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Alex Sabogne / bad products

1 Miami, FL, United States
Contact information:

My name is Alex Sabogne. I purchase a deal from Westgate Resorts back in February. It cost me about 5000 dollars to get into this membership (8weeks) with your resort plus a leisure time passport membership.

After finally paying my last monthly payment, I received a welcome letter from your company and a leisure time passport number that entitles me to go anywhere in the world at a DISCONTED RATE.

Well, to my surprise, I went to your website and looked to see how many resorts you have and where can I spend time with my family to find you only have 28 resorts all around the US (Orlando, Miami, Branson, Robinsonville, Las Vegas, Myrtle Beach, Gatlinburg, Park City, and Williamsburg). I remember the day of our meeting, one of your sales reps pointed a big plate you had on the lobby, with David Siegel’s (billionaire) name on it. She said, that he was a founder of this amazing resort, club, etc.. so it gave some type of reassurance that you are picking a good company to do business with. Well to make story short, typical marketing scam. You are just using a big name to sell bad products.

What makes me angry is not only I need to pay $199 to continue the club, but also $500 every time I travel, and in top of that the $5000 that lets you become a member. It makes me upset to have overlooked this HORRIBLE DEAL, if you can call it like that.

And this is not all, I found that by searching for a deal in Expedia, Trip advisor, Hotwire, and some other companies, I get the same type of discount through your company that doing a regular search on the websites mentioned above. Take a look at my attachments.

I look to see if you offer better prices for Disney tickets and NO same price, I looked for hotels deals, NO same price, and I look for airline discount and NO same price. So what you are just doing is creating a portal through your website showing the same type of information. I mean I build websites for living; I could start doing this also and make people believe they are purchasing the deal of a life time, but you know what, I have a conscious.

So my regular search without haven’t wasted $5000 + $199 yearly +$500 every time I travel, would have better if I saved the money and do the search on my own.

To add to this AMAZING DEAL, the special deals that you have on the side, for Las Vegas, Bahamas, Cancun, etc. not to my surprise are about 10 dollars discounted, I mean, WHY DID I PAY 5000 DOLLARS FOR. Your deals are no deals. In some cases the prices on my search were cheaper than your “mentioned discount” so please explain to me or if possible give me a refund for the money I spend, because up to this date it makes no sense to me why do you sell this horrible deal.

I am very, but very upset how I got tricked into buying this, as when I bought it you gave me the impression that I was going to receive 4 free weeks plus 4 weeks at discounted price.

I am trying to think how can I make this better and avoid thinking I wasted my money but there is no way of doing this. Trying to sell this weeks on Ebay or Craiglist is going to create more hassle, and this is something I shouldn’t even been considering but what other options do I have.

Alex Sabogne
Alex Sabogne
Alex Sabogne
Alex Sabogne
Alex Sabogne
Alex Sabogne


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