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American Car Center / No customer service

1 3311 Elvis Presley BlvdMemphis, TN, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 901-3324490

Ever since I've been dealing with American Car Center, there has been nothing but lies, chaos, confusion, and terrible customer service. I went there because they had an advertisement claiming that you could pay $500 down upfront on a vehicle and bring the remaining balance of the down payment back once you received your tax refund. So, I went to inquire about a particular vehicle and was told by a female salesperson that I would have to put dwn $700 to begin with and could bring the remainder back when I received my tax refund.

The next day, I was told by another salesperson that I would have to put down $1000 upfront and I agreed even though I was constantly being told different amounts. I kept in contact with the salesperson and he was consulting with his mgr for the following days and his mgr and the salesman were still saying $1000 down upfront on that particular vehicle. So, on the morning I planned on purchasing the vehicle, I call the salesman to inform him that I am on my way. He then calls me back to tell me that his mgr said I have that I had to pay $2600 down upfront.

At this time, there were 3 different locations. So, I went to another location and ended up getting a vehicle there for $1000 down upfront. As soon as I left the dealership and stopped for gas, the car wouldn't start because the batt was dead. I was told to bring it in the next day to get a new one. I couldn't get in contact with the mgr that sold me the car so I called the Elvis Presley location. They didn't want to give me another batt until 2 days later. So, after 30 min, they finally decided that they would do it that day. Then the vehicle needed to be detailed, so I was told that I could take it to the Elvis Presley location for that and I was given a service due bill stating that.

At that location, I was told to bring the car back the following Mon morning at 9am and to be prepared to drop it off. When I get there, I'm then told that they can't do it and to bring it back the next day. I refused. So, they finally decided that they would do it and said to pick it up around 4 or 5 that evening. So approaching that time, I called back and was told that it wasn't ready and to pick it up the next day. I refused again because I was already at a serious inconvenience and could not come back, especially when I was told on several occasions that this was a process that would take a few hours. Then the girl who answered the phone tell me that ' Nothing runs on my time schedule and that they have more important things to do.'

I brought the car when I was told to bring it and under the conditions I was given, so how is it 'my schedule?' I then contacted the detail shop that my car was sent to and they told me that my car was ready, but they couldn't release it until the dealer brought them the pymt. I called the dealership back and was told by the same girl that if the mgr feels like it, he would take it. How rude is that? After this situation occurred, I still had many run-ins with the rude girls who handle customer service matters. I wanted to get the vehicle refinanced, so I wouldn't have to deal with these people. The purchase price of the vehicle was $12, 700.

After having it for a month, why is the payoff $4000 more than that. $4000 worth of interest doesn't accrue after 1 month. I'd been inquiring about my tags on several occasions. The mgr at the location I first purchased the car from told me 2-4wks. The customer service girls told me 4-6wks. I've now had 3 drive out tags and it's been way longer than the time frame I was given. Each time I inquire about my real tags, I'm always given the runaround. No one has anything to tell me. No one knows anything about anything and they always have nasty attitudes.

I just want to know when I can expect them and if they even sent off the paperwork because each time I ask them about it, they tell me to go through inspection, which I'm not required to do because of my residence. On today, after dealing with attitude, I asked if there was someone in mgmt that I could speak to. I was told 'no!' and that I could only speak with an acct rep. Then I asked for the manager's name. The girl told me 'no' again. So, I politely asked her again for the manager's name. I'd spoken with the mgr at the other locations before, so I didn't see why I couldn't speak with this one. She then replies ' I don't know why you keep asking.

My answer ain't gone change. I told you who you CAN talk to.' So I told her that I didn't want to speak to her. I wanted to speak to the mgr. So then she says ' Ooh, let me just walk away fo I have to...' I have to admit that I did get a bit irate at this point. Ever since I've been dealing with these people, it has been a complete nightmare. Everyone has been extremely rude and unprofessional. It's never a hassle when I'm paying them, but with everything else, there's alway a lot of attitude and chaos. I ended up getting the manager's name from the other location, so maybe now I can find out why I've accrued $4000 worth of interest in what is now 10 wks and what the status of my tags is. If you want an easy, honest, hassle-free process, don't ever buy here!!!

