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I searched their free site and clicked on yearbooks and found that they required a paid membership. I paid the $10 and then found that nothing was entered for anything I selected. I e-mailed the company twice for a refund and was told it was non-refundable and that the alumni are responsible for putting the information on the site. Ok, great, shouldn't it have said that up front, and not in tiny terms of agreement language? Couple of days later I complained through my credit card company and while they asked me questions I went to the alumni site so I could give complete answers. Surprise... Now, before you pay, you see a big banner that says that the info you're seeking may not be there. Great, that's what should have been there all along so I guess us unhappy members did some good... BUT they still didn't refund my money and when I went to their site and tried to post my complaint on their wall they removed my subscription so I can't access them at all... and guess what... Yep, you got it -- they STILL kept my 10 bucks. Pretty shabby guys... I'd stay away from these people if I were you.

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  • Bi
      Nov 22, 2008

    While searching for my high school website I found this one that had my high school (Dekalb High, Texas) nam with it. So I entered the website trying to finds pictures and other classmates. It said to view pictures I needed to pay $10 by PayPal. After payment, I tried to view pictures and classmates and there were none. Not even in ANY of the years; not posts, no news, no info. Then I realized it was a scam.

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  • Gl
      Dec 15, 2008
    Best Best Advice

    thanks bill-
    unfortunately i arrived here only AFTER I sent them my $10. not that it's about the $10- i was searching for someone to pass along some info about a dear friend who recently passed away and gambled my $10 willingly on the chance i might find her. it just pissed me off that more people will give their $ up for a scam such as this.

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  • Ar
      Jul 10, 2009

    There are dozens of alumni-related websites. There is no one alumni site that lists every member. Your $10 was a gamble that you'd find a specific person - it didn't work. You'd have wasted far more than $10 if you signed up on,, or

    Why don't you contact the school directly, find out if they have an Alumni Association that can help you; or sign up on a free site like Facebook where you might at least come across a mutual acquaintance.

    I have some experience with this as I'm on my school's Alumni Assn board...

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  • Ji
      Aug 04, 2009

    It's a scam. They repeatedly tout it as a free site, but you can't see or do anything on it without paying the $10 (which they don't tell you until you've already spent a lot of time registering.) They're trying to get a critical mass of profiles by sucking people into registering under false pretenses and then hitting them up for the money. I don't begrudge them the $10, but they try to get it in a sleazy way. Plus, they've got a huge copyright ingringement exposure, IMHO.

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  • Lc
      Oct 14, 2009 - Fraud
    United States

    This company is a fraud. They used the name of our official alumni association and stole the logo from our site in order to get money from our alumni

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  • Pa
      Feb 17, 2010

    EXCuse me but you are taking 10 from my bank account and I have NEVER heard of this site..I need it refunded...Christ how did you even get any information on me.

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  • Ta
      Mar 20, 2010

    This company is one big fraud. They hack into legitimate alumni websites and get membership lists, then offer nonexistent special membership categories (such as a life membership) at a reduced rate. They are using Paypal to take your money for a membership and then claim that they are legitimately doing this. DO NOT FALL FOR THIS! It is a HUGE scam!!!

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  • Ke
      Jul 29, 2010

    I just got taken for $10 also. It's a scam. I hope someone can do something about At least a warning sign. I wrote them thanks for teaching me to trust people less.


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  • Ar
      Sep 10, 2010

    UPDATE - I've received forwards from friends who've 1) tried to Unsubscribe from AlumniClass and still receive their emails, and 2) some of their emails promote "membership drives" for money and don't mention that they're not associated with the school. So, they're walking a fine line here. Not quite enough to sic 'em to the Attorney General in their state, but getting close!

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  • Br
      Jan 21, 2011

    I do not get scammed but this one got me. There email was very misleading and confusing. On the top it says it lists in bold letters Your high school association.
    Then it says that you have two days if you want to have a lifetime membership for $20. So I figured that is a good deal so I quickly signed up. I was scammed. Within a minute or two after I signed up my real alumni association sent an email to all alumni alerting us to the fact of this confusing and misleading email.
    Even though I emailed them within 5 minutes they wouldn't cancel the membership. This is such an unprofessional company and should be investigated.

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  • Sn
      Aug 09, 2011

    Paid my $10 and quickly discovered the only person in my graduating class guessed I saw a few from classes before and after mine but nothing I didn't already know. I think the entire membership is comprised of people just like me. We were all scammed. Ten bucks isn't much. They probably figure correctly that most people won't miss it or raise a stink. But if they can do this to enough people it could add up to big money. Stay away from this site!

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  • Mi
      Nov 27, 2011

    I was a sucker. We lost our precious (who knew how precious?) high school year books after several moves. With Google Chrome, and my search for my personal high school year book search, of course was the top choice. Why, for those that don't know the layout of the intranet land, they paid Google to be at the top of the list. How do you think Google makes their money? I thought I would be able to access my long lost yearbook to relocate friends whose names I don't recall in detail, but there was only 5, my self included, out of nearly 300 graduates for that year. I'm sure that those 5, myself included that gave them credit card information to obtain a "lifetime" membership. OK, it was only $20, but there was truly little of value and they did not represent my high school and I doubt that my high school received one penny of the profits from this outfit's enterprise. Old saying, "Fool me once, shame you. Fool me twice, shame me!" Mike

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  • Co
      Nov 30, 2012

    Everyone here says the same thing, so I'm not going to sign up. But be it known when I got to the point where it was asking for money, it now takes $20. They must be losing people so they have to raise their prices to make up the difference in revenue. Staying away, thanks everyone who took the time. You saved one person, way down the road.

