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Florida, NY, United States
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This company is a SHAM, stay far away. Being in Texas the weather is horrendously hot. So I recently had an issue with my AC Unit not cooling below 85 degrees inside the home. I have an elderly parent staying with me so I needed the air fixed immediately. I called the emergency line three days straight left message after message. I finally get someone after the third day of attempts, but this individual can’t tell me about any contractors in my area because that takes 48hrs to search and see has a four page booklet that I cannot have access too. Mind you these contractor would be someone that I still would have to call to schedule an appointment with, wasting even more time in the hot home. So I assume that almost a week of no air while temperatures are averaging 100 degrees is fine work for this company. As the only and responsible resort I took it upon myself to look for a same day technician in my area to come over and see if there was anything that could be done in such short notice. The technician noted that Freon was low and that coil and TXV will need servicing. I advised the tech what could be done now since my elderly parent is here and the heat is sweltering. Freon filling was the cheaper of the repairs, (8lbs low) and me figuring I have warranty, I'll just call and have them reimburse me for the Freon and pay my deductible for the coils and TXV repair. O NO that is not the case. The customer service from the phone rep to the manager is void of compassion, personality and humanity. Each rep that I spoke with during my 3 hour hold yesterday had different answers, each had no compassion for the plight of no air conditioning for a valued customer and I finally got a manager via chat (on hour 2.5), He stated no need to talk to me, that my claims was denied for reimbursement because my platinum Premier warranty doesn't cover Freon, Coils or TXV. But if you service an air conditioning unit do you not replace or replenish Freon? If you are thinking about this company don’t. Spend that 500 on lottery you'll have better luck.

Aug 09, 2016

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