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American Credit Services / Scam Artist

1 Saugus, NY, United States Review updated:

First off all of these blogs are my story to a T. We was contacted yesterday by a man with a strong India accent named Justin Wright. Ok we wasn't home and he left a message telling us that my husband or his attorney needed to contacted him and if we didn't and I quote" This message is ("agenitle or attended" not really sure) ___ ___ from the second you recieve this message I need you or your region attorney of records to return the call. The issue at hand is extremly time sensitive my name is Justin Wright the hotline to my ext. is [protected] I repeat it [protected] Don't disregard this message and do return the call. If you don't return the call If I don't hear from your attorney either. The only thing I can do is wish you good luck, ( "a cheerful call from you" not sure here either the accent gets me ) Good Bye, Take care." This was straight from the answer machine. He told me I had recieved money on March 09" for a payday loan.He knew all my info just like everyone else. I was scared. I told him that there had to be a mistake and told him my wallet was stolen back in October. He told me they had sent me 80 emails in 09. And that their was no way that anyone could get my email from my wallet. He was yelling at me which made me furious I ask him how he knew what was in my wallet did he steal it. he continued to say that my Husband was in Violation with Check fraud and that we owed 700.00 and if we didn't pay today then by Monday that he would be prosecuted by his law firm. I ask him send me an email with this information where it was from and that I couldn't understand him he said and I quote" Quit acting like a baby you know exactly what I am talking about and if you don't pay today then your husband will go to jail" I ask him where is this going to be held at he said at my county code and I kept asking him what county code my zip code. he yells at me and says stop raising your voice at me. Code county code i said can you spell it he spelled court I said oh you mean court like the court house, he said yes. Your county attorney will prosecute He asked if I had an attorney and I said yes. Then asked him who is prosecuting he said your county attorney and I laughed. he said what are you laughing about do you have an attorney. I said my attorney is the county attorney he said then what is his name and I gave it. Im a hillybilly in a small town everyone knows everyone here and just so happens the county attorney lives here. and Is a family friend. So I get off the phone and my husband did a reversal phone listing. and looked up saugus, ny no place exsist. Just Saugus Mass. It came up a cell phone in Ny. My husband was like it's a scam. So to be sure we call the attorney today and the bank to see if there was a deposit made and we missed it. The attorney was laughing and advised us to tell a well known detective. So the detective calls them and we didn't get a chance to call him back with the results but I will tommorrow. So I called then this morning and asked for Justin the guy told me he was in a meeting "I HOPE". I said then let me talk to a supervisior he said they was all in a meeting. I said well then you can look this up for me he said I am just the phone operator. I said so you are telling me that there is nobody else to talk to just you no suporvisiors he told me to call back in an hour. I could hear all kinds of noise in the back ground like people laughing and them covering the phone and I could hear him yelling for him when I called back I just couldn't make the name through the accent probably sdhgkjndsvkjnv. who knows. Then at this point we knew we was gonna have some fun with these people. So when I call again a woman is on the phone she said hello can I help you I said who am I speaking with she said can I have your last name. I said not until I get your name she said bla bla bla call back when you can give me a last name. So I call back again and begin to ask alot of questions this Justin guy was furious and told me that it would be handled in court Monday and then I ask where do I need to be at this is when he gave me the Saugus Ny 92865 and tells me that if " I call again he will press harassment charges on Me" I said please do" and he hangs up on me. So all day today I have researched every detail of our conversation Saugus is in Mass., then there is the Ny where there phone number shows up then I thought ok what about the zip code. So I research it, it's in Orange County California. So we have called the number using call block and called all the numbers everyone else had posted. And so far they are all the same people. But one thing is weird one call we made and just hit mute the guy sounded like an AMERICIAN saying Hello can I help you" it was the same number I have called all day I had been hitting redial and just listening and then my husband it being on speaker said that is no cell phone its a corded landline they had slamed the phone down. So this is our story the same as everyone elses. And for the record it is 9:30pm tonight and now there line is not in service. IT IS ALL SCAM!!! THey will continue to recieve my phone calls and I am going to show them what harrassment is all about!!!

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  • Mi
      30th of Jun, 2011
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    I have received two calls from this company. It is the exact same story, man with thick accent, lots of background noise, telling me a lawsuit has been filed against me. I did not confirm nor give them any of my information, however I did not even give them the time of day on this. Just informed them that I was aware of the scam, nice try and hung up. Amazing that this is still going around.

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