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American Income Life / Scam and cheating!

5457 Twin Knolls Rd.Columbia, MD, United States Review updated:
I was an employee of this company who relies on the inexperience of new agents to run this scam on union members and their friends (family). Many of the agents truly believe that they are helping out union members due to the fact that they themselves have been brainwashed. The objective is to get as many sales as possible regardless of what means they need to use. The agents will lie to the union members on the phone in order to book the appointments, and if they miscalculate the costs of a policy, they will simply leave products promised to them off of the policy. Though it is unethical, they will encourage people to drop their other policies for American Incomes more expensive policy. And when they are unsure of facts they make them up, including scaring people into believing that they will not have enough money for burial. The agents also sell products to people without making them aware of the fact that the products will change or drop off at a certain age. And falsely advising them on policies that they are unfamiliar with.

After doing my research I could no longer sell the product. I just wish I could encourage all the union members to be cautious!


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  11th of Mar, 2008
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My judgement on this company: TOTAL SCAM
Here is why:
I received the standard "We received/saw your resume ..." email.

Here's the kicker -- the Email was from "CHRIS HERNANDEZ" (so the header said). The header also showed his email to be "Recruiting.ail.2.10395.54312809l@americanincome.jobs"

Ok, that was strange, why would the returning email address be all weird -- like it should be something like XXXX@americanincom.com, or XXX@AIL.com or anything the resembles the company name and a dot com.

More kicking -- the signature at the bottom -- Mike Smith? Whoops, somebody forgot to change something. Although he did list a phone number (which is in the directory, and did point to a legitimate address) why didn't he put "his" email in the letter.

Ok, and now to beat this dead horse even more, the bottom of the email, the standard "If you don't want our spam" statement:

Click here to unsubscribe from further communication regarding job opportunities at American Income Life Insurance Company. Please allow two to three business days for the removal process of your E-mail address to be complete. American Income Life Insurance Company, 1200 Wooded Acres, Waco, TX 76710.

Privacy Policy Abuse@tmkrms.com postmaster@tmkrms.com

The click here goes to a website that supposedly takes your name OFF a spamming list (where as in my experience, ADDs your name to a spamming list).

The remaining links kick you off into tmkrms.com sites -- the kind of sites that bubbas who are trying to work a work-at-home scam set up to make their $$$.

If this is a company that is as great as they say they are, why are their HR folks using fly-by-night web servers instead of using their own state-of-the-art servers designed to reach those persons in their target markets -- both for customers and employment prospects?

Nope, the email should be a dead giveaway that this is a scam, and is provided on this site for those not "in-the-know" regarding email and other internet communication protocols and syntax.
  6th of Apr, 2008
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American Income Life / National Income Life encourages all complaints to be addressed by email to: jmsvacina@ailife.com
  1st of May, 2008
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I just got this last night! The name was "Recruiting.ail" with a set of different numbers, like Phil described. (Thank you, Phil!) And it was signed by Roger Smith.

Even if they stopped this guy, another will pop up to take his place, unfortunately. It's a shame that these kinds of individuals (they are less than human beings as far as I'm concerned) prey on people who are just trying to make a decent living.

Thanks again, everyone. And good luck!
  7th of May, 2008
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This is definitely true. I joined this company in 2001. It only took me two weeks to realize that they were scamming both their employees as well as the union members.

One time, AIL told us to ask for donations of canned goods from the union members we prospected. AIL said that we were doing it for other union members that were in dire straits. This was a great idea except for that fact that all the donations were left in our office! AIL never intended to distribute the food. It was just one way to convince union members that AIL cared and that it wasn't trying to "sell" death benefits.

AIL preys on people who have hit hard times. They promise wealth and "to be your own boss". Mind you, you don't get a salary. If they ever get an inkling that you want to quit, they'll tell you that they want to promote you in the next few days. Kind of silly, if you think about it, since you don't get paid a salary so what does it matter if you get promoted!

Stay away from this company like it was the plague.
  8th of May, 2008
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Got another one the other day, this time from an Eric Giglione. He, too, is a "State Director" but he gave me a local phone # to call. The strange part is, this isn't even close to what type of employment I am looking for, or posted on my resume!

I guess I'll just put this in my Spam Blocker.
  13th of May, 2008
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I just got an email from "Eric Giglione" and had a phone number listed to a local one in my area. Almost fooled me too because it had listed the type of work I am actually interested in. Luckily I had looked it up here first.
  4th of Jun, 2008
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I got the same email from Roger Smith and it raised the same flags.
  7th of Jun, 2008
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I just want to add the comment that Amerprise, Prime America, World Marketing alliance, all of which are scam as well.
  19th of Jun, 2008
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I'm in high school right now, and looking for a summer job. Needless to say, I've applied for dozens but no luck because no one seems to take me seriously. I got a strange call from a woman with an accent. Because I was so confused and nervous, I never heard the name of the company just the location at 120 Eglinton Ave. Suite 200 (in Toronto). She told me to dress professionally and bring in a resume. I freaked out because I got an interview and I didn't even know which company I applied for; not to mention HELLLOOO I had nothing professional to wear. So I tried to research the address and surprisingly it took a lot of effort. Then, I found a bunch of websites saying the same thing. It is really fishy how they would contact you without knowing anything about you. I'm going to the interview. Wish me luck, I'm going to expose their scam and tell that to everyone I see.
FYI AIL: you're so stupid, at least look at who you're calling. I'm a high school student, I can hardly get an interview at Toys R Us and this "big" insurance company wants to interview me?
I was so mad yet so relieved when I found out. Thank you guys! I live in Canada btw. And I'll keep you updated for what happens after I expose them.
  19th of Jun, 2008
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Wow! I like you! I'm so happy to see people are fighting back to this type of business! Good for you! You go girl!