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  • Ro
      Apr 21, 2013

    thanks for the information on this. I have pass it along on my fb site and my twitter sites, I did not lose any money but was going sigm up for al the reunion updates and confirmations. thanks ron

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  •   Sep 27, 2013

    This STOLE $20. from my checking acct. this month! I was not even on any kind of alumni site in the past 6+ mos.
    I called the phone number on my bank transactions. I was told to leave a msg. or email: [protected] !
    Lets see what happens! here is a copy of my email to "sylvia" so far...hello. My name is XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX,
    YOU STOLE $20.00, from my bank acct. ...I never authorized THIS MONEY TO BE TAKEN FROM MY ACCT. If THIS IS NOT REVERSED...(money PUT BACK INTO MY ACCT). I WILL SENT A COMPLAINT TO THE ATTORNEY GENERAL! THIS IS NOT A THREAT!~!But A PROMISE! I am a force to be reckoned with ..I have been ripped by the likes of your type of people before!!!
    But A PROMISE!
    Trust me I am not a pushover.
    .. Trust me I will post on this site until I get my $$$$$ BACK! I am also contacting my Bank of your Scam tactics, they are always looking for people like you!!!
    HERE is a quote from other you have tried to scam..."Everyone here says the same thing, so I'm not going to sign up. But be it known when I got to the point where it was asking for money, it now takes $20. They must be losing people so they have to raise their prices to make up the difference in revenue. Staying away, thanks everyone who took the time. You saved one person, way down the road.">>>>>>>>>>>NOW I wonder HOW you got MY banking INFO???????
    I was told to leave my email address w/ Sylvia in my email. I never gave you one & am not giving it to you email. I do not trust you! This is the date you stole my Money! 9/3/13
    And guys look forward to hearing updates as often as I can post them!

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  • Ma
      Apr 29, 2014

    I was scammed by this company as well. They advertised they had yearbooks, but you had to subscribe for $20.00, Yep, no yearbooks in existence. I put in for a resolution at papal to get my money back, at first it came back that they sided with alumniclass. I called paypal to let them know how I felt about them siding with a scammer, and they returned my money! I was not diligent enough to look first for scammer reports before buying, and I wised I had.

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  • Sc
      Jun 09, 2015

    I have been signed up with Alumni Class for some time. I always got emails about obtaining lifetime memberships, but I ignored them. Recently, however, I decided to give it a go so I can see some yearbook photos from my graduating class. If you are an unpaid member, clicking the yearbook tab will direct you to a screen that says you must pay to see the content (for alumni privacy/safety). After making my payment, which was twenty five dollars thru AMEX, I was sorely disappointed to find there was only one photo copied photo from class of '63. I'm class of 2000. I requested a refund, but i was told no and the fee was a non refundable one I agreed to. I never saw anything stating the fee was non refundable. Every email i received offering special lifetime membership costs NEVER stated the fee is non refundable. I was also told in the reply that before paying there is a warning that yearbook pics are alumni Responsibility. I never saw that notice either. However, I access the site through my phone so I don't see everything the way a desktop would display. I actually made an account in my sisters name so I could see how unpaid views would be seen on the phone. sure enough, there was no warning easily visible stating that the yearbooks may not be as I wanted them to be. I viewed on my laptop and you can see the the bottom...well below the lifetime/Annual payment option. It took the site several days to respond to my refund request. I'm very upset with this site as well as myself for being taken in by them.

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  • Do
      Jan 27, 2016

    I found on my bank account a $20.00 charge for something I DID NOT order or subscribe to. My bank account showed the following "alumini web site [protected]". When I called that phone number I was told to leave a message for Sylvia, or go on line to [protected] with Negitive results. If you are reading this Sylvia please remove my name from your registry, replace the $20.00 you removed from my bank account and don't contact me again.

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  • Na
      Feb 23, 2016

    I joined this alumni sight in February 2015 and was charged$20. In February 2016 I was charged $20 again which I DID NOT approve,

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  • Ji
      Apr 18, 2016

    I do not remember joining this site, but just received a $20.00 charge on my credit card. I called my credit card company and they are removing the charge. I was told by my credit card company to contact the number that showed up along with the charge, [protected] and let them know that I was disputing the charge, which I did. Upon calling the number, I was also told to leave a message for [protected], I left a message to remove me from their list, that I did not want their service and would not be paying the bill they tried to charge me for. This is a rip-off. Beware of this company as they will scam you!

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  • Ga
      Jul 01, 2016

    I never even viewed anything anywhere and they took 20 dollars out of my checking. I will contact my bank.

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  • Ke
      Jul 14, 2017

    I ordered a class mug from them when it did finely come it was not packed right and was broken all to pieces .They will not return my call . It has been paid for.

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  • Be
      Jan 29, 2018

    I was scammed too but I called my bank and cancelled the payment. I don't know how they got my debit card number because I didn't apply or sign up for anything! I had to get a new card because my bank considers this a fraud and it is!!!

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  • Cy
      Jan 27, 2019

    I've been on this site for years and have never paid anything...Never got scammed...

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