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I have had £89 taken from account this morning. I spoke to this company 13 days ago thinking it was a different company - who I had actually applied for a loan through. They went through the procedure and told me I was guaranteed a loan from them (LIES) - all they did was send me a list of companies charging extortionate rates - I could have done this myself????
Now they have charged me for this privilege and at no point during the conversation did they mention this would happen as I would not pay an admin for a loan and would have terminate the call immediately has this been mentioned.
I did not proceed with any of the loans because of the rates they charged, and if I had wanted to I could have contacted these people directly myself without going through these cowboys.
I sent a couple of emails this morning as I'm very pee'd off with this, and I also phoned customer services [protected] to get a message telling me the opening hours and even though I was between these hours they then hung up the phone??
I called the number that they called me from in the first place and got a rather cheeky girl speak to me who advised that 'Simon' had told me at the end of the call that I would be charged this fee after a week - when I disputed this she then said 'Oh I've just been in touch with the relevant department and you have sent several emails so you need to wait on a reply' - I was all of 10 seconds about on the phone and was not put on hold at any point so how she managed this is beyond me. She was quite rude and couldn't wait to get me off the phone - I'm assuming they are used to this kind of call and have had SEVERAL.
I know they're only earning a living but to take money off people in this way is just wrong as far as I'm concerned - and the attitude is disgusting.

Jul 29, 2014
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      Mar 05, 2015

    I was told there would be no fee taken and the is no charges its a complete lie I had money in my account and everything was gone now I am trying to get through to them for the past four days and they are on a training so they are on able to atten my call I need this £89 back I have to young children to maintain and plus I ain't event got the loan they ain't serious at all you should announce to every customer that the would be and admin fee and stop saying there's no charge they need to start making some real changes it's completely wrong and they should stop hiding and take responsibilities it's not on at all are they going to pay my rent which is due tomorrow no i can't say to my landlord please 3-5 working days :/ you toke out my money where's my loan then

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