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AmeriCredit / Terrible experience

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I paid my car off a year early; payoff ended in a $0 balance. Americredit reported to the credit bureau that I was late making two payments. This was done after the vehicle was paid off. I didn't find this out until I went to purchase a new vehicle. When I called, I was not given an explanation as to why this had happened.

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      22nd of Sep, 2009
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    I worked for AmeriCredit Financial for 2 years and this was the worst experience I have ever encountered. I recieved annual reviews showing that I was doing what they call a standard demand. Which is a senseless group of questions and the demand that we request a check from the customer even if we have spoken to the customer earlier that day. If the customer calls and ask for a specific person they are harrassed with this standard demand and we were told to call the neighbors, family and friends to locate a customer. I was harrassed by management and my piers were saying how bad they felt about the harrassment they were doing. However noone would come forward and be a witness due to fear of loosing their job. I had one lady that sat beside me and was very upset because she could not stop the harrassment that was going on. She needless to say went to management and voiced her opinion which made it worst for me. She was told to basically mind her business and not to get involved. I had training meeting to go to and I voiced my opinion and was punished for voicing my opinion. I and another employee team member were scheduled for this "training meeting ". The meeting was a complete joke. The training contradicted what was taught by the supervisor. Just to give another example of the many harrassments. My supervisor was out one day and there is a daily calendar that some of the supervisors were giving to there employees. I requested one from that particular supervisor since my supervisor never gave this sheet. There was a team member that hung out with the supervisor and the management team. This employee lied to my supervisor and said I spoke down about him and stated I he was not giving proper documents. It was at this point that the harrassment really became worst. My supervisor stated that I was not making enough calls to the references and that I was staying on the line too long after each call. I previously told my supervisor my issues with the computer and he ignored the fact that I along with others had issues with the system. I can go on and on about the things they did to me but that still does not count for the horrible way they taunted me after finding out some of my personal information. I shared with Human Resources the fact that I was previously homeless and I would do anything to keep my job. That was the wrong thing to do they really wanted to see the same thing happen to me again. They not only fired me for unexplained reasons but also tried to fight me and block my unemployment. Needless to say that did not work. God is with me and I can truly say I feel sorry for that emotionless management team.

    Americredit I came to that place with great hope and ambitions to move forward in your company only to find I was not willing to do what it took to be a part of the management team. When I say not doing enough I mean I was not treating customers and piers like they meant nothing.

    One thing I always say is treat people the way you want to be treated and you will go a long way. I gave my all to this company. I left with my pride and yet they will always be known as the company that rips off customers and treats their employees terribly.

    This company should not be allowed to treat their employess so cruel. I recieved many comments from customers stating how pleased they were with my attitude. I even recieved a thank you card from one of the customers. To make matters worst I recieved a call from a customer the day before they decided to fire me. I have never had such cruel treatment from an employer. They are very vendictive and I wish something could be done about the way they treat both customers and employees.

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      9th of Mar, 2011
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    I agree that they are heartless. Yes, I was behind on my payments, and I set up a payment to come out on 2/25/2011, and again on 3/4/2011. I received their Western Union snail mail on March 7th that they were taking the amount out on 2/25/2011 and it included a reference number. However I did not read this snail mail until the early AM of 3/8.

    WHY? I was invited to my parents for a week get away (Free of charge... just a little getaway for me and the family as we recently had a loss and we all just needed to get away after a long stressful time) I left 2/26 and returned home 3/7 (around 11pm ish)

    The next morning after arriving home I went through my mail. The Western Union letter stated they will have taken the first payment of said amount on 2/25. I did not have the receipt yet for the 3/4 payment and assumed I should get receipt within a week.

    March 9th I wake up and BAM the car was gone. I run for my Western Union and then go to the computer to log into my bank account and it shows NO transaction attempts at all from them on those dates. There was more than enough to cover both payments on the 2/25 and on 3/4 ... so what was the problem? I had to start my research. This is what I found.

