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AmeriCredit / AmeriCredit nightmare

1 801 Cherry Street, Suite 3900Fort Worth, TX, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 877 994 9115

Good day,

I would like to file a formal complaint against Americredit.

AmeriCredit Financial Services, Inc.

801 Cherry Street, Suite 3900

Fort Worth, Texas 76102

Tel: [protected]

F: [protected]

Unfortunately for me I have been a client of this company for about 16 months.

The problems are as follows:

I make payments for a car loan timely, using the Americredit website to make the payments, but yet Americredit either loses my payments, holds my payments until atleast the 16th of each month, (which is 9-10 days after the payment is due), or does not credit my account.

I have sent proof to this company of my timely payments numerous times and yet they still have not corrected my account.

It is now about 16 months 13-14 of which I have been arguing with too many of the Americredit supervisors, proving to them our payments were made timely and correctly but yet the account is still wrong.

I have demanded the correct payoff figure for the vehicle but it is like I am talking to a wall.

I too am 1 of possibly 100,000 people this company is abusing with these business practices, and harassing collection calls and horrible business practices.

Americredit is also listed with the BBB due to it's horrible business practices.

I have personally sent the BBB 3-5 letters complaining about Americredit, but Americredit seems to ignore my complaints.

Americredit has called me from Toronto, Canada, which makes me think they are trying to by pass American Consumer Protection Laws.

As a last resort I am asking both of your offices for guidance, and if possible would like to start a class action lawsuit. If you know of a legal firm that might be interested in handling a lawsuit against Americredit please recommend it.

In summary I have demanded the payoff amount to be correct and the account be up to date and correct. I would think that there are numerous people in the same situation as I am in and we would like to sue or be part of a class action lawsuit against Americredit and the dealer that processed my loan with Americredit VIP Auto in South Plainfield, NJ

Thank you for your attention and prompt response to my complaint.

Raymond E Litt

CC: Texas Attorney General

CC: Office of Consumer Credit Commissioner Tel: [protected] F: [protected]


CC: Call For Action National & NYC OFFC Tel: [protected] F: [protected]

CC: Economic Crimes Unit of Tarrant County Tx, District Attorneys Office

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  • Sd
      21st of Feb, 2008
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    Sounds like a great idea... a lawsuit should be filed against them. They have some unethical practices. I believe that they somehow changed my percentage rate. When I purchased my car back in 2002, I had A-1 credit, and has never paid more than 7% on a car. Unbeknownce to me I never received from the crooked dealership (Montell Pontiac) a contract for installed payment agreement. So when I assumed my car would be paid for in 2007, Americredit informs me that I have 24 more months to pay on this loan. I was completely and utterly blown away. I had them fax this contract to me. Yes, my signature was on it, however, it looks as if the number of payments, the percentage rate (which is now 11.9% - unbelievable), and just about everything but my signature was whited-out and replaced with B.S.! I too, am requesting a pay-off amount, which they keep giving me the run around. Oh, here's the kicker! I called the crooked dealership for the ORIGINAL contract. They must have been working together because they've gone out of business, and only have 1 dealership still open, they informed me that everything from that particular location/dealership has been shredded!

  • Es
      11th of Mar, 2008
    0 Votes

    I Totally agree with all this below:
    AmeriCredit - Do not do business with this company
    AmeriCredit - Fraud and scam!
    AmeriCredit - Harassed me time and time again at work
    after all they charge me $244.22 on past due amounts plus $334.44 doing a total $578.66 a month for a 2004 Hundai
    if I knew it was going to be like this I would be driven my old toyota 1992. Besides I did not choose this Americredit as My creditor, this company is a very ripoff
    AmeriCredit - This company is a ripoff!
    AmeriCredit - Unfair business practices!

    I need help to get out of this, Help, help help... if there's someone out there help me!

  • Mj
      24th of Mar, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I agree that Ameri Credit seems to be taking advantage of consumers. I had an old car on it's last leg and needed something reliable. My credit wasn't great and Ameri Credit offered me a new car, so of course I was very excited! However, when I tried to call the loan officer back the day I purchased the car to clarify my interest rate and why my total cost would be about 4x the purchase price, she couldn't explain it at that time and told me that I would have to call back.

    It's now been 2 years since I've had the car, have made most payments timely, but finally got someone to tell me what my current balance is. After TWO YEARS, I have basically not paid ANYTHING into the principal! I'm at square one because of their exorbitant interest rates!! -- They say that they can't renegotiate a loan, and the economy is so tough that I can't get a loan anywhere else at this point.

    I would like to join in any class action suit because they are systematically pulling people into loans that they will never see the end of!!

    Please advise of the progress on getting a class action suit against them.


  • Do
      26th of Apr, 2009
    +1 Votes
    AmeriCredit - owing more money than what is required
    United States

    Americredit still says my husband and I owe 3500.00 after completeing all 72 payments on said loan. Now, they expect us to come up with 3500.00 or they are going to repoe my vehicle. This was on 4/24/09. I am seeking a bankruptsy lawyer. However, I also read Buck's complaint and I I have contacted him regarding the class action law suit.