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  • Pl
      17th of Dec, 2013
    +2 Votes

    Well, I had a service issue. I bought my car and 2wks later the gear shift was sticking. I took it to the place and I told them the issue and that I had only had the car for two weeks. The service manager told me "Well that's what happens with used cars!" I was appalled because the car was sold, with a warranty, and supposedly in good condition. I dropped it off and left messages for multiple people. I called back to the dealership and asked was I expecting a level of customer service that does not exist, the person said yes. Wow. But I will say if you have any problems with the transmission or engine on a GMC product just go straight to a GMC or Chevy dealership. Only for those components. American Car Center acts like they are offering you those warranty guarantees but GMC guaranties ALL of their cars sold for powertrans component. As far as anything else you are on your own. The ghetto apparently poorly compensated employees are going to be rude, nasty, unprofessional because they could care less. The people that sell you the car are doing what car sales are about, being deceitful. This is a place of last resort. Because of our credit rating we have to roll with the punches and be glad someone gave us transportation. A little honesty and courtesy wouldn't hurt though since we do pay more for it. Anyway get your credit up and running then you can go to a mainstream dealership. I love my little car but I have to keep a little cash on hand for non warranty problems which is pretty much everything else.

  • Le
      2nd of Feb, 2017
    -2 Votes

    @Place of Last Resort this is something serious i been got to by them it messed up i just got a car from them in November 2016 and hate i did it.

  • Fe
      1st of Jan, 2015
    -1 Votes

    I feel your pain. I have had the worst experience while dealing with this place. You cant even call this a business bc NO business is this unprofessional and unorganized. I have a receipt showing my balance and when I called to get a payoff it was almost $6000 more than the reciept that was printed from their computer. Something isn't adding up but I have seen how unorganized they are so thankful I have kept everything to prove it.

  • Le
      2nd of Aug, 2015
    +3 Votes

    I agree with all of the comments I have read and I to am buying a car from American car center and I will keep my car I not trading it in next year because they are full of crap. They charge you $3.95 cents just to pay them so they are highway robbing u all they way around . I wish we could all get together and sue them for all of the false advertisement that they have told everyone.. I will never buy another car from them ever.

  • Do
      27th of Jan, 2017
    +1 Votes

    @Leandrea Cunningham we should be able to because I am dealing with them right now about me being 100.00 behind on my car note. I told them that i will pay them Monday at 12:00 am and they still told me that they cant not make me any promises that my car will not be picked up. I'm like are you serious. I have never been late on one payment and they told me they did not care. They do not offer any grace period and they i was also told they do not care if you are behind 5 cents. If your payment is behind they will come and pick it up. I really hate that I ever got involved with this company and I am not trying to get my care refinanced so that I do not have to deal with them ever again. Word to the wise do not go to american auto center to a vehicle. They are so bad that you are just better off not having a car at all then having to deal with them.

  • Je
      2nd of May, 2017
    +1 Votes

    @DoNotBuyScamers!!! when you picked it up how much did you have to pay? it should be just 100.00 that you were behind; if it was anymore then they are doing something that is illegal

  • La
      6th of Jan, 2019
    0 Votes

    @Leandrea Cunningham I wanna know how to start a class action lawsuit against them. Yes, there're robbing you and it's alot of lies going on in this company. I will be happy to speak up, I have all my receipts and would love to save someone else to hassle. I brought a 2014 impala from them and it's been totaled now and they want almost 10, 000 for a payoff, I only had 6, 000 to pay I thought. Found out I still have to pay the interest for the next 12 months on the loan. Which makes me pay a whopping 26, 000 for an over paid car. Praying this place gets shut down soon. I know a lawsuit is round the corner for them.

