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Alpine Motors / Latent defects not repaired

1 South Africa

To whom it may concern
As a previous and current owner of a new Polo 1.2 TSI I am sadly appalled by the service and feedback that I have received over the past weeks from VW Alpine in Pinetown. I purchased a vehicle from Alpine VW Pinetown on 6 May 2015 and 3 weeks later I started experiencing a creaking noise when turning the steering wheel to the left or to the right. This was brought to the attention of the dealership when I was contacted for the post purchase customer satisfaction survey. I was advised by the consultant that the dealership from which I purchased the vehicle would contact me regarding my complaint within a week. They, however, failed to address my complaint. I then brought it to the attention of the sales representative who arranged the deal and purchase of the vehicle. The representative said she had allegedly not been informed of my complaint. She then assured me that the vehicle would be booked in to assess the fault which was two weeks after logging the initial complaint and five weeks into owning the car. I waited two more weeks for confirmation of the booking and after not receiving any communication from the dealership I went to them on the 27th of June. They informed me that the car had been booked in on 26 June and failed to contact me with regards to this arrangement. After being assured by the sales representative that the vehicle would be booked in on 30 June, on arrival that day the service department had no record of the vehicle being booked in and had to book it in on the day.
They informed me that a test was done and the creak was caused by a “slip ring”. They advised that they would have to order the part to repair it which would take a few days. The vehicle was then booked in on the 2nd of July and the part was replaced. When I got the car back there was a scratch on steering wheel which had been made during the repair and the creak was still there. The car was booked in again on 13 July when they informed me that they had contacted the factory and a report was sent to them addressing the issue with the vehicle (please can you pull a copy of the report). Whenever I questioned the dealership representatives, the just of their response was that if the factory says that nothing can be done they too can do nothing. They further advised that if I were to enquire at any other VW dealership I would get the same response as this seems to be a norm with this type of vehicle, which is false as I’m sure every Polo TSI is manufactured the same. Once I was contacted to fetch my vehicle I made the trip to Pinetown once again only to find that my airbag warning light would not go off which resulted in a wasted trip and since it was five in the afternoon there was no one to attend to the vehicle and I would have to come back the next day. After telling me that the factory said that changing the “slip ring” would not solve the problem they changed the part several times thereafter and then informed me that the problem had been solved.
When I informed the dealership of my intent to take the matter up to you their response was, “You will have to as they are unable to do anything to assist me as they follow instructions from the factory”. This, in my opinion is totally unacceptable. I bought the vehicle from them, are your customers supposed to be treated with such disregard? I have tried my level best to find a solution and with each attempt they damaged something else. I have subsequently informed the dealership that I paidg full price so I am not going to accept a defective product and to this their response was, ” that will never happen”.
According to the South African Consumer Protection Act, 2008, section 55 states that as a consumer I have a right to goods that “are of good quality, in good working order and free of any defects”. It also states that “it is irrelevant whether a product failure or defect was latent or patent, or whether it could have been detected by a consumer before taking delivery of the goods”
When purchasing a vehicle it is us, the costumers, that are putting our faith in your brand to ensure the quality that we are being offered is not compromised in any way. The service department worked on the steering wheel of the car which resulted in the airbag light coming on. I am aware that they have rectified that but tampering with a brand new car concerns me. It has become evident that this matter has been taken lightly by VW and has not in any way been able to answer the queries that I have. As the driver of the vehicle I am concerned for my safety when driving the vehicle. If an incident should occur from the result of the VW service department’s failure to rectify the issue I will hold VW responsible.
It is sad to witness the quality of service that I have so far received and if this is the quality of vehicles that VW is offering to its costumers it is reprehensible and potential clients have a right to know what they might be in for prior to consulting with this brand. This has been an absolute inconvenience and utmost disappointment to hear that an issue brought forward is brushed off with no consideration to the client.
I have no other avenue but to seek assistance from a higher authority as my requests and concerns remain unattended to. I hope that you can restore my once solid faith in your brand. If this matter is not resolved as soon as possible further action will be taken.

Volkswagen Owner
Mr M Moodley
Contact details: [protected]
Work : [protected]

Jul 21, 2015

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