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For 3-6-17 I Apologize for not reading my schedule correctly.I was'nt aware I was to close.I was at my other job when someone from the theater called.Listen, as I told Jamarcia, Kitchen-Manager there isn't communication or staff-meetings for co-workers to express their concerns!.I've never seen the lack of this existence with any company, let alone a Multi-million dollar one.

Prior to working for AMC, I was a Dishwasher at two restaurants where they had 2-3 Dishwashers at once.Because of peak times at restaurants.Two would handle the flow of dishes and the third trash-detail, sweeping the line.At closing all three were breaking-down the dish pit rinsing and wiping down sinks the inside of washer, it's trap-door.!.Sweeping, mopping the floors.Shut-off washer set up metal drain rack, cut-off lights and leave together.

Here that only happens with the cooks!.When their done cooking they break-down and clean together their work stations.Once their done they leave.Since I 've been here protocol was only followed once with cecil closing.He had the Cooks pull the trash for me as I finished re-stacking the line sprayed, rinse and wiped down the sinks.And we all left at the same time or at least clocked-out at the same time.

Why can't I have a Back-up closing dishwasher.To help me as I've helped and was scheduled to do for evening shift dishwashers.Who leave the pit to look for stolen phones or small blisters on their hand saying management knew and left 30 minutes before their shift was to end after I helped catch them up!.And say when I ask them if they could finish.So, I can finish trash-detail and sweeping the line!.Or their concerned with if I'm helping them close.No, My shift was over at 6pm.

I'm not perfect but I'm close compared to the other dishwashers.That do Minimal-work with no effort to work through some physical discomforts!.There's a live-camera supposely you know who works and who don't!!!.Servers still not raking food from trays and continually putting trays on an over stacked-rack.Not bringing trays after show's end playing and bring them at last-minute.That I Can't Leave on time!.But I get written-up asking for help!!! and pointing-out these issues.This is me having my say on things that probally won't-change.

Maurice Williams/Dishwasher

Mar 07, 2017

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