  • Ta
      30th of Jan, 2016
    0 Votes

    I will never recommend anyone to this unprofessional company they dont care about any one but themselves and money they are. Unorganized and they false advertise and wont work with you if you cant pay every two weeks which is freaking stupid its not like your a month or to behind..Oh yeah they also gave me a messed up car. Took it back the next day and couldnt get my money back and they really didnt wana give me another i just hate them n im going to trade this piece of dhit in just because i dont like they company

  • Fd
      24th of Sep, 2016
    +1 Votes

    I can honestly say they are very inconsiderate.. my payment was two days late.. I called them to inform that it would be paid in a day or so.. the next morning, when I woke the car was gone. this is a true story. I called they wanted me to come and get it. I no longer wanted to do business with them., told them they could keep it., three days late... wow wow wow

  • Le
      2nd of Feb, 2017
    0 Votes

    @Fdrika I believe you that crazy they wanted me to pay a late fee after the third day and say they will come and pull it they need to go out of business

  • Le
      2nd of Feb, 2017
    +1 Votes

    I have a car with American Car Center the guy told me if the tire light sencer come on it just need air. Come to find out the two back tires was bad found this out after my 30 days guess what am going to have to pay for them added to my car note am already you have to pay ever two weeks. If it due on that Friday they call you on that Monday. Dont get trap like i have i pay 408 a month to much for a 2014. Why i didnt leave it i needed a car bad for work. and 500 hundred dollor down no that a grimment you have to finish paying your down payment out before you start your car note payment just dont go

  • Ji
      14th of Feb, 2017
    +1 Votes

    When I leased my car I was told repeatedly (my husband specifically asked 4 times to make sure) that we would only have to make 3 or 4 additional payments and we would own the car. They could not give us an amount at that time. They won't tell you anything until your lease is almost up. Come to find out with 3 months left on my lease the residual owed to purchase the car is 3800.00! After paying 18, 000 already. Very very dishonest and sneaky business.

  • De
      13th of May, 2017
    +1 Votes

    I agree. I don't know how any other location operates but the ones in Memphis have bad attitude, lack of communication and just bad business all together. Make sure you have names and times when you talk to someone because they always go back on there word or change what was told to you. I will not recommend them and I feel bad for the people that have this car dealership as their only option. The best thing I can recommend is pay off residual as fast as you can and try to trade car. When we had to pay a late fee we found out they were moving that money over to another account so it wasn't being applied to car payment amount, so when we go in the actual location they say you owe a late fee back from 2 months ago. The entire time we have been paying on line and it wont let you change the payment amount so late was included and paid but for some reason fee was moved to different holding account and than when we go in to pay just to check on everything they say you owe late fee than they discover o sorry the money was just sitting in a holding account. What is the money sitting in a holding account for unless your employees where planning to move it to an account they could access things just don't add up and Memphis is a horrible place to work with. It does no good to argue with them. Memphis and its employees just have bad attitudes and they are unprofessional but than again I am learning that is Memphis period. They don't know any better so they can't do better. What amazes me is employees always bringing up God up when they trying to get you to see things there way. Wrong is just wrong own up to your mistakes sometimes and stop trying to cover up bull by bringing GOD into it. If you choose to deal with them keep all receipts and all paperwork and make sure they keep credit report update because they lie about that as well.

