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THE RECRUITMENT STAFF, me and 2 of my friends applied last July 15, 2013 at the SM MOA Ecom bldg. branch, since I have a friend who was accepted 2 weeks before we applied and gave us very good feedback about the company and it's employees. at first it was okay since the guard was very accommodating even advising us upon entering the lobby that "1 year BPO experience was needed to be qualified" since all of us have a "cumulative" (please take note of cumulative) total of more than 1 year experience working in the BPO industry we went ahead, we had our written exam and it was okay and the proctor was nice, even advising us to take a 15min break after the exam. while waiting for the interview portion we were happy, our friend who was hired 2 weeks ago was saying that this is a good company people are nice and we actually agreed, but things turned out for the worse when we were interviewed one by one by a certain recruitment officer. at the onset of the interveiw i could literally feel that she was not in the mood even sighing in front of me, she did not even introduce herself properly only starting the interview with the question "why are you leaving your current company" (yes i am currently employed to a normal office job and since my friend told me of the great opportunity a company 6 months old can give i tried in hopes of having a good stable career.) she did not ask anymore questions only stating the fact that i had a lot of jobs which i answered confidently since i did not leave purposely from my past jobs. I felt that it was not an interview but an interrogation, she was bashing my name in front of me so i was explaining even debating since I know when I am being treated unfairly and if the person was being unprofessional, she said she could not pass me since she does not want me to leave the company upon hiring, on my part she has a point but no stupid person would leave a 6month old company because we all know one reason why people leave and find new jobs it is because of the opportunity to build a career, especially if the company is new.I would not be applying to a BPO company again if i knew that career opportunities are not there. so i told her "ma'am why are you assuming that i would leave" we just debated, It came to a point I was the only one explaining what was in my CV and making my job interview myself just so that she would listen and not be closed minded in giving me a chance. after a good 30 mins of torture she just gave me an answer the "I could not hire you with or without BPO experience because you have to be employed a for a minimum "2 YEARS" with your current company, and I do not want to risk hiring you since you will leave the company if I hire you after a few months, the people I hired were staying with their company for 4, 7, even 10 years. (I'm not that stupid ma'am). so I just accepted it since she would not change her mind. I went back and told my friend who referred me what happened and coincidentally my other friends that applied also received the same treatment from the same recruitment officer, even the same reason on why they were declined. even the same argument. so we were leaving and my friend saw his manager (he referred my friend to Altisource) and we told him the story so we went to the smoking area on the 4th floor, luckily the manager saw his Boss and he made a few clarifications, he clarified if it was "2years with CURRENT company or CUMULATIVE?" his boss answered "CUMULATIVE" we were dumbfounded as to why the recruiter gave the wrong information. they just advised that they will look into the issue since recruitment has been rejecting applications by the bulk. haven't heard from then ever since. okay guys i'm not bitter and I know if I did not pass an interview or application I've experienced it and it's not a big deal, but if I know I am qualified and I know for myself that i passed I would not accept the reason given to me especially that if it was the wrong reason. I did not feel i was turned down from a job but i was rejected and discriminated. Yes, we need the job and we would do and accept everything for the sake of getting accepted but to be treated rudely, discriminated and judged is way too much. I am not even scared or ashamed in posting my name here, since all theses things are true and i'm looking forward to seeing if there will be a solution to this traumatic experience. I can deal with this my way since I come from a political family but I am still hoping that a response from the accommodating managers that gave us an answer that they will really look into it. anyway, My name is Don Victor Liwanag. the recruitment officer's first name is Leann, I was not able to get her last name since she did not even give it. To the managers for now I will not put your name here since you advised that you will help us out and for that sirs I thank you.

For a startup company like Altisource Please change one of your recruitment staff because they are the reason why your new account has not been filled up yet because recruitment declines or rejects applicants by the bulk, depending on how their day is going or simply on their mood. they make rejected applicants feel discriminated. beware of the recruitment officer by the name of Leann if you don't want to be insulted.

Jul 19, 2013
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  • Vv
      Aug 04, 2013

    Hi Don,

    Thank you for your post and we have received similar feedback from other candidates. After an investigation and checking with other candidates, proper coaching and action has been done. Rest assured that this matter has been addressed already by the management.

    We take your comments constructively and appreciate your inputs. For your other concerns, you may reach us directly at [protected]

    Thank you,

    Associate Recruitment Manager - Technology Operations

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  • Jh
      Sep 16, 2013

    I have similar experience to this one with Leanne

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  • Jh
      Sep 16, 2013

    She is the rudest of the rudest of all recruiter

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  • Al
      Jun 25, 2014

    We are a subcontractor in CO, All Sides Property Maintenance.
    We were hired by a contractor to do work orders for Altisource.
    We are trying to be paid the last $2000 they owe us, but they and Altisource say we are paid in full, although this is not true, and we have supplied the evidence and invoices for payment.

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  • Ev
      Dec 13, 2014

    No offense meant but if I am the recruiter, I will also think twice hiring you based on the CV presented. However, when it comes to professionalism, you have my vote against the recruiter.

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  • Ia
      Dec 16, 2014

    I agree, the woman that facilitated our exam (we were just 2 applicants) was talking very softly, was barely opening her mouth and its like she is not in the mood to talk. I thought it was just me feeling that way, so I I asked the other applicant if he understood what she said, he said he didnt get everything that she explained. While we were taking the exam, i believe 3 women are talking, in tagalog and one is cursing at the other recruitment officer I guess?the nice, young looking one, the 3 ladies were gossiping about this girl sayjng nasty things about a colleague while an APPLICANT is around?everyone is probably guilty of doing this but come on, you are part of the recruitment/HR tea, , have some manners.

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  • Le
      Dec 15, 2015

    I had the same experience with altisource. But not with the recruitment team, they were all nice and very welcoming. The bad experience I had was with the final interview which was supposedly with the operation manager but for some unfortunate reason, I ended up being interviewed by a female team leader who was inconsiderate and discriminate. I was almost there, I past the examination and recruitment team interview. But just because of this woman; who was not in the mood and feeling tired. I was turned down. They just lost one good hard working employee.

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  • Ku
      Oct 19, 2016

    Hello I am currently working in altisource, I guess Leann is no longer connected to us. because all of the recruitment officers in altisource are friendly and accommodating

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