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AmeriCredit / Pain in the butt/not reasonable

1 KY, United States Review updated:

Oh my what did we get into!! We have a six year loan (paid on it for 3 years now) and still can't figure out why we did this to ourselves. My hubby is military (no I am not looking for special privileges) and has had nothing but harrassment from this company since day one. For the first year we were late twice so with our taxes the next year we called and ask for the late fee amount and paid it. Somehow the fee's are still on our account til this day even after many repeat calls to them to take it off. Now we are behind two payments due to loosing my mother (travel expenses and her funeral) and having a government garnishment. We cannot afford all our bills and groceries (we all have hard times so dont pretend everyone is perfect and pays everything on time). I have called them after 20 calls per day and told them we will pay what we can towards the account but cannot make a full payment til after January (tax season). The rep I spoked to agreed and seemed to understand. Not 24 hours later the manager calls me and hounds me. Tells me I need to give him all this personal info and give a checking account number with check so they can take the payments out of our account. What dont they understand we have no money.I will not give out account info for them to cause us a returned check fee. I will make sure their is food for my children before making a van payment. I felt like I was phone raped (if ever a phrase) by this manager. He made me feel like I was not trying hard enough or making excuses not to pay him. First off we are paying on it, just not a full payment. Second I do not appreciate them calling me 20 times a day and then when I do answer they want other phone numbers since I cannot answer my phone. Well if they would just make notes on the account then I wouldnt have to repeat myself 20 times a day to every rep that calls me. I dont like the idea that we make $300 payments and only like $50 goes towards the actual van, the rest is interest. I should have investigated this company before using them. I think them reposing the van is better than the constant calls. Also since when should we be charged more money to make a payment. We are already paying the bill so why charge us to make the payment, $5 here for check by phone, $10 for western union, etc. Thats like a rip off I think. I dont want to be charged to make a payment. You should be rewarded for making it not charged more.

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  • Li
      8th of Dec, 2010
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    Yes Brenda we were aware of all of that. However its a form of harassment when they call you 20 times a day. Seriously if I do not have the money why would I have it 30 min later and another 30 min later??? They should limit calls to once a day since they have to place the calls. No real point to making more than that.

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