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I had made inquiries about selling my time share and had been contacted by several marketing companies who all wanted an up-front payment with no guaranty of a sale. I was first contacted by 'Joe' at AMG who asked if I was still interested in selling my time share. I told him I was.

I was then contacted by 'John' who said they had a prospective buyer who had put down a deposit and was willing to pay $3.25 a point. I told him my minimum was $4 a point. John called back to say he had good news that the buyer was willing to go to $4. I asked him to e-mail his contract which he did.

I then got a call from 'Anthony' who asked if I had any questions about the contract and he responded to the question I asked about a fee refund but his response didn't make sense. I told Anthony I wanted an e-mail which represented they had a willing and able buyer at $4 a point [which would be $60, 000] and a list of all the fees I would have to pay. Anthony said: 'Can you hold a minute buddy' and that was the last I heard of him.

I tried to call Anthony back on the number shown on my cell phone, [protected], and got a message the is was not in service. I found it difficult to believe they had a buyer at $4 a pont since there are ads on other web sites at much less.

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  • Sc
      Aug 25, 2009

    As much as I want to believe in the goodness of people, AMG got me and disappeared. Never trust any timeshare reseller

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  • Bb
      Sep 13, 2009

    A man, "John Conway" of American Marketing Group. located in Palm Beach Gardens, FLA, called (don't know how he got my name or info) and said had a buyer for two of my timeshares for a price of $35, 700! He said "all the paperwork" would be done in 60-70 days. For a fee of $900.00 from me, he could get this done.
    Yeh, right! He didn't even know where my timeshares are located or where he got my name from.

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  • Da
      Sep 15, 2009

    Excellent! I have received a number of call from this group claiming to have buyers, cash-in-hand, already qualified! I didn't believe it then...I certainly don't believe it now!

    Thanks for your comments!

    Tony C.

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  • St
      Sep 16, 2009

    My Husband and I wanted to rent out some of our timeshare and we got a call from Joe and his wife Michelle (one did the selling of the property and the other did the renting of the property). We were told that if we give them $999.00 that they would rent out our timeshare for that one time fee for life. They said that they would need 8, 500 points and that in turn would make us 2, 400 dollars. We have not heard from them since. So watch out!!!

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  • Sb
      Oct 01, 2009

    I totally agree. I have been taken in several times and probably lost thousands of dollars, never to see it again.

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  • Rd
      Oct 02, 2009

    Thanks a lot!!! for all these reviews, right now they are in the process of reeling me in but I stick

    by the same rule, at all times (Grandfather taught me) First anyone that wants money upfront is

    fake most times because he/she wants to take your money and run and Secondly if there was that

    much money gto be made why would they really worry about getting the little sum, upfront

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  • Br
      Oct 21, 2009

    I agree, I have yet to hear from this company after 4 months and they have taken $1100 Visa credit from me to sell my time share. I continue getting several calls from different marketing groups who claim they can sell my time share as well. I wondor if my credit card company can assist me on getting these funds back?

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  • Br
      Oct 21, 2009

    I too have had the American Marketing Group promise sales of my timeshare, and have offered them $1100 through my Visa. It has been 4 months and still nothing from them, no contacts etc. and no refund after 3months as they promised. I wondor if my credit card company can assist me with this? I continue getting calls from three other groups promising me the same thing.. to sell my timeshare with an escrow account I place money into. Theres too many scams going on like this.

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  • Th
      Oct 22, 2009

    We bought a timeshare and then soon realized that we did not need it nor want it. We contacted AMG and they talked to my husband and reassured him that he would have it sold in 120 max or he would refund our $1798 that I learned he, "Matt", told my husband it would cost to sell it. We have heard nothing and no one answers the customer service line. We have since contacted the better business bureau, the Attorney General of Florida, and now a lawyer. They are a fraudulent company. My advice is always research a company and when they ask for this high amount of money run and don't look back.

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  • Ch
      Oct 23, 2009

    BE WARNED THIS COMPANY IS A SCAM!!! DO NOT DEAL WITH THEM OR PAY THEIR $1298.00 FEE!!! The only thing AMG follows through on is to bill your credit card for an excessive fee & give excuse after excuse. Here is what is happening to my fiance & I...
    Andreas (sales rep) called several times saying it was imperative we call him back as he indicated he had a buyer for our property. Andreas even went so far to say he had already flown the buyer to view our property & insisted the buyer wanted to buy it right away. Andreas also told us he wouldn't have approached us unless he had a buyer!! Andreas then told us the buyer had to pay a $3K fee to AMG to secure the deal. Andreas lead us to believe the buyer had to get financing & we would see our cheque for our agreed asking price of $16K. Andreas also told us the deal would close within 60 days & no more than 120 days! AMG's customer service went through all of the details by phone & said we would receive our cheque by August 17. We agreed & AMG sent us a contract by FedX that we signed, dated & returned by AMG's specified date (June 6). We believed AMG & had them bill our credit card for their fee. It's October 23 & we have NOT received our money & are now getting nothing but a run around from AMG!!! AMG has told us the buyer has poor credit & the financing company asked the buyer to put an additional 10% down which was over 2 months ago. We were never informed what was happening with our so called deal. We have continued to follow-up each week since August 17 & on & on the lies & excuses go.
    Take the time to research these timeshare marketing companies. Each one has a slightly different approach from the next. However, the result is the same with all of them. You pay a fee, you wait & continually follow-up, they don't call back, they give you a run around, they close up shop & open up under a different name only to start the scam all over again.
    Whatever happened to the real commission get your fee WHEN the timeshare sells, NOT before. That's how this is a scam.

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  • Hd
      Nov 10, 2009

    I filed complaint with the Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services. I got a call from AMG saying there is an offer for less than what I asked for. I agreed to give them another chance. The next thing I know, AMG responded to the authorities that "customer still willing to work", never mentioning any offer... I'm starting to think it is another fake offer...

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  • Lr
      Nov 16, 2009

    I too have been taken by this company for $1700. They have been leading me on for almost 6 months and now I find out that the buyer has failed to pay their money and my money is not refundable. I remember Anthony telling me it would be no problem getting my money back if it didn't sell within 120 days. I would bet my life that there was never a buyer and these guys are scamming the pants off people on a daily basis. I feel so stupid, but I guess I am nnt the only one they have done this to.

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  • Lb
      Dec 01, 2009
    American Marketing Group - Being scammed
    United States

    Since we were scammed by this place we have been receiving many calls upping the offers and some of them wanting less can we get back at these *#!^

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  • Be
      Dec 22, 2009


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  • Re
      Jun 07, 2010

    I recievied false information stating that marketing group match with approximately 3 months. 7/10/2009 Representive said we are on final step waiting on owner to send paperwork. Called on 7/13/2009 buyers had errors on the paperwork. Called 7/30/2009 waiting on corrections from buyers. On 8/5/2009 waiting on financing. I called on 8/10/2009 still waiting. Called 9/16/2009 Waiting on deposit by buyers. I called on 10-12-2009 represtative said waiting on 5% down. Called 11/25/2009 still waiting on 5% down. I tried to send my proof but it said THE PHOTO IS TOO LARGE. THE MAX SIZE IS 2 MB

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  • Ef
      Apr 15, 2015

    I got a call from Lance Wilkins stating they had a buyer for our property. He said they had a buyer with an asking price of 76, 000.00. They told me I had to pay an upfront fee of 2850.00 for title search and closing costs. After the payment I was unable to reach him as well as the company. After researching it more its only a bunch of thieves living the good life from what I heard. DO NOT GIVE THEM ANYTHING!!! Scammers

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