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Please be careful when cancelling. They tried to tell me that I owed $26.50 for the month of July. My contract runs from July to June every year. I pay on a yearly basis. When I went to cancel with them, they told me they couldn't cancel until I paid them $26.50. I told them they were out of their mind and I refused to pay them $26.50. I would file complaints with every local/state/federal agencies and file complaints against them.

I just found out on the phone they want the equipment in their office by the 15th of the month. In other words, if I pay to June 30th for the service and I am going to cancel, the equipment has to be in their office by June 15th to avoid the additional charge. What the heck??? If I pay you for service to June 30th then I expect to be able to use my alarm system with NO ADDITIONAL CHARGES. Your company should not be charging me unless you don't receive the system by the 15th of July. THAT'S COMMON SENSE.

Hey Alarm Force, I am done with you and will be sure that I make sure that no one uses your company that I come into contact with simply because of your practices! This is more icing on the cake.. I even threw in things that wasn't asked for since I had no use for them. I got my setup through the Tampa Bay region but still dealt with Canada.

Jun 29, 2016

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