  • He
      1st of Nov, 2009
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    AmeriCredit - auto loan late fees
    New York
    United States

    americredit repossessed my car for a loan that I paid off since 2006 My car is 2001 and they also have the towing company ripping you as well

  • Cp
      23rd of Jan, 2010
    0 Votes
    AmeriCredit - Predatory Car Lender
    Fort Worth
    United States

    Please do not get a car loan through Americredit. If a car dealership recommends them, please run the opposite direction. They have Payday loan interest rates on their car loans and finance overpriced cars.

  • Ta
      21st of Apr, 2010
    0 Votes
    AmeriCredit - Americredit harasses people until no end
    United States

    I agree... Americredit harasses people until no end until they get their money one or two days pass the due date even with a 30 day grace period...

  • 0 Votes

    I agree that Americredit is one of the worst companies I have ever dealt with. There are other companies similar to them like Drivetime. I believe companies like this should be run out of business. I must admit that the only reason my automobile loan was financed through them was because of bad credit. I have been 30 days late maybe once since 2006 and if they had given me a deferment that would not have happened but they refuse to give me a deferment and I considered myself to be a good customer. I don't think there is any way around these loan sharks but as a consumer try to make your payments on time and once your credit improves try and find a bank or credit union that will give you a lower interest rate for the remainder of the loan then pull out from under Americredit. It is unfortunate that Americredit and companies like them will always prey on the less fortunate. With all the laws being passed under this Administration to protect the consumer, something should be done about companies like Drivetime and Americredit.

  • Po
      6th of May, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I too would like to file a complaint against AmeriCredit. Today was the final straw with them after my 28-month stint with them. I lost my job 6-months after getting a car loan through them and it has been hell ever since.

    First, they were the only company I could get a loan through according to the dealer I purchased my car for. The interest rate was a jaw-dropping 26.9%. But I needed reliable transportation for my 1-hour daily commute to work and was making nearly $20/hr and could afford to do this, with the intention of refinancing later.

    Second, they harass their customers like crazy. Upon being late on my payment even 1 day, they begin automatically calling my house anywhere from 2 to 7 times a day insisting I speak with their reps. When I would call and speak to the reps and explain to them that I realize I'm late and I do not know when I will be able to make the payment yet, please stop harassing me - it is only depressing me further that I cannot get a job and have them rubbing my nose in it on a daily basis. I finally threatened them and told them that I sent a communication cease and desist letter, which is fully within my rights. After that, they stopped harassing me on the phone if I was late.

    Third, today they called and I was happy to be able to inform them that I recently got a part-time job and things were looking up. Not sure why, but the Rep had mentioned on the phone "You know, when you took this loan, it was for $13, 700.00.." I thought that was odd and out of obvious curiousity, I asked what the current balance was? She informed me by balance was $13, 400.00. On three different occasions I fell 2 or 3 payments behind, would luckily get a new client just in time, and pay them practically every dollar I had - anywhere from $700 up to $1000, at times. Now if anyone can explain to me what kind of math they're using to calculate that over 26 months @ ~$350 per month, how on EARTH I have only paid $300 on my loan, I would be VERY interested to hear.

    I feel like I am being financially RAPED and I do NOT know what to do. After I heard this, I demanded they come repossess the car and just leave me the hell alone. They informed me that if they do repossess the car that "they will sell it for 50 cents on the dollar of its total value, and you will be responsible for the balance". To which, I replied, I would be filing bankruptcy and they would not be seeing another cent from me.

    If anyone is going to file a class action lawsuit against these people, I would very much like to be apart of it as I am sure they have swindled me out of several thousands of dollars and are STILL going to try and stick me with a bill for close to $7, 000.

    It's companies like this that are going to cause the dismantling of our entire country. Any advise is appreciated. My name is Brent and my email is - thank you for reading.

  • Gh
      17th of May, 2010
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    My husband had this car for several years and towards the end of the loan, after having problems paying at one point or another due to loss of job or illness, we would send them sometimes 2 payments a MONTH and it showed we made no leeway whatsoever on the overall amount owed! They are as bad as Drivetime Corporation and should be put out of business. The above statement in regards to how much was owed happened to us as well. How can your purchase a car at $14k and after making payment for almost 5 years STILL OWE almost $5k on it?? We doubled up payments and each month the total NEVER WENT DOWN for the payoff! That was when we got a car from Drivetime and had this one repo'd since it was in disrepair, and had even more of a nightmarish deal with them! AVOID THEM AT ALL COSTS! After all these payments with interest configures in-SOME of the money paid should have gone towards the principal and it DOESN'T! They offered us a settlement of $1, 200 or so (I ignored it) and we demanded they give us a complete rundown of the history of our payments from day one-we never heard from them again. However, it still shows on my husband's credit report which is making it difficult to get other credit to repair the job they and DT Corp did on it.