They really are a scam, I worked there for a few months and almost went bankrupt! The reason they try to mass hire so much is because when you get hired, you have to pay $700 to work for them. $397 goes to the course to become a licensed agent, but what happens to the rest of the money? What happens to the $312? Well, they say it's for ADMIN fees, but the truth is they POCKET the money!
I worked there and they told me how it all worked, my hard earned cash went straight to the stinky little 20 year old kid (name is Chris Gobeil) just because he was the one who called me in for the interview! I was furious!

Plus once you start selling life insurance and make any money at all, your boss will make the same amount as you without lifting a finger! That's why they want to hire people so badly! they make money from your hard work!
  19th of Jun, 2008
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By the way, I worked at the Edmonton AIL Office.

The names they have used are:
American Income, American Income Life, AIL, Altig, Altig International.
Their address is 201-17873 106A Avenue NW Edmonton, AB T5S 1V8 Phone#: (780) 434-4200

I have the script at home for the interviews, I can post it here if you wish. They use this stupid 3 second rule while on the phone with you, they wait 3 seconds after you answered their question, to make you "nervous", so that it seems like a legitimate interview. But after all the interviews in my life, this was by far the worst!

  18th of Jul, 2008
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From: Roger Smith [Recruiting.ail.1.3.r61230755@americanincome.jobs]

A little more than two weeks ago, we pulled your resume...If you are still in the job market and are looking for a highly rewarding...Simply CLICK HERE or call 1-888-248-6010 to discuss the options we have available for you.


Roger Smith
Chief Executive Officer
American Income Life

go away!!
  22nd of Jul, 2008
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I keep getting emails from "Theodore Papas". The language is basically the same in the email as what everone is claiming, "we received your resume...would like to set up an interview...". It looked weird that he claimed my resume was fowarded by someone but he did not state from who, so I was fairly sure no one I knew personally gave it to him. When I called, they would not give me any details as far as salary, they simply said it depends on what you can offer the company. They asked if a Tuesday afternoon worked for me, and I said yes just to get off the phone without any awkwardness. Funny thing is I never called, or showed up to the interview and they are still emailing me. I mean come on, any real place would not take well to me blatanlty dissing them.
  22nd of Jul, 2008
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Hey Danny boy have you ever heard of automatic mailings? Most large businesses have them! Way to think for yourself.
  30th of Jul, 2008
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Just got e-mailed from these guys and apparently they took my resume up to the Regional Manager for approval to call me to set up an interview. First I "Googled" the name and came up with this web site. GOOD JOB guys in posting these notes.
What they don't know is that I'm still employed as a Regulatory Compliance Officer and now I'll be caling the fraud squad at Edmonton Police to maybe see if they want to do one of thier interviews.
Nothing but a bunch of clowns preying on unemployed people who can't fight back. This time they really f****d it up.
  3rd of Aug, 2008
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Marc- What are your complaints or are you just jumping on the band wagon and going along with what everyone else says? How can you judge a company based off of what people that have had a bad experience said? Do you think that every company out there is perfect and everyone is going to have the same experience. Think for yourself! You didn't even go on the interview!
  5th of Aug, 2008
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I am so glad I read all this because I almost fell for it cause I am desperatly looking for job and when they called me i was kinda excitted and scheduled interview. there is no way I am even going now. thanks guys.
  13th of Aug, 2008
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i did fall for ail scam, i needed a job real bad so i ate it up when they called me. i worked for them for 2 weeks, we sold policies to poor hispanics that didn't understand what we were even saying, and were on welfare so it's doubtful they can even keep up with payments. i decided i couldnt do that, they call it a managerial job but all it is really is selling and training, there can be good money in it only if you have no heart.
  22nd of Aug, 2008
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guyz this company is too much, i worked there for over a year ( dont ask how could i survive in living hell where each and everyday i was hitting rock bottom of ethics and moral just so i can afford milk and bread). anyways, i got couple email and a phone call for the interview within a week i quit, i put my resume on monster coz now i was looking for something and they called me, i was like you guyz are just awesome, atleast read my name on the resume before you call.how come you cant recognise one of your colleague's name and number, i stated AIL in my work exp section of the resume, they didnt even bother to read that. there has to be a limit for scam, not just hiring process guyz, their business practice is just too illegal, management wasnt concern at all, no matter how illegal activities we do, as long as we make enough sale. fake signature, fake bank acocunt numbers, misinterprete health status, show them a cheaper plan and then double the plan cost later, become aggressive in people's home, if they seem Naive, force them to cancel their other policy so they can afford super ### AIL policies. somebody seriously need to stop these bunch of crooks.

IF AIL call/email you, DO yourself a favour, get a job in Tim Hortons/Mcdonald but STAY AWAY from AIL.

this is an opinion from an ex-AIL employee, when i quit i was at kind of High position ( its also an another joke though)

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