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Allied Home Warranty / water heater problem

1 TX, United States Review updated:

I have a home warranty through Allied Home Warranty. I didn't want one because I generally regard them as a scam, but I went ahead and let her buy it. So a few months later my water heater started leaking from all sorts of places. It needs to be replaced. The service guys they have contracted to come out want almost $600 from me to put in a new one. This is the most basic, 50 gal, electric water heater installation you could possibly ask for. The only part they need to add is a pan ($20 from Home Depot). And the money they are asking from me is "supposedly" after they are getting paid for the parts and labor for the new water heater. Maybe they take me for an idiot, but when retail cost for a new basic model water heater is $270 retail from Lowes and they charge about $280 labor to deliver and install (total = $550) it doesn't even come close to computing that I would have to pay so much.

I haggled over this with a service manager from Allied Home Warranty, then she agreed to have them drop the cost to me to $344. How am I still not getting screwed here? After telling them I could go buy a new water heater and put it in myself (maybe I should have done this already by now and not wasted my time with these tools) she told me that they wouldn't do that. The service manager even admitted that they would be paying over $400 to the plumber to put in a new water heater. So I asked them to reimburse me to just buy one and they refused!

That's right! Allied Home Warranty would rather LOSE MONEY and have you screwed for more money by their contract technicians than have both you and them save money by doing it yourself. By the way the technician they sent out confirmed that I do in fact need a replacement. So there is no question that they are obligated to pay for the replacement. They have never refused to do it. They are just hell bent on making themselves and me pay hundreds of dollars more than necessary.

Apparently the guys working there who have been doing such a good job at saving money for their company and screwing the customers are on vacation, and their replacements are to stupid to even try to save money they're just screwing the customers.

Home Warranty's are a crock! Stay away from Allied Home Warranty. They simply don't care about the customer. As proof, when I was talking to the service manager, she made a statement that she has to take care of the plumbing service company. At which point I had to cut her off and remind her that, no, she has to take care of me, I have the home warranty and I am their customer. I mean these guys are unbelievable!

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  • Co
      10th of Mar, 2010
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    what happened to the WARRENTY, you should only have to pay ONLY the labor, not for parts or replacement...or why buy the WARRENTY at all... right? I just dont get it with the warrenties and guarantees...we went through the same with the furnace...and warrenty issues...paying for parts and labor...just replace it and pay only the labor or a portion of...??????

  • Un
      30th of Aug, 2010
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    They did the same thing to us on the Hot Water Heater and now pushed an "AC Tuneup" down our throats - AC checked out fine the day of the "tuneup" - now, 3 weeks later - the compressor blew up! The send the same guy out wanting $5000 of which they only pay $1350??? BS! They obviously are getting kickback from their "chosen subcontractors" - they're not concerned about me - they're in cahoots with the subs to screw consumers!

  • Jo
      13th of Jun, 2012
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    Allied Home Warranty provides the best of customer service and is able to help me over the phone with troubleshooting tips. They saved me a service call just by providing true customer service. They worked with another company to replace my water heater which gave me a discount of a few hundred dollars. They fixed my problem without much effect to my finances. I got a feedback call from Allied once done up with my service. Allied truly attends all their customers with priority and offers the best service with transparent plans to cover all your repairs. Their customer service is available any time of the day and will resolve all your queries on time and also provide effective tips – I especially like being able to use my iphone to place a service request – huge bonus!.. I think Allied Home Warranty is a good option if you want to save dollars and get your repair or replacement done for any of your appliances at home.

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