    I reviewed the paper some more to see that they made a major clerical error. The loan is in my husbands name. The bank account that was to make the payment was in my name. I can see the Western Union was addressed to my husband and it was indeed the correct address. However, there was a problem... his name was INCORRECT... they had his middle initial as L. (this information is IMPORTANT... My middle initial is L and we both have the same last name)

    So, lets just say my husbands name is
    John J. Doe and my name is Jane L. Doe
    The receipt was addressed to John L. Doe (same middle initial as mine and same last name) This triggered me to realize they must have had the payments DECLINED due to a name mix up. The routing number was correct, the account number was correct, the mailing address was correct, the middle initial was correct, the last name was correct, BUT THE FIRST NAME WAS INCORRECT and that is what caused my bank to DECLINE the transactions!
    The funny thing is when we set up these payments the woman on the phone VERIFIED all the information with me and with my husband.
    I quickly called the main number and explained to them that I think there was an error when processing payment. I spoke to "Kathy" whom was kind but then later became very nasty and insisted the error was ours and it was impossible that it was their error. I told her I have balance by dates and it clearly shows there was MORE than enough to cover all payments and then some. She insisted that they had the correct name and bank information. I said to her are you saying we had insufficient funds? She said I am not saying anything other than it was not a clerical error. I said we will see about that. She gave me a number to call the reinstatement dept.

    It was a CLERICAL error! I am so certain of this because I have the paper that shows it!

    I called the resinstatement dept, but it seems to not take calls once the car has been repossessed but they do however ask you for your information and they call you back. So I called my bank and again to ask them to confirm with me that if the name is incorrect will it not allow the transaction EVEN with the correct routing and account number? He said NO it will not, and they said there is no evidence of them trying the transaction because the system pushed them out.

    So I called another number for Americredit as I wanted to get to the bottom of this and spoke to a "Steven". This rep himself said he could CLEARLY see the mistake and he felt confident that when I speak to the reinstatement dept they would see it too. He put me through and of course I had to leave my name, number and they would call me back.

    The call came in later and it was a rep named "Jeff". He almost sounded like he understood and he himself could see what happened, but he had to put me on hold to speak to his supervisor.. I was on hold for about four minutes. Once he got back his tone changed with me and was insisting that the error was not theirs it was ours.

    It was then where they really couldn't prove that it was not their error so I believe they went onto the next way they were going to prove it was my fault. That is when he went on that they tried to contact us a few times to let us know there was a problem (I was like okay so you're saying that there was a clerical error then?) well big mistake because now he was getting mad at me. He said since we did not call them back they put the car in repossession.

    I said no, we did not get back to you because
    1. we were out of state for just over 10 days
    2. We made arrangements prior to leaving!
    3. Any messages they left would have no gotten to us until our return home
    4. No snail mail stating there was a problem
    5. The funds in my account at that time wouldn't even have shown a dent after they took the money out so NO I didn't notice anything.

    Just to help you all understand that I use MagicJack it is a computer phone, so my phone was actually offline and I could not get any messages (no Internet) and I wouldn't have gotten the messages until I got home anyway! I would have to turn on my computer, and go to my email to see the messages. Like I said I wasn't expecting any problems so I didn't look! Everyone that is important to us knows my husbands cell phone number and can always reach us at my parents.

    Trust me if we had known we would have DONE SOMETHING About it immediately.

    Originally when I called the first guy "Jeff" said we will have you just pay the payments you promised, any late fees, and unfortunately you'll have to pay the repossession fees. This amount was well over what we had originally set up so I was getting very upset. I ask to speak to his supervisor with hopes someone would have a heart there and be a bit more understanding. Boy was I wrong to even think someone in that company has an ounce of kindness in them. It was then I asked to speak to the supervisor as they may have more information to explain to me why this all happened. First just let me say that ...The Supervisor GARY is just pure evil and he was upset with me so he went out of his way to personally attack me by adding more to the case... I can tell he did because normally a rep will give you a list of things you have to do.. this Gary was giving me things at random times... he was doing it out a spite! Here is what he did.

