American Swissappalling customer service and a bad attitude

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I got the most appalling service at American Swiss Alberton City Mall on 06.05.2017 and to make matters worse, it was the second time, they were doing this to me. Their service is absolute **** and that is putting it mildly. I was there Saturday morning, wanting to pay and take my lay-bye before I quickly rush to work and they open at nine, I was there earlier than nine and patiently waited for them to open but then the clock hit 9 o'clock and they did not open. Five minutes later, I knocked on the door and the lady... I believe she is a supervisor or manager shouted at me to go and pay at Fochini and left me without a chance to respond. I knocked again and again she shouted and said go to Fochini. I shouted back and said I'm here to get my lay-bye. They finally opened the door and letted me in and totally ignored me completely and they carried on preparing and cleaning the shop like I was not there, I had to ask them to assist me. That is just horrible service and totally unacceptable. The way I was treated is disgusting. That is not customer service, you

May 08, 2017
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      Jun 05, 2017

    I had the same experience at the Alberton City branch. And all they do is say sorry. They do not care about their customers.

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