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American Spirit Arms / horrible management bad quality

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I worked for this company for a short period of time. Management as well as the owner constantly talked about drugs and partying. I was never asked for identification or proof of citizenship when hired. There is no Quality Control person and machinist who manufacture the parts tend to pencil in numbers on inspection logs so it appears the parts meet customer specs. The Pay is extremely low and the owner treats employees as if he owns them. Horrible experience and feel bad for anyone who is unfortunate enough to work for this company!

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  • Ta
      25th of Apr, 2012

    Couldn't agree more with the person whom posted the complaint. The owner of American spirit arms Joe is a complete jerk! The sales staff suckered me into buying one of their " fine quality firearms". I put maybe twenty rounds through it and now it jams every five maybe six shots. Only response I received from American spirit arms was a email from Joe stating the defect must be due to something I had personally caused. I will never recommend anyone to this company!

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  • Ae
      5th of Jul, 2012

    I purchased an AR-15 postol and have had nothing but issues. I have taken it in several time and still when I take it out I have nothing but issues and gams. What good is an AR that cannot shoot 30 rounds without a gam. They cleaned it said they fixed it told me I could use only one brand of Amo and even then on round 41 on second mag a gam.

    Poor Quality

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  • Mb
      19th of Mar, 2013

    i have also had a bad experience with them, still dealing with it.
    placed and order in January, a month later I still hadn't received it. I call, and ask when I can expect to actually have the merchandise. They say they don't know, I press for an answer and they say the earliest another 3 weeks. I decide to cancel my order. I ask for a cancellation number, they say it doesn't exist, i then ask for an email confirming I cancel, still refuses. I call again, this time the rep says he will email me right away. Doesn't happen in the next couple of days. I call again and tell the rep I will call back immediately to speak to a manager if I don't receive an email shortly, I get the email. Also none of these employees could give me any sort of time frame of when i could expect my refund, which is simply idiotic. Its been about three weeks, still haven't got my refund. I spoke to a manager today, and she says I should receive a refund within a couple of days.

    Lesson, do not buy anything from them. you are wasting your time, and tying up your money.

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  • Ro
      11th of Oct, 2014

    This company sucks, they state "In stock and ready to ship" and i waited almost 2 months, they charge 24 bucks for ups shipping then screw you and send it in a 5.95 usps box. i hope someone starts a civil or class action lawsuit against them, i will be happy to join. they are all a bunch of ### at american spirit arms

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  • Sh
      16th of May, 2015

    This company will rip you off they have owed me $1836 refund for 2yr now. The new owner said it's not her problem. If she had to pay off everyone ASA owes she would go broke. Real sad company I will never do business with them and I will tell all my customers about this issue.

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  • Wa
      30th of Apr, 2016

    Please be aware that ASA - American Spirit Arms, is the worst company I have ever dealt with. I had pre-ordered in Jan one of their new products (DPMS type Lr308) coming out back in February. I got it on February 10th. Great! But it was made out of spec. I emailed ASA and they said yes it's out of spec and a replacement was being made but it would be 4-6 weeks. It's now 10 weeks and I have tried email and calling but just keep getting told that the parts are made but out for anodizing with NO eta of when I will get a replacement. Even the new owner/Ceo (Phil T******) said he would look into the matter and call me directly the next day. That was 8 days ago. At this point in time I do not expect to get a replacement and I think I want the bad piece I have as a reminder to never buy from ASA again. Also to show others in the market so they can avoid ASA as well. As a customer I feel like they don't care about you, just your money. Please also know that their web site inventory is not live or accurate as it is rarely updated. A quick search online you will find that ASA is known for their customer service and not in a good way.

    Update, I emailed Phil after 8 days of no call and this is what I said...

    Don't bother calling! Now because of you, I don't care if a replacement comes or not. I'm keeping this one to show off to all, that your company screwed up and did not care enough to fix it. It's been 10 weeks now with no eta and from what Brandi said ( it's the anodizers fault ). I was told way way back in mid February that it would be 4-6 weeks. 10 weeks later still nothing. You were going to look into this"unfortunate incident" and you were going to call within 24 hr. is what you said 8 days ago. In eight days you could not find the time to type 'family emergency, call when I can' and then hit send?

    I would like to see everyone at the next Shot Show, I would be the one in front of the ASA booth with the flat board sign that would read "Don't buy from ASA! Ask me why?" It's a little dream of mine. Just thinking about it puts a smile on my face.

    Let me be clear. I do not want a refund for the out of spec receiver. I do not want an exchange for the out of spec receiver. The out of spec receiver that is in my possession is not for sale. Should a replacement be sent out, the out of spec receiver will not be returned. It is mine and it will serve as a reminder to me to never trust your company again.

    Good day sir.

    His reply said...

    This is my fault pure and simple. I am very sorry that I dropped the ball which I surely would believe your response would be and rightfully so, typical.

    You are an unfortunate recipient of Murphy's Law on my end of the world affecting our new product release/fix. For your loss of time, extreme aggravation and lack of use of your firearm I am truly sorry again. I have discussed the situation with our folks in production and unfortunately it is still a number of weeks until the part is ready to ship to you in the proper condition.

    As I said above I can understand your extreme frustration. I will make this right for you. With all of the things we are trying to do right, this is my black eye and for that my apology. Don't blame you for keeping the old part. I look forward to meeting you at shot show so I can apologize in person.

    Phil Tomczyk
    American Spirit Arms'

    Let me be clear. I really like their side charge upper but I refuse to buy from them ever again. Phil is the new new new owner. ASA has a BBB rating of D+. ASA needs to learn customer service from MasDefense, one of the best I've dealt with.

    Everyone else can make up Their own minds.

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  • Di
      27th of Jun, 2016

    I bought an ASA AR15 and after two hundred rounds it began to jam. It now jams every 5 to 6 rounds. I will never buy another ASA gun of any kind and I certainly don't recommend them to anyone else.

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