    I waited from 10:45am to 1:49PM. The call finally came in. The Supervisors name is "GARY" and immediately from the word hello he was patronizing me due to his belief of superiority over me and the situation. He would sit there in silence as if I was bothering him. I asked him to please give me more information on why payment did not go through. I was honestly just looking for some sort of admittance on their part that this clerical error is what essentially caused this mess. He refused to say it wasn't due to non-sufficient funds and he was definitely not going to say it was due to their own clerical error. He would not say it was their mistake no matter what. I explained to him that I do not understand how this could have happened because when setting up the payments I confirmed with the woman on the phone EVERYTHING and all was well, but he said "obviously not".

    Then I said Okay, can you please explain to me again what this amount/total includes? I was going to ask them if they could remove this months car payment that was NOT due until the 25th anyway... but he wouldn't budge. I was getting very upset at this point. So at this point all we had to do was get the payment up to par, and he would give the release number. However, because I was asking for more information as to how this happened and its clearly showing it was a name error ... He hesitated for a few seconds (like he kept doing) then said we need proof of employment. When he said that I about went through the roof. I know he was doing this because he was annoyed with me. Then after I said okay I can do that .. he then said NO I want a letter faxed over from the human resources dept. I was like you've got to be kidding me... Okay, I can get that... no problem. I said I find it odd it was never mentioned throughout the day or I WOULD HAVE ALREADY worked on that while I was waiting for his call! He said oh, and I need proof of insurance too. I said WHAT? You have it ... on my current bill from you it says there in black and white that you were thanking us for keeping current on our insurance coverage. He said no sorry... I said sorry for what? He knew I was getting seriously upset at this point. I said OKAY DONE, He said DONE? You already faxed it. I said How could I have already faxed it when I just was told not only 30 seconds ago that you wanted it... I meant DONE I"LL GET IT DONE (common saying) so I said... but where do I fax it... I said I'm writing it all down and yes I did get huffy at some points, but I was only reacting to what he was pushing out onto me. That is when he said OH, and this all needs to be done within two hours. I was like WHAT??? He said yes because I wont be here after 3:30. I said so if I get this information to you by then I can get the release number? He said yes after we determine if we still want you to have the loan or not? I was like WHAT? Now, we have to be approved again after having the car for four years? That is when he said Oh, and I want four NEW references that we can contact! That is when I said "Oh, now all of a sudden you adding to this list ... four new references?" He said I'm done talking to you and he hung up on me.

    You could clearly tell he was making this difficult and was hanging their clerical mistake over me. I am at a loss and thinking of contacting Consumer affairs (FTC) to seek advice and help.

    My bank confirmed that if Americredit tried to put the payment through with the correct routing number and the correct account number, BUT if the name was incorrect it would NOT go through. They have done this with us MANY TIMES in the past... we call, we set up payment, it goes through and all is fine. This time THEY SCREWED UP!

    So essentially I can pay the amount ... not a problem, but them making this very difficult is just pathetic when it was all done in THEIR ERROR.

    Has anyone else had this problem. I am curious? Before anyone starts saying if you made your payments on time this wouldn't happen. Well, unfortunately where we live you only work 8-9 months out of the year and YES I did get backed up around January... so be it... but it happens not everyone is as lucky to have funds coming in to cover all bills. Some of us just didn't get that wonderful job or college education to give us a high paying job. So chill out on the comments about that... its simple we fell behind, we made good, and due to clerical error on their part and because we were not aware of it (only 7 business days) it caused us this headache. I will NEVER ever have anything nice to say about Americredit, and I think hearing from a past employee of this company only proves that they set out to be difficult and do not work well with you. I also wonder if this Gary was one of the people that harassed you!

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