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I bought a policy through these guys, and they have SERIOUSLY overpromised & underdelivered. They try to deny EVERY claim, but in the end, I end up paying for about half of every claim. $1200 bills- I usually pay $600, they nitpick and don't fix things that need fixing. Example- A/C compressor went, and when your compressor goes, you have to also replace your dryer or the factory warranty on the compressor is invalid. They wouldn't replace the dryer...add on $300 to me to fix that (B/c if the air didn't blow cold after the compressor was put in, I'd be paying another $100 deductible and be w/o a car for 3-4 days). The promise free rental cars, but it takes their reps 2-3 days to get to see the car, then 2 days to fight what they are trying to rip you off on, then a day to repair the car. They only pay for 1 day of rental car service, even though it takes their techs out to even LOOK AT THE CAR!!! Never, never use these people, it is a HUGE waste of money!!! Buy an extended factory warranty.

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  • Ho
      Nov 04, 2011

    Totally agree...same situation. They are absolutely the worst company in the world. They pretty much will not pay for anything. You pay them to stay in business they will think of the most ridiculous things to not pay out. Even if they make complete fools of themselves trying. They are rip offs

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  • Un
      Jul 28, 2013

    William, United States, American Auto Shield called me today, their offer began by stating that they was going to take my recorded information to see if I quailfied for their extended warranty protection, I want every one who gets a call from any one (company) like this, that is "Are You Interested In The Product There Pushing?" . As I told them the real question is, do I want what your offering.

    TO YOU: If we didn't have an extended warranty before they called and was Not looking for one, then don't get talked into their program and ther pressure, the man told me when I told him I was going to go on the internet and check their company out to see if I wanted to do business with them he said" this is not like buying pizza", I said you mean you call with a phone offer and this is the only time I have to make a choice, he said yes thats the way it works. Of course that was the end of the call but these folks have called my phone at least eight times in the last year so I suspect they will be calling again as nothing ever happend.
    Look Its your money do with as you will, but wouldn't you feel better if you did your own research and information gathering on a service or product than to grab up a slick talking person on the phone that j u s t h a p p e n d to call on saturday, sunday, every one elses work after hours? Not Going To purchase their Service, William...

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  • Wa
      Nov 27, 2013

    I had the same situation like unclewillie. I will not trust this service. I told them I have never heard of this company and would like to look into their business, he was not very happy about it and was pushing for their service. I am glad I declined and am now reading this post.

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  • Ho
      Aug 09, 2016

    I used this company as well and it is exactly as the first reviewer stated! DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!

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