Amassurance / Windscreen claim!!!!


I spoken to three of your agents regarding my windscreen claim..
I rang your call centre (23rd march) & attended by hanim.. Enquired about claiming procedures..

Today (24th march) I went to one of your panel as per advised by hanim.. Mobile wind screen in bukit raja klang.. I was told that I could only claim for local windscreen (Not original & without kia logo).. Or I need to pay additional rm600 for original windscreen.. !!!

I was surprised because I paid for the coverage but only entitled for local windscreen.. ??? Immediately rang your call centre again.. Spoken to a malay guy by d name of ikmal or hakim (Sry I can't recall).. I believe the call is recorded.. Plsss go thru the voice log.. He seems to blur.. U training team need to brush the agents.. Lack of product knowledge.. My call was transferred to yati since he can't do such (Believe me he didn't do anythg basically).. Yati is 4rm claim department I guess.. Another poor knowledge of product.. She didn't even knw what am I entitled for 1000.. C'mon, don't you guys knw what are d thgs entitle for one particular sum coverage.. ???

Disaster.. Tiz shld hv been told i'm advance when I did renewal with you ppl.. Plsss dnt cross sell items when you have zero knowledge on it.. Just bcz of your ppl I am in trouble..

Please look into this.. I am not statisfy & i'm going to post this on social media..


Mar 24, 2017

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