  • Du
      7th of Jul, 2017
    0 Votes

    I paid my biweekly car note today and asked about a pay out and I had this car for a year already. The lady in customer service told me my pay off then she told me about another twenty three hundred. I asked what are you talking about and she told me that I was leasing the car. I informed her when I purchase the car and the sale agent told me that the tax, tag and everything was included. I asked him are you share or you just trying to make a sale because I don't like surprise's. I told him that I take that personally when people trying to get over behind close doors. And I informed the lady in customer service that I'm reviewing my copies with my signature on them and there is nothing about leasing. Also told her the taxes and tags and title is included in the balance. She told me that I don't think the sale rep told you that...I told her that i'm looking at my copies and read it three times already so I ended the call. I read the trims again and still nothing and even reviewed the charges and still don't see they was saying 2300 for title and taxes but it already added in the balance where it was added in the balance. So I called back and talked to the agent I always call when I have questions. When I get Latoya on the phone and I explained to her what I was having a issue with and she put me on hold a few times. When she finished talking to her supervisor about he was trying to say the same thing. Latoya told me that she do agree with me but this when the table turned. I asked Latoya about paying on the principal on the 2 Mazda 6i and she told me I can but the balance will not change. I asked her how is that because everyone know when you pay the principal on anything the balance change like I have a balance of 10, 600 and I paid 5, 300 on the principal. That means I'm 13 months ahead on my payment that leave the balance at 5, 300 but they have to subtract 13 months of interest, I'm going to say 22% that make the balance 4, 134. Latoya told me that they don't change the balance of the interest and you are leasing. I informed Latoya there's two problems the first one that you can't bill no twice and two there nothing saying it's a lease and I every copy that I sign. Latoya told me I sorry I don't know what to tell you, I told her you just doing your job and ended the call. So I called the B.B.B talked to someone by the name of Erica and told her everything and she was like wow and send copies of everything and she told me she going to call them first thing Monday morning because this don't look right. American Car Center is going to start there week all $^^$#% and she was amazed that I was able send her everything and told me i'm the first and told her I not scared to go to court because I going to make them famous.

  • Ch
      14th of Jul, 2017
    0 Votes

    @dude really I'm feeling you! I wish there was a way to sue them for how they treat people.

  • Ti
      10th of Jul, 2017
    0 Votes

    This is the worst place to get a car from. Ms Carpenter is a bitter [censor] that calls like you owe her personally for the car? She will turn your car off and then call and talk [censor]. I will never buy [censor] from this company and I be glad when the fold. I was told one thing about the car and now I owe another 9000 dam and then a balloon payment at the end? This was never my car in the first place just some people that what to control people with not perfect credit so I've filled bankruptcy [censor] them

  • Ms
      25th of Jul, 2017
    0 Votes

    I have a family member that's a prosecuting attorney for the government, and she is looking into what can be done about this company as I am typing this. I moved here from houston texas, and I promise you, this no good, poor excuse for a company, would have been sued in texas. all this cutting your car off for being 3 days late, (this never happened to me, I just read some of the above posts), coming and getting your car for being 2 days late, and the harassing phone calls, not to mention the sheer ignorance of the employees. my pay dates changed due to my job pretty much merging, and they are charging me $25 to change my pay date. I work with 4-5 people that have cars with them, and not 1 person is having to pay that fee. if they are, they haven't yet, and it hasn't been mentioned to them. my paperwork states that my car note is due on saturday, and they blow my phone up on monday, because in their system, if you pay online on saturday, it doesn't show up until tuesday. therefore they are saying that i've been late on several times. when I told my rep that I could show her my bank statement showing that the funds were pulled from my account by american car center, on saturday, she had the audacity to say, and I quote, "it doesn't matter what your bank statement says, your payment is late because we can't see it in our system." i'm usually a very professional person, but ignorance is one thing I can not tolerate! before I moved to memphis, I worked for chase bank, and I promise I know how the banking system works. anytime it shows the funds were removed from my account, and states that those funds were taken by american car center, guess what!?!? american car center has received their payment!!! this company is the worst company I have ever dealt with in my life! once I get the information back from my family member as far as what to do, I will come back and post it so that everybody can have the information. companies like this have got to be stopped.

  • Wi
      11th of Aug, 2017
    0 Votes

    I also purchased a vehicle from them. the worse worse experience I ever had. so rude & disrespectful employee's I ever seen espically george that works at the american car center on winchester memphis [censor] hung up phone on me. I traded my car in because it started messing up. so I got a suv. so now it looks like I have two vehicles with them when actually I have only one. it showing two open accounts opened >the worse mess I ever been in. to top it off I can't even get a freaking tag. wtf. always calling about a freaking payment. but call them no one knows [censor]. I drove four hours to pick up a tag that wasn't even place of whoever getting up off her [censor] to check & make sure it was there. I need a good lawyer anyone knows of one that can help. it's time to get my tag & I have gotten a letter saying that they haven't got the title so therefore I can't get a tag. a lot of [censor]!!!

  • Ni
      21st of Aug, 2018
    +1 Votes

    I have a question.. Are all the payments every two weeks are none of the car notes once a month??

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