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Our dishwasher stopped working properly. I submitted an online service request on 9/1/14 via Allied Home Warranty website. They emailed me back following day advising that they assigned the work order to Gilbert Home Services providing their contact number and telling me to contact them if I do not hear from them within 4 business hours. They contacted me (several hours after the expected call back time frame) and set up an appointment on 9/4/14. Gilbert Home Services came out on 9/4/14 to diagnose the dishwasher. We paid our $60 fee per the contract. He stated he needed to order a new computer board for it and that should fix the problem. We heard nothing from either Allied or Gilbert regarding the status of anything for over a week. I called Allied on 9/16/14 asking what the status of all of this was, as it is taking quite a long time to get this dishwasher fixed. They then said the part was in Gilbert Services needed to contact me to set up the appointment. They never did. I called Gilbert Home Services 3 times (leaving messages) and Allied a second time before I was able to finally reach them. They came out on 9/18/14 to install the new part. Well the guy left before the dishwasher had a chance to run all the way through and see if it actually was fixed. It wasn’t but 10 min after he left that the dishwasher was doing the exact same thing as the original problem. They didn’t fix it. I immediately called to Allied and asked if they could have Gilbert come back out as they had just left. They said no if they wanted me to have him come right back out it would cost us $120 emergency service request. I advised that it wasn’t the situation, this is not a new request the vendor literally just left the house doing an incomplete job. She stated that it didn’t matter she had to submit it as a recall in the system. I had her do that because I had no choice in the matter. I called Gilbert home services a couple more times following this(leaving messages) with no response. It wasn’t until 9/22/14 I was able to reach them. On this call he stated to me oh it must have been the other part damaged. I advised don’t you need to come out to check to make sure? He says no because he knows what it is. I asked him if you knew what it was why didn’t he fix that in the first place. He said that he needed to fix the computer board and basically avoided my actual question. Reality of the situation is he ordered and fixed the wrong part. I called to Allied immediately following this conversation and they said they will wait for the vendor to submit to them. I at this time requested they send a different vendor because I didn’t want Gilbert Home services repairing the dishwasher further. They were obviously not trained properly to diagnose and repair the dishwasher, as well as they were extremely unresponsive to all of our calls and did not do anything in a timely manner. They stated that they cannot switch providers because once one starts fixing it they have to finish it. I again have no choice in the matter. I really just want this fixed asap. More time passes, I hear nothing from Allied or Gilbert so I call again, this is now going on 3 weeks of a broken dishwasher. 9/24/14 they decided to offer us and when I say offer I mean they told us we had no choice they are giving us a cash out value to replace our dishwasher in the amount of $200. To say the least I was quite upset. Our dishwasher is a higher value Samsung. It cost us around $700, it has a lot of extra features that we specifically saved our money to buy this particular one. I told him that value is completely unacceptable. For one Home Depot’s cheapest most basic bottom on the barrel dishwasher is $269 not including tax or installation. He said he would get back to me. We called back on 9/25/14 and they told us their final cash out value is $269 and it had to be put on a sears or best buy gift card. We declined this offer and told them that per their contract which states that they “…provide replacement systems or appliances with similar features, capacity and efficiency..” this value does not meet the same specifications as our existing dishwasher. He said that they don’t have to pay to replace something like ours that they don’t have to match color. I stated that it’s not the exterior color of my concern. It’s all the features. They refused to listen to anything we had to say. They never even asked us what model number our dishwasher is to see what features, capacity or efficiency it even has. When I asked them how they derived at the value for a replacement they said a website. When I asked for them to provide me the website pricing support so I could review what model and the features compared to ours to see if it is similar, they refused to provide me this information. In addition, we told them we don’t even want to have the system replaced we just want it to be fixed and working. It is not our fault the vendor they chose did the wrong repair and purchased the wrong part initially. So now that it is going to cost Allied more money to fix it because of the vendor Allied chose, they decided to just give us an extremely low ball cash out value on a gift card to two stores I wouldn’t even want to purchase my appliance from. I honestly, just want the dishwasher fixed. If they don’t want to fix it and want to replace our dishwasher fine, they can go ahead and replace our dishwasher with something comparable to what we have existing. $269 will not buy any dishwasher in general, much less one comparable to ours. Plus they aren’t even taking into account any tax or installation costs, as we don’t know how to install our own dishwasher. Home depot installed our existing one.

All I am asking is they not breach their contract. Either fix it since it is covered by their contract or offer a cash out value that is an appliance that is similar in features, capacity and efficiency.

Sep 29, 2014

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