AllianceOne / Unethical

Gig Harbor, WA, United States

Funny to think that this company is owned by bunch of ex cops and lawyers. Especially when you can catch the employees smoking/snorting opiates in the parking lot. I have had my run ins over and over with this company. I have paid them a total of 5, 000 dollars and still have an out standing balance of about 3500 and my wages are continuing to be garnished. My original balance was 5, 200 but somehow none of my payments or the 2k they drained from my bank account over Christmas was ever applied to my original balance. I live in the area and went to school with a few of the people that work there and let me tell you that they are low life losers. Erin Poole is a dead beat mom who cant pay any of her own bills on time because she spends her money on pills, but can call and make people feel like ### all day for owing alliance one. Not only that but she has left work to go to Rehab/Detox a few times and still works there. AND she will look up your accounts and spread your information all over town... just like she spreads her legs.

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