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I would like to request a refund for service received on 7/6/2016, Case # [protected]. My dog swallowed one of my blood pressures meds, containing amplodipine and benazipril. (generic Norvasc). I called within 30 minutes of the ingestion, after carefully checking to see if I could find any remains of the med. which I could not. These are fast acting meds, therefore the window for therapeutic intervention is only 1 hour or so according to the literature. I was put on hold for extensive wait times on several occasions and disconnected once and had to call back. By the time they came up with a recommendation to make the dog vomit with a home-made peroxide solution, which was about 35 minutes after the initial call, and over an hour after the ingestion occurred, it was too late for induced vomiting to be effective. The admin. told me to take my dog to the vet, where the vet would either induce vomiting or administer some other undisclosed treatment. I questioned why paying an emergency vet a few hundred bucks to induce vomiting after the window of opportunity had passed would be worthwhile. To cover their ###, she suggested the vet might give some other undisclosed treatment. After an extensive search of the literature on potential effects of overdoses of these drugs, I determined that it would be highly unlikely that this dose would cause serious short or long term damage to my dog. As a former scientist and BD rep. with practical training in veterinary toxicology, I determined based on available literature on the web, that the risk of not taking the pet to the vet did not outweigh the exorbitant fees charged by Pet Emergency hospitals, who may/may not have been able to do anything besides hydrating the dog, which we did ourselves. BTW, the dog showed no symptoms except some fatigue. I paid the ASPCA a $65 fee, which I believe wasn't earned, due to their extreme slowness in reacting to an emergency situation and their questionable recommendation to visit a pet emergency hospital.

Jul 06, 2016

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