the markets they serve.

    You can learn more at

    and view my actual Ambit bill from October 2009 at

  • Rv
      4th of Dec, 2012
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    I will join thee Amigo scam club, theey are very late sending out bills, theought sometheing was wrong so checked on acct. and called. They deliberately wait till thee last minute to send out bill. If you pay after due date you have to pay a late charge. Understand theat ! BUT !! Then they immediately send out disconnect notice and charge you anotheer $22.00 dollars for theat. When I called got a don't care attitude, so I called back. Was told my payment was posted on thee 19th, guess what, they also mailed the disconnect notice on the 19th. I really would love to get out of contract but only have 4 monthes left, they will not get another extra penny out of me. The reason I found all this out is because I had never been late before. Now I know and I will NOT be renewing my contract withe them. Was also told you only have 4 days grace period from bill due date even if you pay higher amount. Nothing but a rip off and now that they have installed so called smart meter you don't stand a chance. I would tell you to not use this company at all if you can get out of it.

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