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Last winter, our beloved dog, Satchel went into kidney failure and we unexpectedly had to put him down. My husband and I loved the boerboel breed and began doing our research. We read great things about Alpine Lion Boerboels and their litter included the exact type of puppy we were looking for to join our family. We decided on the boy and were anxiously awaiting our new addition. However, due to the harsh winter we had to wait about a week longer. We got the puppy home and once we were able to get it out of the cage we noticed it was the wrong puppy. We wanted the boy and ended up with a girl. We immediately called Patrick, who at first did not believe us that he somehow sent the wrong puppy. He then realized his mistake and told us that his 12 year old son packaged the wrong dog at 3am because he was busy doing another shipment to Greece. He offered to pay for us to send the dog back, but we didn't want to put the puppy through more trauma as she was so scared to come out of her cage (it took about 40 minutes for her to feel comfortable). We were going to find another home for her, but once we got the boy, we ended up keeping both. We trained both puppies, took them to puppy classes and followed strict training. Everything was great up until about 8 months when they had their first fight - it was over some left over crumbs. As the months went on, each of the two dogs began to get more aggressive, especially towards our third and older dog. As we were raising them, we always made it very clear through training that our older dog, an American Bulldog was the #1 dog of the house. We called Patrick to see if had any insights on why all of a sudden the dogs behavior changed. He went on an aggressive texting rant, which he later took back once he realized he confused us with another client (red flag). Patrick offered no insight as to the change in the dogs behavior. On our end, we hired private police and security dog trainers to help with the dogs. The female was beginning to be scared of literally everything - the breeze, cars, toys, new objects in the house, trees..etc. We can't even get her to leave our house to try and take her for a walk. We did get her spayed, but that really didn't do anything to change her behavior. The boy also has some odd behavior issues. For example, when touching his side, he will growl and bark. He does the same if he is hurt and someone is trying to administer any medication/treatment. We got him neutered after a year once this behavior became more and more routine. Our trainers think that it may have to do with someone being too rough with him as a puppy prior to when we got him (i.e. breeder grabbing him and throwing him into the crate). Between the girl being scared and the boy becoming aggressive without warrant, I have some serious concerns about home Alpine Boerboel treats its puppies. These types of dogs should have a calm and friendly temperament and should not become aggressive when introduced to new people/dogs properly. We have done everything appropriately from training to socializing. After seeing some of the other reviews, its clear that Alpine Lion Boerboel's dogs are having issues which is also why they removed their 1 year guarantee off their website as well as any contact information. While we do love these dogs, it has made having them extremely difficult and costly. Collectively, we have spent about $10K on medical costs from their dog fights on each other and on our third dog and now with a baby, we are extremely concerned about the boy. Has anyone else seen this type of behavior in their boerboel's from Alpine Lion Boerboel?

Dec 17, 2015

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  • Pa
      Aug 16, 2018

    Yeah...this has NOTHING to do with our dogs and their bloodlines. I'm sorry it doesn't. I'm sure blaming your TWO dogs adult behavior on a supposed 30 second puppy incident that never happened ("the behavior is from ...i.e. breeder grabbing him and throwing him into the crate) is simply ludicrous. It just is. There were 13 dogs in this litter. NONE exhibit these behaviors...but your two are somehow 'tainted' by US and or the bloodline or breed? This just doesn't jive. While I'd like to research it further? Your inability to even entertain that this MAY be a mistake made on YOUR end is glaring and leaves zero room for discussion or even logical conversation.
    OF COURSE there is the 'possibility' it's something YOU did or didn't do...just common sense. Of course, maybe there IS something genetic going on. It IS very hard to tell with this type of behavior issue that only crops up in ONE home out of a large litter. The puppy? was certainly not abused on his shipping day creating a lifelong aggression issue...that's silly (and just a convenient place to put blame).
    We never changed our policy to avoid anything with you or anyone else...our website is ARCHAIC and hasn't changed save to update pups in about 7 years. We HAVE recently adopted a more comprehensive 'guarantee' structure that is focused on being much more Mastiff breed specific if that's what you mean. However, that had NOTHING to do with your particular situation.
    Sorry you felt that your adult dog (s) disposition is something we created on shipping day at 8 weeks old. But, we just don't find this plausible and would NEED the written trainer reports, an actual conversation with trainer making assessment. and a video of this supposed aggression to even begin to assess it (ALL of which of hasn't ever been provided). WE CAN'T GUESS AT IT.
    We can assure you that BOTH of your dogs parents enjoy an aggression free life with other dogs, no fences, dog park excursions weekly and are raise freely around children of ALL ages and sizes and temperaments.
    I am a Master Level Psychotherapist that uses these EXACT dogs in my work doing 'Canine Assisted Psychotherapy' with seniors and troubled youth. I wouldn't even consider putting you or anybody else knowingly in harms way. And I certainly wouldn't place (or produce) offspring from loose cannon dogs into society where it could do harm to a person or another animal.

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