[Resolved] American Red Cross / refused cna testing

Sacramento, CA, United States

My son went to take his CNA skills test at the Sacramento Red Cross location and they told him he could not take it because his "cough sounded contagious". It sounds just like someone who has allergies. He was born at 26 weeks, he has asthma, allergies, and the air is heavy with smoke. He was just at the Dr. and got steroids to help his lungs work, he is not sick. They refused his use of a mask (which is common in nursing if someone IS actually sick) or calling his Dr. to verify. We pay to take these tests and now we will get charged again to reschedule when it is not even his fault? Completely unacceptable.

  • Resolution statement

    This has been resolved. It seems that I was probably lied to about the happenings that day. I don't care to dig further into it.

Aug 26, 2016

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