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American Heritage / Won't Pay Gap Claim

1 United States

In Aug of 2010 I got into a wreck with my 05 Acura TSX. Other drivers insurance called the next day and told me they would take 100% fault. Props to USAA for excepting fault so quickly. After the appraisal they provided me with a 30 page report of what my cars value was and how they got the number. So I then turned to GAP to pay the upside down amount. They told me that there way nothing to pay. Pardon my surprise...I knew Honda's held their value but didn't know the gained monetary value!!! They said that the value they have for the car is more than what I owe so by their books there is nothing to pay. I asked then why do I have a remaining balance with loan holder. They said because USAA (the other guys insurance) under valued my car. So I called the CT state department on insurance and I'm filing a complaint and investigation with them. The dept of insur told me that by law they must used to approved methods of determining value...well...they only used one. I got a rocket high interest rate on my car due to bad credit so I know I was way more upside down on the car than the car having equity. The point is...DON'T BUY GAP or READ THE WHOLE CONTRACT FROM TOP TO BOTTOM. They won't want you to read it cuz they want to sell it and know you won't buy it. READ IT. Am Heritage says in the contract they pay 90% of value or which ever is higher...WHAT? Gap has conditions and if you don't meet're on your own. Heck...I do meet the conditions and i'm still getting screwed. I have faith the dept of insurance will help me get my money back. Just a warning to you all.


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