  • Sh
      19th of May, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I couldn't agree more with everyone. Americredit should be sued over their practices. In the past I have been late a few times but always caught up quickly but starting the first day you are late you will receive 3-8 automated phone calls from them. I ended up blocking their number on my cell phone and changing my home phone number to a bogus number so that I would not have to deal with the non stop calling. Two weeks ago I lost my job. I was working as a 1099 employee which basically means you are considered self employed. What this means is that I am ineligible for unemployment benefits. Being responsible, I contacted Americredit to find out if they would defer payments for a short time while I look for work. They told me that they do not offer deferments and that they have no programs set up for people in my circumstances. I do not know how in these economical times they could not offer some solutions to help people. It would be in their best interest to defer payments for several months to give the person time to find employment and resume their loans, but instead they are more than happy to put you into collections and then possibly reposes your vehicle. This company should be put out of business.

  • Te
      25th of May, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Is it too late to be included on this law suit?

  • Te
      25th of May, 2010
    +1 Votes

    It it too late to be included on this law suit? Americredit says I owe them 2 more car payments, and then anx extra $3000 on top of that. So far I have 58 or 60 payments made. They said I made 3 deferments of 2 months, so I should have added 6 months to the loan period (not 6 extra payments). According to when I was suppose to end my loan, I am currenly still paying 7 months later and I still have 2 more payments to make. After these next 2 payments are made, I will have 63 months of actual payments, so what happened to the extra 3 months of payments and why do I have an extra $3000 that I owe if my contract specifically states exactly how much I pay in interest and exactly how much I will pay in principal. I can see paying a little extra for the 6 months that I got deferred, but $3000 additional in interest. It doesn't make sense. I asked for a copy of my contract. It is teeny tiny and all of the important tiny print that I want to read, like the "if you pay late part, " is all fuzzy or looks like it was erased. I need help here. I am being frauded.

  • Gl
      22nd of Jul, 2010
    0 Votes

    you should seek legal advice. I have Americredit and I talked to my Attorney Generals office. Now everystate is different.But they are a predatory lender and now I am seeking legal representation to go after these [censor]. Yes I pay my car and they dont have extensions like most reputable companies. I am going with the duress path. Needed a car and they agreed to finance it. But also I record my calls to people like americredit, orchard bank(another [censor] lender) So save your self a headache. Check your laws some states do not require you notify the party of taped conversations. And here in ill it is a misdeameanor. ANd believe me I have taped enough of these [censor] to fill a documemtary. Be safe check the law and if it is only a misdeameanor then do it. It may not be admissible in court but you cna always sway someones mind with proof legal or not. Good luck

  • Rc
      10th of Aug, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I hate Americredit with a purple passion. If the class action lawsuit goes into effect, please count me in!!! RCA

  • Rc
      10th of Aug, 2010
    +1 Votes

    This company should be taken out of business for the terrible service and unethical practices. It is a shame that people who are trying to improve their credit have to deal with companies like this.

  • Cm
      23rd of Aug, 2010
    0 Votes

    I too would like to be a apart of a class action law suit with Americredit. Really, just combine what everyone else is saying and you've then heard my story too. Also, with me, they have been extremely verbally abusive with me, along with the games they are playing. Serious games they play with me. Telling me one thing, having it be another, BAM they win and get more money from me because they won’t fess up to what they originally told me. They run circles around my head. They will automatically argue with me before I can even get a word out. They have attacked me personally with verbal abuse, all the while demanding all my money. I sent them money through money gram two weeks ago. I called them with a confirmation code. They are now telling me I did not send them money, that they never recieved it! I have had more anxiety dealing with them than I ever have had in my life.

  • De
      30th of Aug, 2010
    0 Votes

    are you saying that you paid this vehicle off and then they came back with extra charges that they are repoing your vehicle for! That scares me I just paid mine off in April but have the paperwork from them, someone tries to steal it I guess they will get more then Americredit can get them out of! File a police report! Grand Theft Auto!

  • Rp
      26th of Sep, 2010
    0 Votes

    I would like to get involved if not to late as well. We bought a 2004 trailblazer and just came upon our maturity date of 4/1/10. Due to health issues over the years we used the payment extensions, I think there were 7 of them and they would be put at the end of the loan. I was under the impression we would have 7 more months to pay, which would take until November. In june they said we owed over 9000.00 and have paid down to 6000, but they wont this balance within 30 days. I dont know what happened to the interest we paid when doing the extensions, or why this large amount. I was told if not paid by Octo ber 13, they would charge off and repo my car. After paying on a 30, 000 car for this long and if I am short? I dont think their tactis are legal as they dont seem to add up.

  • As
      7th of Oct, 2010
    0 Votes

    Me too I was two months behind and I sent them an email advising of my intent after they have called numbers I have told them not to call as per the owner of the number and receiving anywhere from 5 to 9 calls from 8am until 9pm everyday and they have called me at work where they were advised I was not allowed to get calls and called anyway. After sending the email I was met with a tow truck this evening coming to repo the vehicle. I too want in on the lawsuit I have been harassed enough by them and have no help whatso ever.

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