Skansen Kennel Complaints & Reviews

Skansen Kennel / giant schnauzer

Jun 20, 2019

Do not purchase a Giant Schnauzer from Skansen's. I have done hours of research and found that within her breed of Giants is a carrier of toe cancer. The Giant Schnauzer Kennel Club has a list of dogs with toe cancer and several lead back to Ch Lucas de Campo. My male giant has had...

Skansen Kennel / puppy mill

Aug 25, 2018

Do not give these guys your money!! There's too much to even complain about but as someone who's observed how dogs are bread, living and let alone all the health concerns, this place needs to be shut down. The whole "kennel " title is a lie. These dogs live is disgusting small kennels and...

Skansen Kennel / Puppy Mill


Skansen KennelDo not buy a puppy from skansen kennel. I purchased 2 mini schnauzers from skansens, the first was 3 years old paid $800.00 the second was 4 months, paid $800.00. Both dogs were very sick. The old lady that owns the place gave me back the money for the 3 year old after I wrote her a letter...