American Income Life Company / Interview process

Mansfield, United States

Not sure if this is a compliant or not guess more of what I have experienced from them. I have yet to be hired and have a third interview coming up. I responded to an ad on craigslist for customer service dealing with benefits for union members, I emailed my resume to them on a Thursday and heard back by Monday morning though missed the call. After calling them back it went to voice mail that they hadn't set up. I left them a message and didn't hear back again till 7 pm Tuesday, after a brief chat five minutes tops they said they wanted to bring me in for an interview on Thursday. The interview on Thursday was more a quick meet and greet followed by a power point show of who they are and what they stand for. We were also given two questionnaires to fill out which seemed basic for a position starting out that high. We were told that it started out as 55k a year and if selected we would have to take a license test which fee they didn't cover and that they offered training for the test online at 95.00 and in person class for 130ish. I work two jobs 32 hours plus at each so was excited when I got a call for the third interview( which I havn't had yet). After my nerves and excitement calmed down me and my girlfriend looked them up more. was mixed saying 56% rating on suggesting it to a friend. Though here it seems to be more negative. I have no complaints with them yet more just detailing what seemed to be a pattern here.
1 My group in the second interview was very mixed some old some young like myself
2 the person who initially contacted me wasn't listed as a manager or even recognized on the branch site
3 his call times and voice mail where odd, one would think that if hiring new people you would be more professional with phone call and voice mail.
4 was called back despite having any management experience

5 Questionnaires seemed random and asked how much you make which in hind sight seems pointless for them to know.
I don't know where to stand on them they seemed like a good company on first glance but after looking them up it seems sketchy

Feb 22, 2014

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