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Me and my wife went to see a movie at AMC Randhurst 12 on January 28th, 2017. There were two ticket purchasing lines, one for Stubs members and one for non-stubs members. There were two cashiers. We waited patiently in the Stubs line and watched 2 different customers go to one attendant and a third go to the second cashier. We then were ready to go next since 3 separate customers had already been served. At that point, the next available cashier asked for the next non-Stubs member to step forward. This was a total of 4 non-Stubs customers being taken care of while we waited with our "so called" VIP treatment Stubs membership getting us nothing but a longer wait. I complained and the cashier argued with me saying that 2 non Stubs customers get taken care of for each single Stubs customer. Given that two cashiers took care of 4 separate non-Stubs members, before us, it would have been quicker for me to be served as a non Stubs customer. Where's the premiere service??? This amounts to false advertising. I have been a loyal Stubs member for over 3 years and expect there to be better oversight of how loyal customers who pay the extra fee for a premier club membership get treated. To add insult to injury I heard the cashier trying to sell a Stubs membership to the person he let cut us in line. Please make sure this location gets the proper training on this matter.

Jan 28, 2017
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  • Md
      Feb 12, 2017

    I'm a Dishwasher at your Fork & Screens location in Atlanta, Ga.Tell me why was I asked to re-wash clean coca cola glasses?.Pic included the manager said they werent-Really?.The managers here get on or chastised the Real-workers that work.Not the ones that Don't.

    Their friends with those too!.The favoritism for giving hours to them.They and the servers carry-on laugh as they push extra work on me and other prep-cooks.They try abusing our work ethic cause it'll get done & they look good.This post is to vent.Because corporate won't do anything.It's business as usual!.But I Don't have to deal with it No longer!.They rather reward incompetent ppl than competent team-players!.

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