Allied Home Warranty / Failed to provide service needed

Austin, CO, United States

At 10:12 AM on Tuesday, 6/16/15, I called in because my central A/C stopped working. I work from my home office, so it was imperative to get it fixed ASAP since temps and humidity was high. I was told by the agent that she would send an email with the contractor information and that the contractor would call within four hours - she never asked if I needed emergency service, but HELLO, it's high 80s and humid - of COURSE I wanted service ASAP!. By 3:40 PM, I'd heard nothing, and never got the email with the contractor's info. After a miserable afternoon suffering with the heat, I knew there was no hope of getting anyone out that day, but called in again to complain about the lack of getting the contractor info and the contractor not calling me in the time limit as I'd been told. The next agent I talked to at 3:50 gave me the info, so I called the contractor and asked if they'd gotten my request from 10 AM. The snippy lady said they just got it an hour ago (past the four hours the Allied agent had told me they'd call me!), and that they couldn't get anyone out until Thursday afternoon; I had to work my outside job (3 - 11) that day, and asked for earlier service - she said they couldn't do it and to call Allied back and ask for a different contractor. When I did, the 3rd Allied agent told me there were no other contractors in Austin - just this one. ONE contract A/C company for a city of over a million people??? She called them herself and they told her the same thing - no one available for emergency service, and she just basically left it at that. I had to find someone on my own to come out and paid them out of my pocket for what I'd been paying Allied months of fees for nothing!! I rarely call them, so it really irritated me that the one time in a long time that I call them, they can't provide the service I need and paid for! When I called today to cancel the service, suddenly the agent offered to "talk to her supervisor" to see if they will reimburse me. I'm not holding my breath!

Jun 17, 2015

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